Love And War

Sarah is the new girl at degrassi high school, she meets the boy Adam and they become good friends, will they be more than friends or will Adam go back with his xgirlfriend Becky?


3. Mystery girl

~~I don´t know if I should keep writing, so let me know if you like it or not, because if you don’t I won´t bother using more time to upload.

Captor 3: Mystery girl.
Adam´s pov.
The time went by really slow, I couldn´t wait to see the new girl again, she was so fun and sweet and even though I didn´t really know her something was telling me that she was going to be really special. I hated myself for not asking what her name was, I couldn´t get her face out of my head, I started playing with names to find out what her name was but I couldn´t find a name to that beautiful face.
“Adam is you even listening to what I am saying?” Imogen says and I snap out of my thoughts, “sorry Imi, you were saying” I said and gave her one of my, you have my attention looks, “I was asking if you wanna go get lunch together” she said and stuck her tongue out to me and pushed me playfully. “Oh, I promised the new girl, I would show her around, but you can come” I said and hoped she would say no.
“What are it with you and the new girls, no you can get her to yourself I´ll wait for you in the cafeteria” she said and we started laughing.
The teacher gives us a test but it was so hard to concentrate, every time I was reading one of the questions, the girls face came back and I forgot everything.
´But why did I think of her, it´s not like I liked her, or did I, I mean I didn´t even know her but I had that feeling inside like I had the first time I saw Becky´.
“Okay class, you have ten minutes to finish the test” the teacher said and I snapped out of my thoughts, I finished the test and the bell rung, I packed up my things and was on my way out of the door when someone grabbed my arm, I turned around and it was Becky.
“Can I talk to you?” she asked, I looked at the clock, I was already late, “Adam I want us to get back together, I have really missed you and I want us to be together, will you eat lunch with me?” she asked and waited for me to answer. “Sorry Becky I have plans, talk to you later” I said and hurried out the door before she could say anything.

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