Anna Williams and Luke Hemmings have been best friends for a while, but what Luke doesn't know is that Anna secretly likes him. Its been six months since Anna waved goodbye to Luke when he left for the Take Me Home tour and now she's sitting and the airport waiting for him and the two bands to come home. She spots the One Direction guys and then her eyes find Luke and she immediately runs over to give him a welcome back hug but what she doesn't expect is the girl standing next to him. "Anna! This is my new girlfriend Lily!"

What happens when Harry Styles develops feelings for Anna? What happens when Luke secretly does too?


4. Truth or Dare



I was just leaving Harrys hotel room and on my way to Lukes. I haven't really had a good chance to talk to Luke since they've come home. I know its only been like a day but thats a long time for the two of us. I took a taxi from the hotel to my house, quickly fixed my makeup, grabbed a few essential items and went to Lukes. 


"LUUKEEEYYY" I yelled as i walked in the door and no later than 10 seconds after he came running down stairs and tackled me with a big hug. 


"What shall we do Anna?" He asked   

"Well, Luke.." I started in a very serious tone "I brought some movies"  

"Perfect Anna. Lets conduct our first order of business"  

We both burst out laughing. We couldn't be serious if our lives depended on it  

"Hang on ill go grab lily!" Luke told me and i hoped i didn't have too much of a disgusted look on my face.   


It was about 45 minutes into the movie and Luke and Lily were all over each other, I wanted to throw up. I didn't want to be rude and leave but I didn't want to third wheel so I did the next best thing, I took out my phone and texted Ashton  


-Hey Ash what are you up to?(:

-Absolutely nothing, why whats up?(:

-Im at Lukes watching a movie and him and Lily are going at it. Life alert, send help, sos  :O

-Haha gotcha. Ill be there in 5   


Five minutes later not even a knock on the door could stop these two from kissing. I opened the door and mouthed "thank you" to Ashton before bringing him in for a hug. As we began walking toward Lukes living room Ashton slapped my ass playfully.


Ashton and I always had a very flirty relationship. We were great buds and nothing was going to change that. So we may kiss on occasion but nothing serious, I guess you could say we've got kind of a friends with benefits thing going on, but thats it.  


It wasn't for a good ten minutes of ashton being here that Luke finally decided to notice.  


"Ah hey Ash whats good?"  

"Nothing much mate how bout yourself?"  

"I'm fabulous! I've got the hottest girl by my side and i can call her all mine!" he smiled at Lily  


I think that if I were a cartoon character, that steam would be coming out my ears and Id be turning red. Ashton grabbed my hand and gave it a light squeeze. I couldn't stand to be here anymore. I texted Michael, Calum, and Ashton in a group message:


Anna: Yoooooo :)

Michael: Sup girl!

Calum: Hey!

Ashton: Guys we've got a problem

Michael: What?!

Calum: Whaaa!!

Anna: Luke and whats her face won't stop making out. Ew. 

Ashton: Yeah were super bored hang out with us!

Michael: Ahaha thats rough. Yeah come on over cal is on his way!

Calum: Woo party!

Anna: Haha ok!! See ya soon!   


"Alright mate i think were gonna hit the road" Ashton interrupted their steamy make out session  

"Aw alright ill catch up with you later" he said and we hurried out the door.  Once on the other side of the door we just both immediately started laughing.   



"So terrible!"  

"Aw poor anna! Do you need someone to kiss?" Ashton teased and winked at me. I just laughed and ran to his car.


Ashton pushed me up against the car and joined his lips with mine. I wrapped my arms around his neck and deepened our kiss. He moved his hand all up and down my body and a few minutes later we pulled away, catching our breath.  


"Woah Ash someones a little horny" I winked at him  

"Ots been a while ok!" He defended himself and I just laughed giving him a playful nudge.


We got in the car and sung at the top of our lungs until we finally arrived at Michael's house. The garage door was open about half way so we walked in. Michaels garage was set up as his own little man cave and thats usually where we hung out.    


"MIKEY! CAL! What up losers!"  


We spent the next few hours playing video games and talking about the tour. We got bored and played truth or dare resulting in Ashton and I kissing, them finding out we were friends with benefits, Mikey prank calling Louis, Calum telling us boner stories, and them finding out that I liked Luke. We were all probably having stomach pains from laughing so hard when my phone started ringing.  



"Hey Anna! Its Harry!"

"Oh hey! Whats up?"

"I was wondering if i could take you up on your offer and take you out to dinner?"

"Yeah that sounds great! What time?"

"How about I pick you up at 7?"

"Sounds good ill text you my address! See ya!"  


"What was that about? Michael asked and I filled them in on the Harry situation. I told them that i obviously liked Luke but I definitely had my eye on Harry and I was excited about our date tonight.. If you could call it that.   


I left Michaels house, went home and got ready and was now waiting for Harry to pick me up.





"Guys i think we've got a problem"  

"Whats the matter" Calum and Michael said  

"I know what Anna and I have is a strictly no strings attached type of thing but she's so funny and down to earth and I'm so comfortable around her and oh my god she's hot and.."  

"OH MY GOD!" Calum interrupted "You like her don't you Ash!" He had a giant smirk on his face and i just blushed   

"Aww Ash! So cute" Michael said and gave me a pat on the back  

"haha guys I'm not like in love with her but I've always had a little crush."  

"Tell her how you feel mate!" Michael said  

"I can't! She likes Luke. And now Harry theres no way shed take interest in me…" I frowned  

"Aw Ash cheer up just be a little flirty I'm sure shell get the hint. Start taking interest in her emotionally not just physically!" Calum suggested  


I thought about it. Anna was a good friend, but also a great kisser and i could completely be myself around her. But if Harry liked her i didn't want to do anything to take her away from him and if something happened between us she would feel like she couldn't ever pursue Luke. She would probably just reject me and the whole thing would just be awkward.

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