The Sorting Hat

A long time ago when there was no sorting hat and the four founders choose whom to have in their house, there was a girl by the name of Jessica W. Jessica was a Ravenclaw but with a mysterious past that everyone thinks is just another Fairy Tale. Jessica and a few of her friends are turned into items around Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry by Godric Griffindor himself in their fourth year. Jessica and her friends use their time wisely while they are trapped as these items, waiting for the day when one boy from Griffindor and one boy from Slytherin would come to Hogwarts and bring peace between the two houses, but there's also another way. Will the friends find the other way before it's to late?


5. Asking me to the ball, Seeing Bea again, and my secrete admire

      The next three months had gone by rather quickly I got out of the infirmary a few days after I had gotten in. My classes had gotten a little bit harder but nothing compared to when I was first at school many years ago. It was December 3 and all anyone could talk about was the Winter Ball that would be taking place before winter break. I already had a midnight blue dress that went the ground and black stilettos. One of the things I was excited about was that there was a formal dance and we were having classes for it in place of other classes.  Everyday was a different dance with a different partner. I haven't had any good dance partners yet but I hope so soon. The one thing that I am mostly worried about is who I am going to go with. So far no one has asked me but I have gotten a secrete admire. The first few notes were just simply about how he thinks I am pretty. There is one note that gives a hint about who he is but it didn't help me at all. In my spare time I spent time with Grace, Haley, Lucy, and Angelina. Sometimes when I just want quiet I go up on the roof tops and practice archery and my fighting skills. One time when James came up while I was practicing archery he asked me how I learned when I told him that I was one of Robins merry men well women in my case I think he thought that I lied and just wouldn't tell him the real reason. After that he stopped coming up to the roof tops, at times I would see him in the halls with his friends but I just decided not to say anything. One day when I had just come from the roof tops and was going to my dorm to change out of my stretchy jeans and a black tanktop with a black zip up hoodie for dinner i got nocked into by a Griffindor that I recognized as Teddy. "Watch it pal!" I said "Oh sorry it's just that I wanted to see if you would come to the Winter Ball with me and I got thrown a football and I kind of toppled you." Said Teddy "Oh well it's ok, and I'll go with you just some advice for you for the next time you ask a girl to something make sure that when you topple them that they don't carry a gun or a knife with them." I replied "Will do." Said Teddy helping me back to my feet   After I accepted Teddy's invite to the dance I decided to take a shower now instead of after dinner because i wanted more time to do my homework. I went to my dorm room and took out my uniform and my iPhone, which doesn't get affected by the magic for some reason. I hurried down to the showers to make sure I got a nice one and turned on my music on my phone. I turned on the shower to as cold as it went and my phone started to play "Love Song" by Sara Bareilles. I was almost finished my shower when I thought i heard someone come in.  "Hello? Is someone there? I have a gun!" I said no one replied so I quickly got dressed and went to dinner.    When I got to the table I realized that I still had my gun on me and I was getting really weird looks from the Griffindor table. I sat down next to Grace and Angelina and said "you guys I just had the weirdest experience of my life." "Weirder than being turned into a hat?" Someone said from behind me When I turned around I didn't believe my eyes for a second. "Bea?" I said  "That's right Griffindor put a similar spell on me as he did to you accept I was only turned just turned back." Bea replied "Oh my gosh I can't believe it! Grace, Thomas, Lucy, Angelina this is my best friend Beatrice!" I said  "Well before I get introduced to everyone you know I have to tell the Headmistress that I am back," replied Bea. "I'll go with you." I told her getting up. As we walked down the aisle with Bea we got some very weird looks especially Bea because she was wearing stretchy jeans and a black tank top with a bow and some arrows strapped upon her back. Bea was one of the most popular girl in school with me. She has long golden blonde hair, and is tall with very pale skin. "Take a picture it will last longer!" Bea told some of the kids who were starring a little to hard. Bea was the definition of beautiful she caught the eye of every boy and with one smile she could make anything happen and she looked good in everything. As we approached the table Headmistress M came down from her chair and came to us. When we explained to her what had happened she understood right away and told Bea that she could continue class with me.

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