My Teacher Kidnapped Me?! Boyxboy

Jawaad doesn't care if he got shot or killed so when he is in that situation he thinks he is going to die. But, what he didn't expect is to be kidnapped. Not only that, kidnapped by his teacher! Warning: swearing, Smut, rape,mpreg!!!


1. Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Jawaad's POV


"I'm gay." I whispered to my younger sister nervously.

"OH ME GERD! YOUR GAY?! THIS IS SO EXCITING!" Lyric whisper-yelled at me. She then started to jump up and down while clapping her hands,smiling down at me.

"Dude shut up or dad will here you!" I told her. Then out of no where her smile faded and slowly sat down. She was staring at something behind me. She looked... Scared?

I followed her gaze and there stood my father with a look of disgust written on his face."Wud ya say?" he asked.

"N-nothing da-Sir!" I said standing up and shielding my sister away from my father so she won't get hurt because you could tell he was drinking and he is kind of abusive when he's drunk.

"Don't la ta meh boy!" he yelled stepping closer to me. His fists were balled into fists by his sides.


"I-i'm not s-sir!" I raised my voice a little. I instantly covered my mouth with my hand, hoping he didn't notice what I did.


"Did ya just raise yer voice at me boy?!" He yelled again. I barely notice some wet droplets land on my face. I'm guessing it was spit. Ew.

I didn't dare wipe it off though, he would probably think I was crying or whatever.

"N-no."I practically whimpered.

"No wha!" he came closer.

"No sir." I said backing up eventually bumping into my sister and ended up tripping over her and falling on my ass. Ow.

"Ya now I heard everay that thang y'all talked about. I can't believe my son is a FAG!" He said, raising his voice at the word fag with disgust in his voice.

"I-I'm sorry sir." I whimpered. I then felt pain in my ribs. I fell onto my back which wasn't the best decision I've made because that gave him more access to my ribs. 

He kicked me over and over, blow after blow. I was screaming for him to stop while he was screaming for me to stop being a fag. I knew there would be some bad bruises on my stomache.

"STOP! STOP! YOUR HURTING HIM!" Lyric was pleading.

"GET UP YA FAG!" He yelled at me. 

I slowly stood up shakily and felt a fist connect with my right eye. I fell on my ass again on impact. There will be a bruise there tomorrow.

"Get to tha bank and take sum monay oudda yer bank account and get me sum bear!" he demanded and left.


~~ 15 minutes later ~~

I was finally at the bank. I had to wear my only clean clothing which was a pink v- neck, white skinnies, and my only cheap shoes which were tennis shoes. Then since my dickhead of a father punched me in the eye I had to wear my sisters sunglasses with the large lenses to try and cover up my now really red eye. Also to make sure no one noticed me, because that would be embarrassing, I wore a beanie to cover up my hair.

"Hello ma'am, how may I help you?" a girl behind a counter asked.

"I'm a guy- never mind. Um can I take out 3-." Someone cut me off behind me by yelling.

"EVERYONE GET DOWN AND NO ONE WILL GET HURT!" A very sexy voice yelled. After that I heard people yelling and crying."SHUT UP!" Then everyone was silent.

"Any ways can I take out 30 dollars please." I said, smirking at her expression.

"Are you fucking crazy get down or you'll get shot!" she whispered-yelled at me.

"I really don't care I just want my money and get out of here." I smiled.

"Hey you get down or I'll shoot you!" a guy yelled. I turned around and there stood a guy with a Obama mask and wearing all black. A black turtle neck, black slacks, black gloves, and black sneakers. Three other guys, in guessing, that had JFK masks and wore the same clothes but white. Hm, ironic much? Nah!

"Hay is for horses." I said.

"Shut up or I'll shoot you!" he yelled at me.

"Stop yelling. God." I said.

"I swear I'll shoot you!" he yelled.

I then walked up to him and put the gun to my forehead and said,"Please."

He stood there surprised by my action.

"c'mon Obama stop messin around and help get the money. If you love him do much why don't you just keep him!" one of the guys said.

Well that's not what I expected.


So there's my new book hope you all like it!

I deleted the savior because I lost interest in it.

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