In memory of CHICO

This is not a movella this is a true story about a loving dog... His name was CHICO!! CHICO was my dog that died. I loved him so much but then he passed away. Please read it is a loving story that will touch youre hearts.


2. Loving him:

My POV ( PARIS ) :

2007/ may...

its has been a month since we got CHICO so he was a 3 months now. " come one CHICO " I would scream for him to come down and eat. He would always run downstairs or wherever he was letting those floppy ears flop. I would always pet his head, kiss him, hug him, hold him. He would be so friendly with other pets. I had a bunny he would just stare at it. If I had a bird he would stare at it, he would be even calm when he saw a cat. He would always cuddle close to me. If I cried because I fell he would be there to cheer me up. We would play, go for walks when my parents took me and him.

I loved that dog more than anything else in my whole life.


He Wasint just a dog...



He was a Bestfriend!!!


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