Anna Williams and Luke Hemmings have been best friends for a while, but what Luke doesn't know is that Anna secretly likes him. Its been six months since Anna waved goodbye to Luke when he left for the Take Me Home tour and now she's sitting and the airport waiting for him and the two bands to come home. She spots the One Direction guys and then her eyes find Luke and she immediately runs over to give him a welcome back hug but what she doesn't expect is the girl standing next to him. "Anna! This is my new girlfriend Lily!"

What happens when Harry Styles develops feelings for Anna? What happens when Luke secretly does too?


1. 6 months ago



*6 months ago*

     "Hey can you hand me that green shirt behind you?" Luke asked. I tossed it to him and watched him add it to his suit case.

     "Why do you have to leave Luke, i'm going to miss you so much!" i said, giving Luke my best puppy dog face. 

     "I'm going to miss you too, Anna! But this is going to be the experience of a lifetime!" Luke replied giving me a sympathetic smile.


     I met the 5SOS boys about two years ago and they have all become brothers to me and it was going to suck to watch them leave for six months. Luke has become my best friend, we told each other everything, except the fact that i'm in love with him, of course. I might have developed feelings for him but i was perfectly content being best friends with him and i wasn't going to let my stupid feelings ruin that.


     "I am so beyond proud of you Luke, but why do you have to be gone so long?" I frowned.     "Alright don't be cheesy" he joked. "It's only going to be six months it'll go by in no time and when i come back we'll still hang out all the time together, nothings going to change!" He smiled and pulled me in for a hug.



Hey guys, I'm Sasha and this is my very first movella! Hope you guys take an interest in it (:

if you have any desire to help write the story, be in the story, or any ideas for the story send me a message on kik! 

kik: sashajohns

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