In memory of CHICO

This is not a movella this is a true story about a loving dog... His name was CHICO!! CHICO was my dog that died. I loved him so much but then he passed away. Please read it is a loving story that will touch youre hearts.


3. Training school:

My POV ( PARIS ) :



My mom and dad decided one day, to take CHICO to a training school. I went along with it. So on a Saturday afternoon we went and took CHICO to a training school so they can teach him tricks and be potty trained. We teaches him but he never listened he just wanted to have fun. We would leave him for an hour every Saturday. He even made friends. And by friends one of them was his best friend. He would always play with his friend named mud pie. Mud pie was a poodle it had chocolate fur like mud, I took a guess and guess that is why they named mud pie, mud pie. Mud pie was a boy also like CHICO. " come on CHICO " I would say to him to leave from the training place. He would run up to me and bark, and wag his tiny tail. I would smile at him. 

I always loved him, I always loved playing with him. 

But now I can't.

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