pauls daughter (louis tomlinson love story ) ON HOLD

what if there was no Eleanor calder and Isabella was Harry best friend and Pauls daughter and Louis falls madly in love with her and he'd do anything for her but Paul dosnt think he'd could he thinks that Louis is just another one of those boys that will break his daughters heart can Louis prove him wrong find out here


19. its everything about you

                                         isabellas pov 

                       "hey babe" louis said walking in and kissing my forehead. "hey love" i said to him as i  got up and grabed my cloths since we were all fixen to go back to england and dad was leaveing  the house to my twin brothers."ill be right  back louis" i said "mkay love" he said with a half eaten carrot in his hand. i giggled and went to go changed into this outfit

i walked out to hear him on the phone 

"{yes daisy im bringing her to see you" he said since it was on speaker phone i heard his sister say. "yeah lou i cant wait to see my sister in law is she pretty like in those photos" she asked  he smiled when he saw me "even way more bueatiful i have to go were fixen to go to the airport" he said  similed and kissed his chhe as he hung up the phone "so were going to doncaster are we?" i asked "it was a surprise " he said "its ok love i knew you were gonna take me somewhere" i said as he laughed "you read me like an open book" he mummbled "thats so true tomlinson" i said taken out my ipod and listien to music as we all pilled into the car  when niall took my headphone out."whatch ya listiening to tomlinson" he asked when he ut it n hi ear and quickly took it out. "black veil brides" i said smirking as he put the headphone back in my ear i paused my music to hear him say "thats bloody hardcore" he said as everyone laughed at him "youll learn not to take things from her yeah" liam asked  as niall nodded well he learned "yeah but isabella is my everything "i heard niall mutter 




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