The Sorting Hat

A long time ago when there was no sorting hat and the four founders choose whom to have in their house, there was a girl by the name of Jessica W. Jessica was a Ravenclaw but with a mysterious past that everyone thinks is just another Fairy Tale. Jessica and a few of her friends are turned into items around Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry by Godric Griffindor himself in their fourth year. Jessica and her friends use their time wisely while they are trapped as these items, waiting for the day when one boy from Griffindor and one boy from Slytherin would come to Hogwarts and bring peace between the two houses, but there's also another way. Will the friends find the other way before it's to late?


7. John

When we finally got to the dinning hall Bea nearly fainted. On one of the tables there was a head of a wolf for some reason. Peter and I made Bea sit down. Then I walked over to the Griffindors because I knew Peter couldn't do it. When I got there all heads turned towards me and I said, "which one of you arrogant self absorbed people asked for this." No one answered they just looked shocked that they were called arrogant and self absorbed. I continued by saying, "Ok listen up I know that you guys know that I don't like any of you. So just answer the question so I can get back to my salad."

"I have one question before we answer your question." Said a boy named Ryan.

"Just tell me so I can get back to my salad." I replied sounding bored.

"Ok well hear it is way do you hate Griffindors so much." He replied

"Well if it wasn't for them my friends and I wouldn't have been accused of cheating on a test. I don't even think that they thought that Griffindor would take it that far, well he was going to kill us but then Salazar came to stop him because some of Salazar's students had heard rumors that some of Godrics students were going to blame me and a few other people for cheating on a test so that we would have to retake it."

They all looked like they had been dunked in a huge bucket of freezing water.

"So now tell me who did this?!" I said pointing at the wolf.

A boy about my age stood up. I gasped "how?! I thought you dead."

"Well when you have a crazed founder that was one foot in the grave as a teacher you learn a few things." He replied

"Do the other know?" I asked

"No everyone thought I died from the curse." He replied

"Well I should tell Bea that it was just your idea of a piratical joke." I said turning back towards the Ravenclaw table.

I got to the Ravenclaw table and walked over to where Bea was looking paler than usual and Peter was trying to get Bea to drink so water.

I said,"he's back."

"But I thought he died when Godric sent the killing curse at me and he leaped I front of it to save me." Bea said shocked

"Well apparently not." I replied

"Well how about after whatever this meal is.." Said Peter

"Dinner." I interrupted Peter, "this meal is dinner."

"Ok, well how about after dinner we go and talk to him." Continued Peter

Bea and I nodded in agreement


When we had finished we walked over to the Griffindor table but we couldn't find him. I head Bea yelp and when I looked over at her she was being picked up.

"Let me down John! Let me down!" Yelped Bea

"Fine." Said John reluctantly, "so what do you guys want to talk about."

"How did you not die from that curse." Asked Peter

"I don't really know I just remember Salazar putting a curse on me and then waking up yesterday in the Griffindor common room and no one knew who I was." Answered John

We stayed for a bit longer talking about just anything but then We all had to go back to our dorms and do our homework.

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