Being his sister

I was Maya Toms, an average girl, with a normal life. I had a family (okay, not the best but...) friends, and an 18 years old boyfriend. His name was Joey and he was a real bad boy, but so kind and sweet to me! My best friend was Rachel Anderson, and is still, she was the prettiest girl in all the school. A day, it changed, when the cops told me I was Maya Tomlinson. Let me tell you what the heck happened…


1. Cops? Shit.


Rachel : Maya, hurry up! I don’t want to be late!
Me : Yeah, yeah, I’m done, I’m coming Rach!


I ran down the stairs and walked to my best friend, Rachel, and hugged her tightly. Today was my first day of senior year, at Art High School. Yeah, I was a singer if you want. Well, I was studying for a singing career. Rachel and I took a cab and it drove us school. We heard the first bell rang, that meant that the class would start in 15 minutes, and that meant we had to hurry our lazy asses!


Me : Rachel, we need our schedules, go pick them up, and I’m going to go pick our lockers numbers. Meet me here after you have our things.


Rachel nodded and left to the secretary’s office. I went at the principal’s office to pick up our lockers’ number.


Principal: Yeah Maya! How was your summer?
Me: Well, it was really nice, I went in Canada, in Montreal, it’s a wonderful place. I didn’t understand a single word of what they were saying in French, but it was nice.
Principal: Maya, this is your locker, and you are probably here to pick Rachel’s too?
Me : Yep! Please.


He gave it to me, and I ran out, to meet Rachel. We went at our lockers -which was blue!!!-  and we went at our first class, 5 minutes after the class started. We were going to get in a lot of trouble for that…
I walked in my math class, to meet Joey, my boyfriend, and the school bad boy. People didn’t know how sweet and carrying he was. He was my best friend, before being my boyfriend. I was a “bad girl” too, if you want to call me this. Before sitting down, the teacher looked at me with angry eyes.


Teacher: Well, if it’s not Maya. What makes you late the first day of school?
Me : Well, you know, I woke up, take my time to eat, and then get dress, and after, I did my hair, and after my makeup, and then walked down the stairs and POUF! It was almost 8 am!


I threw my hands in the hair at the “POUF”. Students were laughing at my actions.


Teacher: Maya, I meant why you are late!?
Me : God! You didn’t understand?! Okay, well, I, woke, up, late, I walked, down, the, stairs, and, then, took, my, breakfast, slooooooowly… I, ate, an, apple, and, a couple, of strawberries, and, then, I walked, up, the stairs, and got, dressed, after, I, did, my, makeup, and my, hair. Understand? After, I, took, a cab, I arrived, at school, I was, already late. Clear?!
Teacher (really angry) : MAYA TOMS! Get the hell out of this class.


The students were laughing, all of them, even the nerds! Wow, that was incredibly funny, if they were laughing too!


Me: No way! Just continue to teach! I would like to go sit with my boyfriend now, it’s not that you’re not interesting, but without lie, you’re boring as well! Just continue to teach and do like that didn’t happen.


I walked and sat down beside Joey. I high fived a couple of the most popular guys, and kissed Joey quickly. The Math Teacher just continues his boring class, while I was talking to Joey and Samantha, a girl I knew a little.
After that class, I had Singing class, without Joey, but with Rachel. We both walked in the class and sat with the popular gang. I was not the kind of popular you think, I was not bitch, and I was not a cheerleader. I was me, I argued with teachers and I was friend with almost everybody.


Teacher: Well, hello class! Have a good summer time? Good. Well, we will start, by… heum, okay! I know! You will all sing one song in front here. Maya, first, after Rachel, Dave, Ben and Lena, after, Hailey, Jenna, Liana, Drake, Bob, Oliver and Audrey. Clear? Maya, come!


Shit! I was the first one! Okay, think about a song, think about a song! I finally pick Move by Little Mix, a group I LOVE!


Well, I started to sing. I felt good while singing. And soon, the song was finish. I smiled and walked to my place. Everybody was clapping their hands. Rachel sang Turn your face, by Little Mix too. It was our favorite band. Perrie was my personal favorite, Rachel’s was Jade. I knew Joey thought that Leigh-Ann was the hottest. A guy sang What does the Fox say, just for fun, and it was funny!

After school, I needed to go back at my house. Cool… (Note the sarcasm) I had terrible parents; they got me at the age of 14. They were both 32, and they had an 18 years old daughter! They did what they could with me, but finally gave up when they saw I was too much trouble and too much job for them. They were more like friends. When I was 8, they left me by my own, they would feed me and bought clothes for me, but I had to take care of myself for the rest. And at the age of 12, they were always out, partying. I didn’t have a really nice childhood. But they were really good FRIENDS.


I walked to my bus, and sat with Joey. And we make out the whole ride. Joey was, most of time, at my place, cause he had abusive parents, and they hated him. I didn’t, so he was with me all the time. The bus stopped at the corner of my street, my house was the last of this street, so we had like, five minutes to walk, but we could see my house, even if it’s like, less than a mile away.


Joey: Maya, what’s this! Is it cars? I think it’s the cops! Maya, run, it’s in front of your house!!!!
Me: What!?


We just ran as fast as we could. Yes, the cops were in front of my house. I started to panic. A couple of people were in front of my little house. The cops were yelling at everybody to leave. We walked in front of one cop, to ask him what the heck that was.


Helllllllo! My name is Danielle and I love purple cows!!!! I know it sounds weird, but it's cool! It doesn't exist though... But in my head it does! I hope you guys like it! Anyway, go check at my other movellas please!

Danielle xxxxxx

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