In memory of CHICO

This is not a movella this is a true story about a loving dog... His name was CHICO!! CHICO was my dog that died. I loved him so much but then he passed away. Please read it is a loving story that will touch youre hearts.


1. When we got him:


I was only 6 years old when we got the little dog. We went inside the shelter me and my parents. We looked and looked for a dog or puppy but we couldn't find a dog until one I saw caught my eye. A tiny fragile little beagle puppy all alone. My parents wanted a bigger dog. " mommy could we get this one?" I asked. " no " she would say. " please look at those eyes " I kept saying. " we'll they are cute he or she is cute " she would also say. She went to talk to my dad. " we're going to get you this dog " she said. I screamed for joy. Once we got the tiny puppy my mom asked what I was going to name him. " candy " I said. " but its a boy " my dad said. " we'll Arthur " I said once more. " what about chico " my dad said. I nodded. " hey CHICO " I said and patted the tiny beagles head. We got to my house and played and played until we had to go to sleep. " I love you chico " I told him before drifting off to sleep.

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