pauls daughter (louis tomlinson love story ) ON HOLD

what if there was no Eleanor calder and Isabella was Harry best friend and Pauls daughter and Louis falls madly in love with her and he'd do anything for her but Paul dosnt think he'd could he thinks that Louis is just another one of those boys that will break his daughters heart can Louis prove him wrong find out here


13. after dilevery

                                                  Louis P.O.V.

                                      After izzy gave birth to Tommy William Tomlinson she fell asleep I was about to fall asleep my self when the nurse walked in with a little bundal."hello daddy i think someone is really excited to meet you he wont stop kicking" the nurse said as she handed me the little bundal of joy."tommy was wrapped in a blue blanket.I looked over at my amost wife who was sleeping peacefuly I smiled and then looked down at our so."hey Tommy" i said and he opened his eyes he had my eyes.He then smiled at me."you must know my voice huh since i talked to you all the time" i said and countined to smile.I chuckled to my self."i love you little buddy imglad i was here and not anyone else" i said talking to him and he just giggled.Me and him fell asleep in the chair i felt him being took out of my arms I woke up to see Izzy. "did i wake you if so im sorry i was gonna put Tommy in his crib" she said i smiled "its fine princess dont worry about it" i said and she smiled and layed Tommy in his crib."you dont have that bueatiful baby bump anymore damn im gonna miss talking to you stomach" i sad as she giggled."Louis" she said as she looked down at my hand that was bandge up."yes love"i said "what happend to you hand" she asked taken my hand."well when you were sqeezed  my hand you sorta dislowcated it and left my han really bloody from where your nails diged into my skin"  i said "my god  baby im so sorry" she said as a tear slid down her cheek."hey it was worth it for me to be back here with you i wouldnt wanna be anywhere else i i love you " i said she smiled "i love you to boo bear" she said "not as i love you Izzy bear" i said "izzy bear" she asked "dont aske i came up with it i just did" i said and she giggled.

                            Everyone piled in laughing."god damn shhh my child is asleep" she said and growled while everyone stoped everything and louis chuckled a little."sorry bout that mummy bear came out" i said and giggled while everyone gave me a hug."hey izzy why are there two cribs in here" niall asked and me and louis smiled ."because we had twins instead of Just Tommy no one knew but now we got both a lovely little boy and a lovely little girl." i said and my father fainted."great job Isabella you made your own father faint" harry said.I punched him in the arm as louis helped along with Jamie  we all smiled and laughed.

                                       "i just had this wired dream" my father said as it was just me and Louis in my hospital room."yeah whats that" i asked "instead of one child you have two a boy and girl " he said."um Paul that exactly wasn't a dream"  Louis said as i pulled the banket up father since i was breast feeding my child."you got my daughter pregneat and now she has twins" my father said with a slight smile."im a grandfather not to just one cild but two i finally have someone to spoil" he said and gave louis a bone crushing hug" i giggled and then my father was about to give me one when louis pushed him back."shes breast feeding  " louis said "o my god i didnt know ill just go out leave mummy and daddy alone" my father said as he walked out i giggled to my self and Louis chuckled."Parnets" we both said then i said "jinx you ow me a coke babe" i said and he laughed."is Tommy done" he asked i pulled back the blanket a little to find my son sleeping so i ajustied my self and handed Louis Tommy and Louis probely had a really perv  thing runny through he opened his mouth to say it but i shut him up."no Louis i dont wanna know it just go get  me Lucy.He chuckled and went to go get lucy for me  

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