Anywhere but here (Punk Harry Styles) *ON HOLD*


3. chapter 3

I bit my lip, unsure what to tell him. I can't just be like 'Oh yeah my parents don't give a shit about me, my brother is basically my dad but he's normally to busy with my little brother, I'm seriously depressed since I was 13, I'm anorexic and I'm a cutter.' He'll never talk to me again. "I won't judge you." He told me, looking straight into my eyes. His piercing green eyes looked beautiful. I looked at my hands and sighed. I could lie? Yeah. "My dad is a buisness man, my mum owns a restaurant. I have a 4 year old brother, 13 year old sister and a 19 year old brother. We move alot but other than that I don't have an interesting life now that I think of it." I faked a giggle and Harry just stared into my eyes, an emotionless look on his face. After a couple of seconds of staring into eachothers eyes the expression on his face changed. He looked... hurt? Why is he hurt? I was seriously confused. He looked down at the couch and shook his head no. He looked back up at me and sighed. "You're lying, Skylar." He said and I felt myself getting really nervous. "Why'd you lie, Skylar? I won't judge you." He walked over from the couch he was sitting on to the smaller couch I was sitting on. 

He held both of my hands and just stared in my eyes with that same hurt expression as before. "You can trust me." He told me and for some reason I believed him. "My dad is some big shot at a company I don't know the name of, my mom does own a restaurant. So in other words they're never home and when they are they don't pay attention to me. They don't give a shit about me. My brother is like my dad but he's bussier with my little brother and sister. I'm that girl in the family no one cared about until I do something wrong. I have a serious depression since I'm 13 years old." I decided to tell him until there. He wrapped his arms around my small body and I wrapped my arms around him. He pulled back slightly but didn't let go of me. I stared into his beautiful eyes and I noticed we were both leaning in. There was only half an inch left between us and I couldn't help myself. So I pressed my lips against his and he kissed back emediatly.

Harry's cold metal lipring tickled my lips. I smiled into the kiss slightly and so did Harry. "Let's go out tomorrow." He said smiling and I nodded. He pecked my lips and he layed down on the couch. I layed inbetween his legs, my back on his stomach and my head on his chest. We watched two more movies until we fell asleep.

Harry shifting under me woke me up. "Sorry I didn't mean to wake you." He said with a cute smile. "It's okay." I told him smiling. "Can we go to my house? I don't have any clothes." I said with a giggle and he nodded. "We can sneak in through the window." I laughed and he chuckled. Harry got dressed and everything before we drove off to my house.

We climbed through my window and Harry sat on my bed, playing with his phone. I grabbed an outfit and walked into the bathroom. I locked the door behind me and turned on the shower. While my shower was heating up I stripped down and after that I slowly got into the warm shower. I smiled and washed my hair and body quickly. I got out of the shower and brushed my teeth before changing into my clothes: a white pair of shorts and a lilac tanktop. I heard someone walking in the hall and opened the bathroom door. I grabbed Harry's hand and pulled him into the bathroom before locking it and I was just in time because I heard my bathroom door open. "Hey Skylar, I didn't hear you come home, how was it at Michelle's?" Nate asked and I covered Harry's mouth with my hand. "It was a lot of fun." I told him. "Okay well do you have anything planned for today? I wanted to ask you if you wanted to babysit Mike." I rolled my eyes and Harry shook his head. "I have a date." I could already imagine Nate's face. "What? With who? Why didn't you tell me? Skylar Denise Moore explain yourself." Harry was trying to hold back his laughter. "Uhm." I stuttered. "Who is this date with?" He asked me. "This cute guy named Harry. He's really sweet." I said and I heard Nate sigh. "If he tries anything call me and I'll kill him." Nate said and I heard him walk out of the room and closing the door.

I got my hand off of Harry's mouth and he smirked. "What?" I asked and he started grinning like a five year old. "You think I'm cute and sweet." He said and I giggled. "You're such a child Harry." I giggled before turning around so I could start doing my make-up. Harry wrapped his arms around me behind, watching my every move. "You don't need make-up." He said and I smiled and pecked his cheek. "I like make-up." I told him and he sighed and dropped the subject. 

"Okay I'm done." I told Harry smiling. "What do you wanna do?" I asked him and he smiled. "Do you wanna meet my friends and after that me and you could go to the park or something." I smiled and nodded. "I'd like that." He smiled and pecked my cheek. We climbed out through the window and got into his car and started driving. We stopped at a random house and he grabbed my hand and walked me towards the garage where the amazing sound of Austin Carlile was heard. Harry knocked on the garage door and a guy with black hair, piercings and tattoo's opened the door. "Hey Jake." Harry said giving him a man hug. "Hi Harry. Who's this..." He asked looking me up and down confused. "This is Skylar." He said and I smiled at him and stuck my hand out. "Nice to meet you." I said with a sweet smile and he looked at my hand and than at Harry. "Yeah, whatever." He said and I awkwardly took my hand back. Harry gave him a look and snaked an arm around my waist, pulling me closer. I smiled at him and he smiled back, pecking my lips. "Are the guys here?" Harry asked and Jake nodded, letting us in. "Hey guys." Harry said as we entered. His friends all had alot of tattoo's and piercings. They looked me up and down and than they looked at Harry. I felt really uncomfortable. "Lads, this is Skylar." He said, smiling at me. I smiled back and turned to them. "Nice to meet you." I said with a sweet smiile but they didn't responde. They just looked at Harry. "Harry can we talk to you for a minute?" A boy with blonde hair asked. "Sure, Drew" He said and he pecked my lips. "Wait here, okay princess?" I nodded and sat down on a chair behind me, watching them talk.

Harry's POV

I walked over to my mate's and they shook their heads. "Harry what's wrong with you?" Josh said as he looked at Skylar. "What do you mean?" I asked them confused. "People like us don't hang out with people like her." Drake said shaking his head. "Guys she's cool." I tried. "Harry just let her go back to the mall or something. She's not your type and you're clearly not hers." Zach said and I shook my head. "What's that supposed to mean?" I snapped. "Dude she's the perfect girl with the perfect life and you're the punk." Drew stated and I shook my head. "You don't even know her." I said angrily. Jake put a hand on my back. "We warned you." He said and I sighed. I slapped his hand off of my back and walked over to Skylar.

She smiled at me and I took her hand, helping her up. She giggled and I smashed my lips against hers. There were the sparks. Her arms wrapped around my neck wile mine rested just above her bum. My tongue entered her mouth and explored her mouth while hers did the same in my mouth. I smiled into the kiss and she smiled back, slowly pulling back.

"What was that for?" She giggled. Her giggle was adorable. "Skylar, will you be my girlfriend?" She smiled widely and nodded. I kissed her again and opened my eyes slightly to see my 'friends' giving me disaproving looks. I shook my head at them. Why can't they just be happy for me? I really like this girl. "C'mon Skylar let's get out of here." I said and she nodded. She turned around to look at the boys and smiled at them. "Bye it was a plesure meeting you." That was so adorable. How can they not like her? She's so polite and sweet, she's beautiful and she's a great listener. She's amazing. 

Skylar's POV

"Harry do your friends hate me?" I asked nervously. "No ofcours not! Why'd you think that?" I sighed and shrugged. "Well they looked at me weirdly and stuff... plus I heard some things they said. I really don't like it when people don't like me." She said biting her lower lip. "Babe they're stupid. You shouldn't care." My heart litterally dropped. "See! they don't like me and now you're calling them stupid and I'm ruining your friendship and-" Harry cut me off. "Babe you're not ruining anything. If they were real friends they'd be happy for me." I nodded nervously. "I really like you Harry." Once the words escaped my mouth Harry got the biggest smile on his face I've ever seen. "I really like you too, Skylar." 

*Sunday before first day of school*

Me and Harry layed in his bed, my head on his chest as I listened to his heartbeat. "Skylar?" I heard Harry say. I tilted my head so I looked at him and smiled. "Yeah?" I asked and he smiled at me. "I love you." Butterflies errupted in my stomach when I heard the words leave his mouth. "I love you too." I told him and we both smiled, staring into eachothers eyes. Me and Harry have spent everyday of spring break together and we never get bored. Harry is the best boy friend anyone could wish for. "Harry?" I asked and he smiled at me."Yes babe?" He asked and I smiled weakly. "Why me? You're so sweet and everything and you're hot and amazing. Why'd you chose me when you could have a girl way prettier than me." Harry chuckled. "Skylar, you're amazing, you're sweet, polite, beautifull, you're everything anyone could wish for and I love you. I should be the one wondering why you chose me." He said and I smiled and pecked his lips. "Do you promise we'll be together forever?" He asked and I smiled and stuck out my pinky. "I promise." I told him and he smiled, linking his pinky with mine. 

"I should really go." I giggled as I saw it was already nine pm. Harry pouted. "But baby, I'll miss you so much." He whined and I giggled. "You're still picking me up tomorrow right?" I asked and he nodded. "Just bring me home pwease. I'll text you." He sighed and nodded. 

We arrived at my house and I smiled at Harry. "Bye princess, I love you." I smiled back and pecked his lips. "I love you too. Bye Harry." I said and got out of the car. He rolled down his window and kissed me. I giggled. "Goodnight." I whispered. "Sweet dreams." He whispered back before rolling up his windows and driving away. I entered my house. "When are we meeting Harry?" Nate whined and I giggled. "Soon." He smiled and nodded. I walked up to my room. I took of my black high waisted shorts and black crop top and took off all of my make-up. I washed my face and texted Harry goodnight before snuggling into my blanket and slowly falling asleep. 


I slid on some black white, high waisted ripped shorts and a black crop-top. I did my make-up and threw my hair up in a high ponytail. I walked down the stairs and ate an apple. I drank a glass of water and got a text from Harry, saying he was outside. I smiled at the text and yelled a quick 'bye' since everyone was still asleep, Anne is sick, Mike starts school next week and Nate get's home schooled. I grabbed my bag and walked out the door. I got into Harry's car and pecked his lips. "Ready to face everyone as my girlfriend?" He asked and I smiled and nodded. "Then let's go." He said before driving away.

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