Anywhere but here (Punk Harry Styles) *ON HOLD*


12. chapter 12

A stir underneeth of me disturbed my peacefull sleep. I slowly opeed my eyes, blinking a few times and rubbing them. I sat up and stretched my back. I glanced at the clock to see it was six in the evening. I turned around to Louis and shook him softly. "Louis." I whispered and he slowly stirred, looking at me with tired eyes. "It's six pm." I informed him and he smiled at me weakly before getting up. I also stood up and threw my brown hair up in a messy bun on top of my head. I stumbled behind Louis as I followed him into the livingroom. A disgusting smell coming from it. I scrunched my nose in disgust before enterig the livingroom. Harry was with two guys and a girl I have never seen before, smoking something that didn't look like a cigarette. "For Christ sake Harold." Louis said. I noticed he always called him Harold when he was mad. Harry shot his head over to me and Louis. His eyes were read and he looked... of? Out of it? "Louis what's that?" I asked, pointing at the cigarette shaped thing inbetween Harry's large fingers. His friends started laughing. "Where did this girl come from?" The girl with the bright red hair laughed and I looked down at my bare feet, shiftig uncomfortably. "God Tomlinson, are the girls you fuck really that retarted?" The black haired guy asked. "First of all I didn't 'fuck her' and second of all she's not retarted, she just doesn't throw her life away smokig pot all day long." He spat looking at the guy in disgust. "That's why you're only wearing your jeans loosely and she's wearing only your shirt." The blonde guy laughed. 

"Go get Liam." Louis sighed and I grabbed his hand. "I don't wanna go alone." I whispered and he chuckled and cupped my cheek just call him from down the stairs." I nodded nervously and walked towards the staircase. "Lili!" I yelled. "Yes love!?" He yelled back. "Can you come here please!?" He didn't reply but soon he was walking down the stairs shirtless. I stared at his toned chest and he chuckled. "Like what you see babe?" He laughed and I burned bright red. "Please come with me." I whined and he nodded, grabbing my hand and pulling me into the livingroom. "Oh hi Lili" The girl laughed, mocking my nickname for Liam.

"Can you just leave." Harry groaned at us. I already felt tears brim in the corners of my eyes. "And take that slut with you." He added before french kissing the red head. Tears escaped my eyes. "That's low Harry." I said through tears, trying to let my voice sound as normal as possible. He looked at me blankly as his stupid friends laughed.

"I wish I never met you Harry. I wish I didn't look back at you when I first met you and Justin pulled me away from you. I wish I never walked upto you and your stupid friends when I saw you the first day of spring break. I wish I didn't care and that I never walked upto you, upset about you ignoring me." I looked away and bit my lower lip. "I wish I listened to my friends and family, telling me you're no good." A tear escaped my eye. "I wish  I never ran away with you." I said shaking my head before walking towards my room. 

I slammed my brown, wooden bedroom door shut loudly, sure everyone could hear it. I locked the door and walked into my closet. I grabbed all of my clothes and put them in the bag I came here with. I grabbed an outfit and slid it on quickly.

I tied up my shoes and swung the huge bag over my shoulder before unlocking the door and storming down the stairs. I was walking towards the door when I saw the boys were standing in front of the door, blocking my way out. "Where are you going?" Niall asked shocked. "Guys I thought you were kidding." He whispered to the boys not wanting me to hear it. "I'm leaving." I said and Harry stared at me. They all did... my eyes just focussed on Harry. "You're not leaving." Harry said harshly. "You have nothing to say about this! You hurt me and I never want to see you again! If that means go back to my old fucked up life than I'll have to deal with that!" I yelled at him, pointing a finger at him.

"Please don't go." Liam whispered. "We don't want anything to happen to you..." Zayn added. "We can't loose you." Louis said, avoiding my eyes. "We can't." Niall stated shaking his head. "We love you." Harry whispered and I laughed. "I don't care Harry. You hurt me and I hate you and I never ever wanna see your face again." It stayed quiet and pushed past Harry before swinging open the door. "You can't go!" Harry cried out. "I can't loose you! I'm sorry! I love you! I was stupid and I'm sorry okay! I'll never do it again! Please don't leave!" Harry cried out tears streaming down his cheeks.

"Skylar please." He begged, taking my small hand in his large one.

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