I'm Not Your Juliet [ON HOLD & BEING RE-WRITTEN]

Best friends forever? Usually, it doesn't work like that. But for Niall and Maude, it does. They've been inseparable ever since they met in the school parking lot: the new kid and the friendly geek. Soon, friendship turns into something more, and they end up starting something that no one can control: love. But Niall, he's famous, and in a band, so when he has to leave, their relationship is pushed to the limit. Will it work out? Is Happily Ever After a thing of truth, or just a sweet story a mother made up a long time ago for her heartbroken daughter?
"Maude, I love you," he whispered. tears stung my eyes and I turned back once more, just to say those words - that one sentence that killed me inside, "Ni, it's too late. You forgot where you belong."
*All Copyright to the Author. Do not copy, steal, or use any of the characters or the plot in this story. None of it was based on real events: it is pure fiction.*

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3. Chapter 2

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Maude’s P.O.V

‘Peter’s eyes find mine across the dining hall, and I have to force myself to look away. It brings a bitter taste to my mouth to show him that he scares me, but I have to. Four was right. I have to do everything I can to make sure I don’t get attacked again…’

“Shit!” The voice was recognizably Harry’s. I shrieked and dropped my copy of Divergent – best book ever, by the way. I jumped up from my bed and made my way downstairs, ready to yell at them all for destroying my peaceful time. The girls and I had changed our plans for later today, when Danni was available, so we could all go shopping. Unfortunately, that meant that I was left alone with five annoying guys playing Call of Duty.

“Will you guys shut up?” I said as I reached the front room. “I can’t even hear myself think!”
Niall smiled sheepishly at me. “Sorry, babe. Wanna play?” I shrugged. Liam and Zayn made room on the sofa for me, and Louis handed me a controller.

“You’re going down, Maude,” Louis said, confidently, who had the other game controller.

“You sure about that, Lou Lou?” I retaliated.

The others were watching us with amusement. Lou was the only one who hadn’t played me on the Xbox. Being friends with Ni and having and older brother helped improve my gaming skills, I suppose. He shrugged. “You’re a girl. Girls can’t play video games.” I scoffed. Niall just looked like he was trying not to laugh.

“I wouldn’t say that if I were you, mate,” Harry warned. “Besides, have you played your girlfriend? She’s even better at me that video games!” I giggled. Liam muttered something that sounded a lot like “Not too hard to beat you. You suck, Haz.”

“What?” Harry asked innocently. Liam shook his head and clicked on my character profile, setting up the game for us.

“Get ready to weep, Lou. You’re going down.”  


Ten minutes later, Louis was still sitting there, dumfound as to how I had killed him in the game. “A magician never tells her secrets,” I said. “Plus, YOU LOSE!” Niall started laughing and pulled me onto the floor, next to him, wrapping his arm around me.

“Told you she was good, Lou.”

“Oh, shut up, Malik,” he grumbled. He picked himself up from the couch and wandered off to the kitchen – more than likely to eat all of our food, which come to think about it, wasn’t much living with Niall.

Zayn clicked on Fifa14 and started a game with Harry. Liam was texting someone on his phone. Niall started to tickle me on my stomach. I screamed in laughter. As you can probably tell; I am extremely ticklish. “Ni! Stop. No, please God no! STOP! Can’t breathe…Niall, LET ME GO!” I was giggling the whole time and was starting to lose my breath. So, I did the only thing I could do: I made a run for it. “YOU WILL NEVER CATCH ME, HORAN!”

By this point, Louis had returned and the others had put down their controllers – wow; miracle – and were watching us. Later on, I could have sworn that Liam had been videoing us, but he never admitted it, probably waiting for a good time that he could blackmail me with it.
Niall ran after me, grinning mischievously, right behind me – that was, until he banged into the sofa and toppled over it. I practically fell over laughing, yet still running backwards…and then I hit the coffee table and collapsed onto the carpet. Laughing so hard that I could barely breathe, I saw the guys grinning and shaking their heads at me – as well as the girls standing in the doorway. Danni, Eleanor, and Perrie were smiling and giggling at us; they looked back and forth between my boyfriend and me, as if they were watching a very amusing tennis match.

“Um…ready to go, Maude?” El asked with a hint of barely-contained laughter in her voice. I rolled my eyes and pulled myself up.

“Yup. Let me just grabbed my bag and shoes then we’re off.” And that’s exactly what we did, leaving the boys playing with the Nintendo Wii now.


In the car, on the way to the shopping-mall-place, Danni filled us in on what we had missed today. She had apparently gone to a meeting today about her job, though we didn’t know the specifics. She took a deep breath and closed her eyes before speaking. “I’m pregnant…” Okay, so maybe it wasn’t about her job.

We all sat there in silence for a second, letting the news sink in. “AAAHHH!” We all started screaming. El, who was driving, swerved the car off of the road so quickly that we crashed into someone’s fence. We continued shouting and hugging her after getting out of the car to inspect the damage. It wasn’t anything the boys couldn’t sort out.

I was grinning like a maniac: I was so happy for her, one of my best friends.
“Are you serious, Danni? This is amazing!” I said, holding her at arms-length so I could look her in the eyes. “Have you told Liam yet?” She looked down, whispering something incoherently.

“No,” she admitted. “I wanted to tell you girl’s first before I let them know. Besides, I didn’t know what to say. I promise I’ll tell him tonight; please don’t say anything to any of them.” We all pulled her in for a group hug, crying happily for her and promising furiously that our lips were sealed.

A deep voice yelled at us from the front lawn that we had trashed with our car. “What d’ya think you’re doin’? Get off a ma lawn!” We quickly climbed back into the car, apologising as we drove off, giggling like mad.

Perrie turned round to look at us from the passenger’s seat. “We are so going out to celebrate today. And as you can’t drink anymore, there’s only one thing that we can do –” El, Danni, and I grinned excitedly.


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