Ashlynn Brooksfield a non typical 18 year old , who's constantly Skiing to take her mind off
Of her horrible family that separated when she was 1 would have never guessed that she would met
Someone she would think about living her life with
Somewhere so familiar. Though life is hard for her she meets someone
Who makes her feel like she has a reason to live.


29. Me

Ashlyn's POV

We walked into the restaurant, hand in hand. It was huge and the fanciest place I'd ever been. Plates were set with matching silverware sets, and red wide and long tablecloths sat among the tables. The place was absolutely packed. People were everywhere, and waiters and waitresses bustled thought the many people. Niall approached the check in desk with confidence. 


" Horan for 2", he said swiftly squeezing my hand. 


The Man present at the desk looked down at papers in front of him and pushed his glasses down towards his nose. He dragged his finger down the list and looked in the column with H's. 

" aha", the man said lifting his finger from the chart and marking something down on the paper. " Right this way", the man said letting us follow him down a path and thoroughly some rooms. I had to admit I was definitely impressed! Niall was the sweetest, spending tons of money on a date night for just me and him. 


We follow the man, till he stopped and held his arm out, telling us this was where we were going to be sitting at for tonight. 


" We'll, here you are. Allison will be with you in just one moment", He said walking off as me and Niall get comfortably seated at out table. A candle is present and lit in the middle if our table, with talk menus and napkins over our plates. 


" Niall, this is so fancy!", I said smiling at him, feeing out of place. 


" Only the best for my girl", he says smiling back with innocent eyes. He grabs for my hand über the table and sets both our hands of my thigh. 


Then, a girl, who seems to be a waitress, appears, breaking our moment. " Hello, my name is Allison, and I'll be your waitress tonight, can I start you off with anything?", she asked super peppy. She had long blonde hair, that was braided off to the side and wrapped into a messy bun on the side. Her eyes were a deep blue, and she was wearing a outfit, with a little name tag at the top. Her outfit was a pair of jeans, a tight-fitting shirt, with a red apron over. 


" well.... I'll have a margarita, with extra salt in the side", I says putting the menu down. She scribbled something on her little notepad, and turned towards Niall. 


" Same for me", he said smiling and putting his menu down as well. 


She continued to write, and then left quickly, retrieving our drink order. I looked back into his eyes and tried to restore the perfect moment. He looked at me, taking in all of my features. 


" I love you", he whispered smiling widely. 


" I love you, too", I say back, thinking about someone else as I say it. 


No, I thought in my head. Stop it! I don't love Harry, Niall is the one for me. I need to move on, and stop holding onto the past, but Harry is the first one I ever really loved, and it's really hard to forget that. I felt my cheeks getting hot and I felt my body get sweaty. 


" I'm gunna go and get some fresh air",I say to Niall pulling away from him. I push out my chair and make my way to the front entrance. As I make my way back, I feel Niall watching me from behind. I swing the door open and step out into the cold air. My legs immediately freeze, and my bare arms start goosebumps. I make my way to an open bench outside, noticing its really uncomfortable to stand I these heels. 


" Hi", I hear a soft and familiar voice say beside me. 


I turn my head and see the boy I would least want to see right now..... Harry. 


" Hi", I say back shyly.


" What are you doing out here?", he asked looking into my eyes " you look cold", he continued touching my bare arms.


" I needed some fresh air", I say thinking that he is the reason I'm out here. 


" do you want my jacket?", he asked pulling it off if him. 


" no, no, Im fine", I say declining his opportunity.


"Ashlynn, I just want to say, you look absolutely beautiful tonight", he said making me feel weird as he put his hand on my leg. 


" thanks, not too bad looking yourself" I say back smiling at him.


" I can't do this anymore", he said starling me , as he got up from the bench and paced in a circle, as he put both hands on both his temples. 


" Ashlynn, I don't know how to say this, but you can't be with Niall, ", he said making my expression change completely. 


" you can't just come over here, and tell me who I can and

can't date!", I said   Becoming a little defensive. 


" He's just not right for you!", he said raising his own voice as well. 


" Then, who is?", I say confused. 


" Me", he said removing his hands from his head. 


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