My Teacher Kidnapped Me?! Boyxboy

Jawaad doesn't care if he got shot or killed so when he is in that situation he thinks he is going to die. But, what he didn't expect is to be kidnapped. Not only that, kidnapped by his teacher! Warning: swearing, Smut, rape,mpreg!!!


2. Chapter 2

Keagon's POV



He then walked up to me and put the gun to his forehead and said,"Please."

I stood there surprised by his action.

"c'mon Obama stop messin around and help get the money. If you love him so much why don't you just keep him!" Said my buddy Chuck.

The boy was to focused on what Chuck said so I instantly turned him around, so his back was against my chest, and put him in a headlock, with my gun pointed to his head.

"I'm gonna take him out to the truck,alright?" I said.

"What? No we need your fuckin help with gettin the money!" My other buddy, Adam, said with a annoyed tone.

"I'm sure you three are more than capable to get the money!" I shot back.

"Fine! Just go we'll meet you out there in a little while." Chuck sighed.

"You better not run!" I whisper-yelled into the boy's ear.

"Didn't plan on it." He said carelessly.


When I made it to the truck I put him in the back of the truck where there were no seats. After awhile I finally realized I better tie him up.

"You know you don't have to tie me up, dumbo." he said looking at me with a angry expression.

"I've never done this before, okay!" I sighed, slightly embarrassed. I don't know why but his voice made me feel small.

"We all have a first." He sighed, his lips sticking out kinda like a duck. I reached out to take off his glasses but he moved his head out of my reach.

"Don't. I really don't want to explain my horrible life." he said. I thought I saw a tear fall from his eye from under his glasses.

"Sorry." I whispered, looking down.

"S' alright." he whispered back.

"So... What's your name?" I asked out of the blue.

"My mom taught me not to give out that information." he said stubbornly.

"Not even your first name?" I smiled at how childish he is being.

"Fine! Jawaad." he said annoyed.

"that's cool I have student named Jawaad to!" I said. "How about your last name?" I asked.

"Nope sorry." he said popping the 'p'."Wait your a teacher? What's your name?" he asked.

"Sorry my mom taught me not give out that information." I mocked him from earlier.

"Oh come on just tell me!" he practically wined.

"Nope." I mocked him from earlier, making sure to pop out the 'p' as well.

"Fine! I'll make a deal with you. If you tell me your name I'll tell you mine. Okay?" he said. It was a pretty fair deal though why not.

"Okay fine. BUT, if you don't tell me yours after I tell you mine there will be severe consequences." I warned. I provably won't do anything even if he doesn't tell me his name.

"Trust me I probably went through worse." he said, shocking me slightly.

"What do you mean?" I asked out of curiosity.

"Never mind. Just get on with it!" he said, sounding... Nervous?

"Okay my name is Keagon Bixton and yours?" I said.

"Oh my god." he muttered.

"C'mon tell me already!" I said impatiently.

"J-Jawaad M-Michaels... Your student." He-Jawaad said shocking me.

I instantly torn of his glasses and beanie and there sat in the back of my truck,tied up, my favorite student, Jawaad.


"Holy sh-" I got cut off by Steven my other friend, yelling.

"DRIVE! DRIVE! DRIVE!" He yelled at me. I instantly got to the front seat and started up the truck and drive away as fast as I could. The cops were, surprisingly, far behind us so I turned into a dark ally way while that all past us.

"We're safe!" Chuck sighed in relief.

"All thanks to mister Obama, you all would be in prison." Jawaad said.

"Who gave you the right to talk?" Adam asked bitterly.

"It's all right he's my student." I butted in.

"That still doesn't give him a right to talk AND he is now our toy." chuck said.

"Or are you going to let him go because he's your student?" Steven said.

"First off he's not our or my toy he's just or hostage person or whatever you call it. Second off I'm not letting him go because I'm not going to prison." I said, looking back at them.

"I'd have no problem being your toy Mr. Bixton." Jawaad said suggestively also adding a wink. Thank god I was wearing my mask or they'd probably see my blush.

"I'll think about it." I flirted back.

"Okay! Okay! Can we please go know!?" Steven asked.

"Yeah,yeah,yeah!" I said Turning back to the wheel and backing out of the ally. 

After about an hour and thirty minutes we finally made it to our huge ass house we plan on paying with some of the money we stole from the bank and our other jobs we have, mine is teaching, Steve is a doctor, Chuck is a lawyer, and Adam is a veterinarian.

We all got out of the truck my hands holding onto Jawaad's arm to make sure he doesn't run anywhere.

"Welcome to your new home!" I said smiling through my mask.


Yay! Chapta 2 !

Hope y'all like it!

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