Being Ariana Grande is quite simple. Wake up. Eat. Sing. Meet Arianators. Eat. Family. Friends. Sing some more. Sleep. Do it all again.
See, quite simple.
But there are other things tied into my life that I try desperately to keep out.
Hate, Drama, and Love.
How will I do this.....


1. intro ❥

"Ariana! On set now!" The director yelled. Ugh.

"Coming!" I yelled back. I hugged Frankie and my mom and rushed twards the set. My make up artists on set fixed my wig and make up. While there were hands coming from every direction, I was trying to go over my script. 

"Ok, Ariana get closer to the sofa" The director said while pointing to the sofa.

Well I don't think that is possible till all these hands leave my head and face.

"Well I can't do that until they are done" I said pointing twards the make up artists.

The hands suddenly left my head and face. I swiftly moved by the sofa.

" Ok now Ariana we are starting from "What did you by?". Ok ready, set, go ACTION!"

"Sam what did you by?" I said in my Cat voice

"I bought this! *pulling the pineapple from the bag*" Jennette said

" What does it do?!" I said excitedly

"Well, we will store all of our baby sitting money inside of the pineapple" She said "Now, you can't tell anyone about this pineapple, promise?" 

"I promise!" I said

"Because I know how you are with secrets." She said.

"Ok guys that's a wrap!" The director said.

I walked over to Jennette 

"Do you wanna go for some lunch with Frankie and my Mom?" I asked

"Oh ya sure!" She said.

"Ok I will go get this stuff off, and we can goooo!!" I yelled running twards my make up artists.

While my make up artists were taking off my Cat make up and wig I decided to check Twitter.

I scrolled through my notifications and saw about 100 hate messages.

I told myself to not look at them, because every time I do it gets to me. 

I couldn't  help myself, I looked.

"Wow, Ariana is so fucking ugly. I seriously am very disgusted by the clothes she wears. Fucking ugly ass slut."

I started to cry. I can't. 

" Ariana is so fat! Have you seen her thighs! And don't get me started on her stomach.."

I can't hold it in. I started bawling. 

I had all of my Cat make up off, and they took my wig off. So it was just me in the room.

I hate being alone. It gives me the shivers. Literally. I have to get out of my Cat outfit. I grabbed my pale pink skater skirt, white bandeau, and tan Stilettos. 

I put on concealer, foundation, blush, mascara, false lashes (sweet and flirty ones not gody ones) and a deeper pink shade of lipstick. I sprayed some Chanel 5° perfume on me. I grabbed my IPhone and my Chanel Baige Purse and left. 

I called Jennette, I am really hungry....  

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