Ashlynn Brooksfield a non typical 18 year old , who's constantly Skiing to take her mind off
Of her horrible family that separated when she was 1 would have never guessed that she would met
Someone she would think about living her life with
Somewhere so familiar. Though life is hard for her she meets someone
Who makes her feel like she has a reason to live.


28. Meeting you here

Ashlynn's POV

I immediately pushed Niall off of me as I heard a familiar voice that questioned my appearance. I felt my cheeks redden, and my hands shake. Then, Harry spoke again, still completely suprised and angry that I was just making-out with his best friend. " Ashlynn? Is that you?", he asked his mouth still gaping open. 


" Harry?", I said, my voice creaking a little bit confused in the situation. 


I felt Niall approach me near my side. He took his hand in mine, being totally protective. I loved that about Niall, he always made me feel safe. 


" What... What are you doing here?", he asked studdering with his words. 


" What are you doing here?", I asked avoiding the question, and putting pressure off of me. 



My question was answered when a girl wearing a pretty purple dress came from out of the right side of the car, and coming around to where Harry was at. She wrapped her tiny bare arms around his buff and strong arms, hidden under his jacket. 


I felt a slight bit of hurt and jealously as I saw him here, tonight, with that really gorgeous girl. I didn't understand why I felt this way, I was with Niall! I love Niall with all my heart! Harry hurt me, and we are not right for eachother!! 


" What took you so long?" The girl said smiling " I waited for you to help me out of the car, but I was getting Lonley", she said planting a kiss on his lips. 


I squirmed at seeing this, but I tried to stop. I couldn't control myself. This couldn't be happening, I tell myself. I'm still in love with Harry!! No!! Wait.... I can't! I'm with Niall, and Harry got that beautiful girl who seems really nice. 


We just stood there looking at eachother for a second, making the moment totally awkward. I just stood there starring at Harry, while he started back into my eyes. I felt a slight nudge in my side from Nialls elbow. " Quit it", he said fiercely but quietly so Harry couldn't hear it from the front of his car. 


I clutched my side, feeling a little pain. I knew that there would be a bruise there in a couple of days. I couldn't believe that Niall would be so pushy. He was never like this. He pulled on my hand, and whispered in my ear " lets go". His voice was now sweet and made me feel safe again. 


" We'll, I guess we'll see ya later", I said turning to walk towards the entrance of the restaurant. 


" ya", Harry said letting us walk away and just standing there to absorb it for a second. 


I know that this was super short and boring of a chapter, but I promise I will update soon with an awesome chapter!! I hope you like it so far!! Thank you everyone!! 


- Jada Andrews- 



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