[2014] Happy Holidays! [New Year's Next!]

Happy Holidays Movellas & Fans,

2014 Will be another new year, we can forget about 2013.
The Year some dread and the year some love.
As for me, 2013 has been one of the worse for me...
Just in my personal Life, not on TV.
With every step we take towards our final year together,
I'm sure I'll be there every step of the way.
A Journey has begun, and you will soon realise...
How precious Life can be, and sometimes you'll hate it :c


1. Happy Holidays! 2014 Here We Come! [ Poetry!]

Happy Holidays! 2014

When the fire begins, it’s time to smile.

When the fire goes out, we express our emotions.

When the fire is dim, we find ourselves.

When the fire is low, we see ourselves.

When the fires begins, a new smile approaches.

Nothing more than smoke is left, and ashes burning into the sky.


Time moves quickly, and times flies by.

It’s a wonder to why, we look forward to a New Year.

Because putting everything behind us, feels right?

What if the past becomes the future?

What will you do then?

I’ll burn another few logs,

Waiting for the fire to begin again…


That’s unfair, what about Family?

What about them, we don’t need Family to be around a fire.

Fires are natural and they give me warmth.

What if you feel lonely, will that fire pretend?

Will it pretend to be your Family and show off its fuzzy feelings?

Maybe not, at least Fire can be depended on.

Fire is an enemy, not just a conspiracy.

Yeah but it’s brought me back to my Family.


So if your Family is back, why do you feel so down?

Sometimes a Year goes by without us knowing,

And sometimes I remember the ones I loved.

Putting it all behind us, it doesn’t feel right.

And leaving the ones who are forgotten in the past…

What about revisiting them?


That’s impossible, they’re gone… A Grave Yard can bring me happiness.

It doesn't mean you have lost them forever, they’ll be with you.

And soon you’ll see, that Life can be full of glee.

And eventually… You’ll soon last on forever and ever,



At last, you’ll find yourself.

Not near a fire, and not near New Year’s Eve

You’ll see yourself flying past in a breeze.

As you travel across the world,

You won’t remember this, and you won’t feel it.

You’ll go further and further than any human can go…

You’ll travel in the winds, through rain and snow.


Soon you’ll find yourself back with your Family.

The way it was meant to be,

And you’ll be thinking back to the world and me.

You’ll look down, and I’ll look up.

That’s what we are you see…

We’re Family, and nothing more.

And that’s the way it’s meant to be…


- Written By, Luke J.R –



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