The big secreate

How to people meet and fall for each other but what happens when Sam finds out harry has been lying to her about a girl name skyler


3. the real girlfriend

As we were swimming I hear the door bell ring and I said I got it so harry kept swimming and I got out and went to get the door bell I opened up and there was a cute girl there and I asked what her name was she said skyler. She said she was her for harry and she also said that they were boyfriend and girlfriend I said no harry is my boyfriend. We both walked out and harry went bug eyed he ran to us and said sam this is skyler. I said we meet and I grabbed my stuff and ran to Harry's room to change and told skyler to wait and he ran after me. He grabbed me and told me he would explain. I said I think u did u lied to me why would you keep this from me? He said he was sorry he said as soon as he saw me he fell Inlove with me I said to him that's how I felt. He hugged me and said skyler is not my girlfriend she is my ex. I said I'm srry he kissed me and we made up we walked down and asked skyler if she would like to stay over she said yes me and skyler became best friends.

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