Forever and Always [Ziam Fanfic]

Liam loves Zayn, Zayn loves Liam. Its taken almost two years for them to realise but when they do nothing can stop them the two are completely smitten but the true question is will they last?


3. Chapter 3


Liam's P.O.V


'I don't know what I was thinking! I knew what Zayn would say! I knew he wouldn't like it! But for some stupid reason I thought he liked me too, I thought he wanted to be more than friends! I mean the way he was acting this afternoon and didn't he say I had already seduced him! It's probably just some big joke to him! He probably knows how I feel and is turning it all into a massive joke!' I think to myself. I was upset about what Zayn has said, I mean sure I thought it would be a bit awkard! But I don't know I thought it would all work out! I had called up management and asked them to book this room. I told them it was a joke for Louis and Harry, but really it was for Zayn and I. Tonight I was going to tell them how I feel but after his reaction just then, I don't think so... 

I collapse on the bathroom floor, I went straight here and locked the door...
Because I knew what was going to happen, I knew what I was going to do and I definitely did not want Zayn to see...
I didn't want Zayn to see me cry...

I reach over to grab some paper and wipe away the last of my tears.
Okay so Zayn doesn't like me! But still I get to spend the night in the honeymoon suite with Zayn! Trust me I'm not complaining!!! 

Zayn's P.O.V



Where was Liam? It has been nearly 15 minutes I've looked everywhere for him! I thought he was just going to look around the room but he isn't anywhere...

That's when I hear it, a quiet sniffle coming from the bathroom...
It sounded like someone was crying...
"Liam?" I asked cautiously. 
No response
"Liam? Are you in there? Are you okay mate?" I ask again.
 That's when the door swings oopen and Liam strides out.
"Huh? Yeah I'm fine was just fixing up my hair! You know the importance of that don't you mate?" Liam asks me.
"Yeah, yeah real funny!" I reply lightly punching his arms.

"So what time are we meeting the boys for dinner?" Liam asks. 
"What?" I reply, I thought tonight was just going to be me and Liam and to be honest I was really really looking forward to it.
"You know, where going out for dinner with the boys, Niall's choosing a resteraunt now I think!" Liam informs me.
"Oh right! So it could be anywhere!" I laugh.
"Yeah if it's Niall as long as it has food it's good!" Liam jokes tossing his head backs as he laughs. Why do I notice all these things now? Like how gorgeous his hair is! How soft his lips are! How big his arms are! He has definitely been working out!!! 

"STOP IT ZAYN!!" I think to myself before realising I've said it out loud.
"Stop what?" Liam asks.
"Huh?" I mutter.
"You just said stop it zayn" Liam informs me.
"Ummm no I didn't!" I quickly say before rushing off

But I don't get far, I reach the kitchen before I feel to muscular arms wrap around me...

"Tell me what's wrong Zayn!" Liam demands.
His voice... it was just so perfect.
"Nothing is!" I tell him getting lost in the feel of his arms.
He softly kisses my head, I feel like I'm gonna melt...
"Well stop talking to yourself gorgeous it looks weird!" He teases.

I want to laugh but I can't move my whole body numb at his presence it was just perfect...

There was to loud knocks or should I say thuds at the door before we hear Niall yell.

"Guys c'mon we're gonna go get food!" 

Liam sighs before heading to the door, I quickly follow. Fastly closing the door behind us. I definitely do not want the other boys to see the room! 

Ok first of all! Everything is either pink or red! The whole house is covered in hearts and cupids and all this other lovey dovey stuff! The bed yep that's right there's only one bed, and the couch is not big enough for one of us to sleep on so we have to share and its a massive red heart! The bed is in a shape of a heart! 

This is definitely not what I needed! I mean with all this stuff going on with Liam and I. Tonight I don't know how! I don't know how I'm gonna stop myself from going over and kissing him...





"And then we opened the fridge and there was this massive bag of carrots! Boo Bear went absolutely mental!!! Didn't you Boo?" Harry says finishing off his story.

"Yeah I wanted to eat them all but Harry pulled me away" Louis replies solemnly.

Dinner had gone fine, they put us in a seperate room and we had to leave out the back entrance for that our girls wouldn't see us. Now we were back in Louis and Harry's apartment chilling, talking, playing a bit of Xbox the stuff we normally did when we had time to just relax! The boys had wanted to go to mine and Liam's room! So we had to pretend the cleaner was in there!

"Well I don't know about you guys but I'm getting tired! I think I'm gonna head back to mine and go to sleep!" Niall yawned.

"Seeee youuuu Nialler! Sweet dreams! Don't let the bed carrots bite!" Louis warned.

"Okay Lou I don't think carrots can bite!" Niall replied.

"Night Nialler!" Liam and I said synchronized. 


"You know we better get going as well!" Liam said grabbing my hand. His hands were so soft, they actually felt so delicate.

"Night guys!" I say following Liam.

I turn around and see Louis whisped something to Harry before they bost burst into laughter.

I will never ever understand those two!

We walk into the room and I can't help but laugh, I do it every single time! It's just weird! 

"Well I'm gonna get changed and go straight to bed! But you can do whatever!" Liam tells me before walking over to the ensuite.

I let out a loud yawn and tug at my shirt before diving under the sheets and burying my head into the pillow.

Liam emerges wearing long pyjama bottoms and no shirt, I was right he definitely has been working out! I mean his abs were incredible before but they're definitely more... toned now.

"Night night!" Liam mutters before turning over and shutting his eyes.

Is it bad to admit that I want to kiss him goodnight. That I want to bury myself in his arms not this stupid pillow! That I want to tell him how gorgeous he looks when he's sleeping. That I want to stoke his hair and have him fall asleep in my arms! Is it bad to admit I want any of these things! 

Well I'll have to get used to it! Because Liam definitely doesn't! 

That's when I hear it Liam always talks in his sleep but this, this was different...

"Why can't I kiss him goodnight? Why can't I bury myself in his arms? Why can't I tell him how gorgeous he looks when his sleeping? Why can't I stroke his hair and have him fall asleep in my arms? Why can't I tell Zayn that I love him..." Liam mutters to himself.

My mouth drops open I stare at Liam in disbelief...


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