In memory of CHICO

This is not a movella this is a true story about a loving dog... His name was CHICO!! CHICO was my dog that died. I loved him so much but then he passed away. Please read it is a loving story that will touch youre hearts.


4. Lost and found:


2007/ December 

Christmas was three days from now so I wrapped a gift for CHICO it Wasint the best wrapping but I wrapped. I went outside and put it under the Christmas tree. I called for CHICO to come down but he didn't. I thought someone was holding him so I went to check. I went to my room I asked my sister she said no. " then why are you in my room? " I asked. " because I'm looking for CHICO also I just didn't want to tell you because I knew you were going to panic like right now " she said. " I am already panicking " I said and went outside. " mom, dad have you see CHICO " I yelled sobbing. " no we haven't " they said. I started to cry. ( A/N: my parents talk Spanish but I'm making it in English so you can understand ).  " tell you're sister to go with you outside and look for CHICO. I nodded and told my sister. We went outside and yelled CHICO. Nothing. We asked neighbors but they said no. My sister told me we had to go back inside but I refused I got to find CHICO I can't sleep with out him. " we're was the last time you saw him? " my sister asked. " he was playing in the backyard " I said. " we already checked there " she said. " I last saw him in the kitchen but we checked there too " she said. We went back to my house my parents asked us if we found him but we just answered no. " oh honey well get you a new dog and you can name it CHICO jr. " my mom said to me. I shook my head and ran upstairs crying. For almost two days we couldn't find him. The next day would be CHRISTMAS. I was still crying these days because I loved that dog more than anything and now he is gone. His little face I wouldn't see it anymore. It was CHRISTMAS eve and I wished he was here with me his first chrismas eve and CHRISTMAS. That night I wished to god or Santa (  A/N: I don't believe in Santa anymore ) to bring me back CHICO then I went to sleep. 

* ding dong * 

the doorbell rang. My parents were downstairs with my sister eating but I didn't bother to get up. They haven't opened thier presents because of me I am still in bed. Someone opened the door and cheered I heard screams of joy. What is going on downstairs I thought. " Paris come down someone wants to give you a SUPRISE " my dad yelled. I ran downstairs as fast as I could. " CHICOOO " I screamed once I saw his face. He turned to me and wagged his tail and jumped out of the mans  hands. " thank you " I said to the man. " how did you get our dog?" My mom asked. " we'll he was wondering around the street and I see him he was a cute beagle so I picked him up I saw he had a collor on so I looked and it had youre street and phone number I calle but nobody picked up so I decided to bring him on Christmas for a SUPRISE " he said. , thank you " I screamed. " you're welcome " he said and left. " mom whatif that was Santa " I said. " yeah mabye you're right " she said petting CHICO. 

Thanks god/Santa for bringing me back my dog.

we opened our presents... But there was only one special gift for me.


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