pauls daughter (louis tomlinson love story ) ON HOLD

what if there was no Eleanor calder and Isabella was Harry best friend and Pauls daughter and Louis falls madly in love with her and he'd do anything for her but Paul dosnt think he'd could he thinks that Louis is just another one of those boys that will break his daughters heart can Louis prove him wrong find out here


18. hospitals arnt so much fun on your wedding day

                                               Louis tomlinson pov 

                     right now im in the waiting room talking to my mum over the phone since she couldnt make it for my wedding cuz the girls were sick 

 phone conv (l:louis J:Johanna 

L:so mum has the girls 

J:Louis william tomlinson your more worried about the girls then your wife 

L:no mum im just scared im gonna lose her the boys said to get her off ofmy mind so i dont think anything like that 

J: i was fixen to say  you better not mister  your sister pheobe wants to talk to you 

L:put her on the phone mum 
J:ok louis 

P:louis she preacticly screamed in my ear when do i get t meet your wife and the babys 

L: when we cme done love thats are fist sop before going back to london and my wife is your sister in law and you an aunt 

P:i fell old 

L: pheobe your 8 

P:pshhh i knew that lou daisy want to talk to you bye 

L: bye 

D:hi louis 

L; hi daisy how is louis 3 fav girl 

D: whos your first and secound 

L:my wife and my two children 

d:whats thier names again

L:Tommy William Tomlinson and Lucy  Elisabeth Tomlinson 

D: *giggles* Tommy has your middle name boo bear

L:well izzy did come up with that idea 

D: i cant wait to meet her in person 

L: im fixen to say you meat her over skype but i forgott  Fizzy Lottie and mum met her in person  not you and pheboe 

D: silly gosse i have to go mum said to hang up the phone dinners ready good bye louis 

L:bye daisy send hugs to eveyone can you do that 

D:sure can bye she said and hung up the phone 

end of convo 

   "louis the doctor came out shes fine Pauls back there with her he said you were smileing while talking to your family so he said not to mess with you "niall said "thats fine mate what room number" i asked "1224"he replied i smiled and ran to that room i peeked trough the door to see her and her daddy speaking."if im interupting a talk il come back " i said  thier attention turned twards me "no im just talking about how greatful i am to have you as a son then her ex's " he said with a laugh i walked in and sat on the bed "yeah and whys that" i asked raising my eybrows "cuz they were punk rock covered in tattos and pirceings and didnt care about me but i have to say im attractive to hot boys with tattos" izzy said "niall dosen't have tattos" i said "i just like his hair and accent and how he can do the irish dance i freak out everytime i saw him do it" izzy said i laughed and kissed her forehead "as ong as your fine i cant be happier then i already am " i said and she smiled "just think im an offical tomlinson now" i smiled you sure are " i said "oh gd who would have gussed my daughter and louis would ge together" paul said then everyone walked in and said "we did" as they all laughed 

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