The Sorting Hat

A long time ago when there was no sorting hat and the four founders choose whom to have in their house, there was a girl by the name of Jessica W. Jessica was a Ravenclaw but with a mysterious past that everyone thinks is just another Fairy Tale. Jessica and a few of her friends are turned into items around Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry by Godric Griffindor himself in their fourth year. Jessica and her friends use their time wisely while they are trapped as these items, waiting for the day when one boy from Griffindor and one boy from Slytherin would come to Hogwarts and bring peace between the two houses, but there's also another way. Will the friends find the other way before it's to late?


1. Lifting of the Curse



My name is Jessica W. I am the sorting hat at Hogwarts, I was a regular girl with blond curly hair, very pale and gray-blue eyes, but I was transformed by Godric Griffindor because I had for some reason offended him and I was stuck as a hat until the day came when two people, one from Griffindor and one from Slytherin, would come to Hogwarts and bring peace between the two houses, and I would be stuck as a hat sorting people but the thing is Godric Griffindor was nice enough to put an anti-aging spell on me so I was still a fourth year and I still was the same me.    Today is the first of September, 23 years after the Great War, and I have been going over what I am going to say at the beginning of the feast, it's a song about how I became the sorting hat. The thing is that I made it so complex the even Rowena Ravenclaw couldn't get the answer correct. As I stood waiting on my stool that it was put on every year since Godric Griffindor transformed me into this ridiculous hat, I wondered if this year would be the year that I would be freed from this horrible task.    After about a 15 minute wait I hear everyone coming into the Dinning Hall talking to their friends and waiting for the sorting to begin. I was quickly picked up by a Professor and brought in a room where the first years wait, I had a quick flash back to when I was in my first year and how I was so excited that I was picked by Rowena Ravenclaw to be a student of hers. As I came back to the present I was being taken down the aisles of tables to the front where I was placed down to start my song.    A long time ago when I first became a hat. Oh how I remember how it began. Tricks were not fun back then but I was a tricker of sorts the Gs. Didn't like them but everyone else laughed when they got pranked even the founders would laugh all but one, he was said to be bold but he was brash. I was just four years into it when I was transformed.   When I was done everyone looked surprised, and confused, everyone but the teachers for they were told about how is became the sorting hat. The teachers all clapped loudly and the students followed somewhat reluctantly.    Professor Longbottom   Got up and told the first years that when they hear their name to go up and sit on the stool to be sorted.    As we went through the list I couldn't help but take certain interest in two names, Scorpius Malfoy and Albus Potter. Scorpius was put in Slytherin, like everyone else in his family but I almost put him in Griffindor because he wanted to prove that just because he was a Malfoy meant that he was mean and arrogant. Albus on the other hand wanted to be in Griffindor so badly that I almost felt bad for him but I still put him in Griffindor. Throughout the whole sorting I was thinking when the curse would be lifted and I would be free.   At the end when the last person was sorted I felt a glowing sensation and I rose up in the air, I knew that I was finally free and I could go on with my education, there was a flash of light and I feel to the ground a girl again still in my school robes that I had been transformed in. Everyone looked astonished, as I got onto my feet Headmistress M. Said " welcome back Jessica it has been a long time."  " thanks I am just so happy that I don't have to sing anymore. Godric should be lucky he is not still alive! That bastard and he got all the credit! The sword is not even his.... Oops sorry, it was just one the top of my tongue when Salzar tried to turn me back into a girl."   I looked out into the Dinning Hall remembering my last time I sat at the Ravenclaw table next to Rowena Ravenclaw herself.    Headmistress M. walked down from her table with the other teachers and stood by me one arm around me and said "I want everyone to listen up because I am only going to say this once, this is Jessica W. She will be attending classes this year after being transformed into the sorting hat many, many, many years ago by Godric Griffindor himself. Please no one pester her about that, if she wants to she will tell you, but enough talk let's eat, Jessica I am sure you know which table to sit at?" "Yes"   As I walked to the last open spot at the Ravenclaw table I spotted Helena Ravenclaw's ghost, but decided not to draw to much attention to my self by talking to her. As I sat down the talking got silent and I knew no one wanted to talk to me because they were afraid I would turn into a dragon or something, so I said "you know just because I am not a hat doesn't mean I still can't tell what you are thinking that was a totally deferent spell altogether." After I said that I knew that this was going to be hard to explain so I said "I don't care what you think. I just want to continue my education and get out of here"  Out of no where a guy who's name was Jason who I sorted 4 years ago asked "what does the"w" in your name stand for?"

"My last name." I said sarcastically

"And your last name is what exactially?" Said a third year named Kendra

"Winters" I said shortly, I never liked my last name and I was always compared to my mom and dad who were famous.

"Winters like Jennifer and Fred Winters the two people who saved the world when the muggles tried to take over in like 14 something?" Said another girl in my year named Lucy

"The very ones" I said reluctantly then continued, "they saved the world and I killed someone."

"You did what....?!?!" Said a guy named Thomas  "Yep you heard correctly, but I can't tell you who I killed, that's a secrete for another day, and besides I barely know you." I said slyly 

"So your are sure you are not a Slytherin?" Asked Lucy

"Well you see it was between Salazar and Rowena but Rowena won because she didn't have as many students." I replied  


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