They Are After You

Bridie from Amity and Fawn Candor THINK they are different until they KNOW they are different. The Test don't work and they don't know what to do. They run into a few more people that everyone calls divergent. In their new factions, their new lives they learn to cope and learn how to stand. How to understand the impossible. To learn they are after you.


11. Britie - Amity - Choosing Ceromony

A Candor girl sat next to me on the bus. I look over at me weird and then all of a sudden a look recognition hit her face like I slapped her, "Hey I know you." These Candors are so loud, but she did look familiar. Oh she was that girl I ran into, "Oh hey, my name is Britie."  She smiled like she finally made a friend, but I still saw a worried look in her eyes. "My name is Fawn." We talked till we pulled up to the Choosing ceremony.  Me and Fawn walk up the front steps and get in the elevator, it's crowded. But finally we get up and everyone is filing out. Just as I got out the Abnegation was coming up the stairs.  Sometimes there is a limit about being to selfish.

We walk in and we organize ourselves in alphabetical order by last names (Z-A). I'm near the front, but Fawn is near the back. I wanted to know what she would choose.

In know time they call my name and I walk up on the stage and look at the five bowls. Each bowl contains item(s) for each faction. Right now I look at coals for Daughtless. Someone offers me a knife.  I am to focused to know who it is. I don't care, I hear something in my head saying, "Faction Before Blood." I follow it. I drag the knife across my left palm. It hurts but not enough to make me flinch. I let the blood drip onto the coals and hear it sizzle. My new Faction - Daughtless.

I've never felt so free.




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