Help Me?

Hi my name is Giavana but call me Gia. I am suicidal. I've tried to kill myself 3 times and failed. I also cut. It's like a addiction and I can't stop. My parents died when I was 5 so now I live in a orphanage where everyone hates me. And one more thing. Music is my life.
What happens when Niall saves her?
What happens when she meets a girl named Sophia? Is it good or bad news?


3. questions

We got in the car and I was so tired that I just fell asleep.

"Wake up we're here" I woke up then got out if the car.

"This place is huge you love here?!?!"I said in amazement

"We'll I don't live alone..."

At that moment we walked inside and I could actually see him. Oh my god! That is THE Niall Horan. And that's what he meant when he said he doesn't live alone. Then the boys came out from the bedroom that they were probly playing video games in.

"Who did you bring home with you Niall?" Harry asked

I started crying just thinking about what just happend.

I whispered in Nialls ear if I can go to bed and he said sure.

*Niall's POV*

I still couldn't believe that I just saved someone from dying. The moment I saw her I knew it was my mission to save her. When she turned around she was more beautiful that I would ever imagine. I wonder if wage knew who I was? I think she does because once we went inside there was light so she could see me. She looked wonderstruck. Then the boys came in and I saw Harry pirk up. I knew that he would have a thing for her bit she was mine. I wouldn't let him take her this time. Then she went to bed. That gave me time to talk to the lads.

"Who is she?" Louis asked

" I was walking and I saw her almost jump off of a bridge." They all stood there in silence.

I broke the silence" I'm going to bed" she was in the guest room. Then I realized I don't even know her name.

* Gia's POV *

I woke up at 6 am and decided that I would make breakfast for the boys. I went into the kitchen and looked for ingretence. I made pancakes, bacon, and eggs. The boys woke up at around 8.

"Who made all of this food?!?!" Niall said shocked

"Not me" the boys said at the same time

" I never thanked you for last night."I said

Liam went up to Niall and whispered "she's a keeper" thinking that I didn't hear but I did. Nialls face turned bright red.

"Well who's going to eat?" They all started getting their plates and grabbing as much food that could fit on the plate.

"Dig in!" I said as we all sat down

"What's ur name?" Zayn asked

"Giavana but please call me Gia."

"Why did you want to jump?" Harry asked. That question was alittle two personal to answer. Niall slapped him on the back and then asked more questions.

"Do you have a phone or clothes?" Niall asked

"No, I didn't think I would be living right now." I said

"SHOPPING TRIP" Louis screamed

"I'll take her, she doesn't need all of the flashing cameras. I can wear a hat and sunglasses." Niall said

"Niall has a crushy-wushy!" Harry said. Niall blushed. He was so cute.

"Ok let's go!"

I already had on skinny jeans so I borrowed one of Niall shirts that was to small on him. It was still huge on me.

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