Being his sister

I was Maya Toms, an average girl, with a normal life. I had a family (okay, not the best but...) friends, and an 18 years old boyfriend. His name was Joey and he was a real bad boy, but so kind and sweet to me! My best friend was Rachel Anderson, and is still, she was the prettiest girl in all the school. A day, it changed, when the cops told me I was Maya Tomlinson. Let me tell you what the heck happened…


15. My first day there....



Being his sister is harder than I thought. Every girl in this school was a fan of them. I signed lots of autographs. I got asked plenty of weird questions.

“Are you guys dating for real, or is the management that arranged the whole thing up?”
“You don’t even look like Louis, it’s just a prank, I’m sure. A big one.” Even though that one wasn’t exactly a question, I found it weird.
“Did you know the chances that your baby will be beautiful are 10/10? I mean, Harry is gorgeous. And so are you” It was nice, but weird.

The girl that came up to me was nicer than I thought she would be. She would be mine and Rachel’s type of friend. Her name was Rosella. She was amazing. She wasn’t the shy type of girl at all. Only after few hours with her I realised it. She showed me who her friends were. It was lunchtime. The group was formed by Rosella, Mike, Shaun, Blake and Roxy. All were cool.
Roxy was sad since her crush started dating another girl.

Me : Hey, he’s a bitch. He just doesn’t deserve you, and with what I heard of him, he’s dumb, you know like… a blonde bimbo in a male way…?
Rosella: Yeah, Maya’s right! Look, I’m gonna go talk to him, okay?
Mike: YEAH! Roxy’s gonna look crazy again, and that’s funny Maya! You’ll see.

The  others laughed as Rose went to were Roxy’s crush was. He wasn’t that far away. She was a loud person, so we heard everything she said.

Rose: Hey, you! Yeah, you Max. I’m talking to you. Did someone ever told you were blind?
Him: What? I can see you. I’m not blind, I’m not even deaf.
Rose: I’m sure you are blind honey. Anyways, I came here to do something. To get a little revenge for someone I love with all my heart. No, not my boyfriend, since I don’t have one… Anyways…

She slapped him so hard; I swear his cheek fell off his face.

I laughed along with the others, as Max was rubbing his cheek and swearing. He called her a slut. Rose frowned. I looked at Roxy’s face. She was frightened.

Me: What’s wrong?
Mike: Her mom is a prostitute. She doesn’t have a choice. Rose pays her school herself. Her mom pays the water bill, Rose pays the electricity bills and her mom pays the apartment. They don’t have a car so…

I nodded, shocked. Her mom was just like “mine”. My heart broke a little as I thought about my “mom”. Dead. Along with my “dad”, who’s not really dead, just dead in my mind. He’s in jail. I turned around and saw a single tear roll down Rose’s cheek. She punched Max so hard, he was immediately knocked out. His girlfriend, a cake up face blonde bimbo girl yelled at the top of her lungs. The whole cafeteria shut up and turned to see what was happening.
I walked quickly, along with Roxy to Rose. She looked angry.

Rose: Don’t ever call me a slut again, dick.
Max’s girlfriend: Honey, you’re talking to my boyfriend, there.
Rose: Honey, I don’t care! I’m talking like I want to whoever I want. And I certainly don’t want to talk to your make up face so please… leave me alone, bimbo.

I laughed, like most students in the cafeteria. She wasn’t shy, and had guts, more than anyone I knew.

Me: Come, let’s go sit, I’m hungry.
Max’s girlfriend: Oh, yeah. So it’s true that Harry’s Styles’ girlfriend is coming here. That ring, on your finger, should be mine. The baby inside you should be mine also. You’re way too ugly for him.
Me: I know my own fiancé, thank you. If you’re so jealous, than go ahead, try to steal him from me. I know my boyfriend. He won’t like a lot of things about you.
Max’s girlfriend: Like what? My body? My boobs? My ass?

She laughed. Yeah, she had big boobs, but they were fake. And so was her ass. Duh.

Me: He won’t like your face. Too much make up. Honestly, you look fake. He won’t like your boobs, and neither your butt. It’s like big plastic balls. And most of all, he won’t like one big and important fact, you’re not his pregnant fiancé, “babe”.

I laughed along with my friends. And pretty much the whole cafeteria. I left slowly; it was painful to be up. Lunchtime was soon over, after I ate my lunch, and everybody’s left overs. The guys were surprised a pregnant woman could eat more than them.
The whole afternoon, I was in singing classes, which was great. The teacher, Miss Hamilton, was a young woman. She was as pregnant as me. She went on the X Factor, just like my favorite boys.

Miss Hamilton: Here guys, we have a new girl. Maya Tomlinson! Welcome at the singing classes. Your demo was extraordinary.
Me: Thank you! I’m happy I’m not the only one pregnant here!

We laughed and I saw Max’s girlfriend rolling her eyes. I sat down in front row. Miss Hamilton started teaching. Everybody had to prepare a song and perform it before the end of the day. I grinned; I knew exactly what to sing. I chose the song Sirens by Cher Lloyd. I loved that song really much.
I practice a little, but I already knew it by heart. I sang it all the time.

Miss Hamilton: Maya, you’re ready to present?
Me: Yup.

Miss Hamilton yelped me up and helped me to walk up the three stairs so I could go on the stage. Everybody’s eyes were on me, and it felt good, to have their attention, not because I’m Harry’s girlfriend, or a teenage mom, nor because I’m Louis Tomlinson’s sister, but because I was going to sing. To do one of the only things I like in my life. Singing and music was my reason to wake up every morning when I was younger. Now, I have much better things, my baby, Harry, a family, friends, but still, singing was one of the things that could make me feel free, better and safe.
The music started. I was holding the microphone tightly. I started singing and I meant every word. I dedicated that song to my dead “mom” and my “dad”.
After my song, there was an awkward silence. I felt uncomfortable. Was I that bad? But then, everybody started to cheer. Even Max’s bimbo. She wasn’t happy to clap, but she did. I was proud of myself.
After school Harry promised me to come pick me up. And I soon as I was out, I saw a group of girls surrounding his car. I laughed and whispered to myself “yeah, that’s him.”.
I walked to the car, but it was hard. Girls were pushing me. I groaned

Me (yelling): GET THE FUCK AWAY!!!!!!

They were surprised, but didn’t listen one bit. I groaned. And decided to use my hands… I took one by the collar, another one by her hair. I kicked someone’s leg and pushed a girl into another fan. I opened the car door and sat (hardly) in the car.

Harry: So? How was school?
Me (smirking): Maybe it won’t be that bad…


Hello guys! I just finished schooooooooollllllll! YEAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!
FREEEDDDDOOOOMMMMMM!!!!!!!!! I'll try to update more this summer! The story is almost done, I'll do max 20 chapters for this book. I'll try to put it on wattpad and I've got another story on the way. It's not a one direction fanfiction, but a werewolf/vampire story. Here is a LITTLE TINY summery of it :

Do I look normal?
But, am I?
Oh damn, no.
Well that’s for me to know and you to find out.

Please tell me what you think of it! Leave a lot of comments, its amazing and it helps me everyday!

Danielle luv you allllllllll


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