The big secreate

How to people meet and fall for each other but what happens when Sam finds out harry has been lying to her about a girl name skyler


1. meeting each other

Hi my name is sam. I'm 13 years old and I'm a only child. So I was walking to school when someone grabbed me and took me to a dark alley I was really scared. I looked around and saw nothing but then I heard a lound crash I got up and started to walk. Then I walked into someone I didn't realize who it was but I grabbed them and pulled them in the alley. I asked them what there name was they said zayn malic. I said wait your from one direction he shook his head yes. I was so excited I asked him where his band mates were he said harry was in the trash cans. I walked over to the trash cans and opened it and harry jumped out and scared me I said boo. I whispers in his eat that he was my favorite and that he is sexy/cute. He said thanks love.

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