Forever and Always [Ziam Fanfic]

Liam loves Zayn, Zayn loves Liam. Its taken almost two years for them to realise but when they do nothing can stop them the two are completely smitten but the true question is will they last?


6. Chapter 6


Liam's POV~


Everything had to be perfect! I organized to do it after the signing, to take Zayn out on our date! I wasn't going to tell him anything, it was going to be a surprise...

I just had to think of something first

"So looks like someone needs help from the romance master!" Harry teases as he strides into the room.

"Ummm since when were you the romance master ?" I ask cheekily.

"Since I can tell you how to make Zayn fall madly in love with you! But by the looks of things he already has!" 

"Harry we do not want your drugs! So stop trying to sell me crack and get out!" I yell.

"Nawww Li Li! You know you need my help!" Harry exclaims.

"No I don't!" I say annoyed.

"Okay fine when Zayn leaves halfway through, cause you're just soooooo boring don't blame me!" Harry teases.

"He wouldn't do that! I'm not boring!" I protest.

"You keep telling yourself that!" Harry laughs before strolling off.

What was his problem? Since when was he the romance master?

That's when it hits me! I have an absolutely Brilliam idea for our date!

Zayn's POV~


"Liam seriously where are we going?" I ask intruiged.
I have been blindfolded for the last half hour as Liam drove me to the "secret location"
Ok since when could Liam drive? Oh and where the fuck are we going!?!?!?!

I've been looking forward to this all day, I was looking forward to it since the moment I woke up (in his arms) I was looking forward to it when we performed, when we were meeting our girls! And now sitting in the car my hand on his knee, my eyes covered so I can't see him... I wanted to see what he was wearing. He looks amazing in absolutely everything, his hair looks incredible no matter what! He is just... perfect.

While me? I got up at 5 and spent 2 hours picking out what I was going to wear for tonight. Before we spent 5 hours at the shopping centre peforming and meeting fans. To say I was tired was an understatement! And I couldn't even have a nap when we got back because I took another 3 hours to do my hair! I know it may sound pretty stupid! But tonight had to be perfect! I had to look perfect!

"We're here!" Liam announces.

I turn around but all I see is darkness. I press my hands against my face and suddenly remember the blindfold. Thats when I hear someone forcefully pull the door open beside me and then a familiar, muscular hand grabs onto my arm.

"C'mon this way!" He says guiding me forward.
"Liam! Can't I take the blindfold off yet?" I say.
"Nooo you'll ruin the surprise!" Liam laughs.

"It's just over here" Liam instructs.
I follow his lead feeling soft grass underneath my feet. Where are we?

"Okay and sit down right here!" Liam says.
I crouch down feeling the ground with my hands... it was some sort of material.

"And open your mouth!" Liam says excitedly.

I slowly open my mouth before I taste something sweet... A strawberry.

I feel warm hands brush against my ears as Liam reaches for the blindfold, it falls around my neck and I blink my eyes a few times to adjust...

I look around me, we were in a park but it wasn't like your local park. It was secluded, it was like our own little area. There was no one else around besides Liam and I...

He was sitting there a wide grin forming on his face. 

"What do you think?" Liam asks 

I look around once more, a picnic rug sitting beneath us and a basket full of food, drinks etc. placed next to Liam. 

But the most beautiful thing (besides Liam of course!) was the rose petals scattered around the rug. 

"Liam this is... it's incredible! Seriously you are so amazing!" I whisper.

"It's all worth it, if it means I get to spend time with you Zayn!" Liam says stroking my hand.


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