Ashlynn Brooksfield a non typical 18 year old , who's constantly Skiing to take her mind off
Of her horrible family that separated when she was 1 would have never guessed that she would met
Someone she would think about living her life with
Somewhere so familiar. Though life is hard for her she meets someone
Who makes her feel like she has a reason to live.


12. Different

Ashlynn's POV

My eyes open quickly and my head is resting on Harry's warm chest delicately. " Harry", I whisper into his ear wanting him to wake up. I could feel him move slightly under me. 


"Good morning Beautiful" he whispered back in my ear stretching and letting out a big yawn. I remove my head from his chest and sit up in my bed. 


" Morning" I reply back getting up from my bed forgetting about my badly hurt ankle. "Damn", I yelp falling onto my carpet. 


"Ashlynn, you have to take it easy", Harry said appearing at my side. He lifted me up again and set me on my bed, right where I started. 


Harry now got ontop of me and started coming down on me. He pushed his lips against mine and I ranked my arms around his neck. He started kissing my neck leaving trails among my neck before I pulled away, stopping the kiss.

"I'm sorry, but I don't want our first kiss to be like this", I said feeling a little embarrassed but glad I spoke up


"It's ok, I understand", he said getting off of me. 


All of all, my door swung open and Brooke stood in the doorway wearing a some sweats and a tshirt with a bunch of stains on it. "Oh, I didn't know we had a guest" she said smiling politely at Harry as he did the same. 


"Brooke, this is Harry, Harry, this is Brooke " I said letting them exchange handshakes. 


"Will you be staying with us for breakfast" Brooke says starring directly at Harry. 


"No, Actually I was just going, I've got some plans today", He said shaking off the offer. 


"Are you sure?" I ask him with beg in my tone. Brooke walks out of the room not wanting to interrupt us. 


"If I could, I would" he replies as he takes a pen out of his cost pocket and grabs my Hand lightly. I looked down at my hand to see his number printed neatly on my hand. 


"Thank you, for everything" I say as he gives me a goodbye hung wrapping his arms around my waist. 


" No problem" he says doing that whisper-in-ear-thing that I love so much. 


I watch his car pulls out our drive way and around the block stretching out of sight. 


"Why didn't you tell me" Brooke says outside of my door scaring me to death. 


"About Harry?" I question


"Yea, duh", she says making me feel like a complete fool. 


"We're not even together", I said anger filling me a little. 


"You can not tell me that you didn't do something last night", she says raising an eyebrow at me.   


"We didn't" I say getting a little bit mad that she didn't believe me. " Me and him, Were different" I say. Smiling. 





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