Niall's Princess - One Direction

This is a story about a girl that might get adopted by one of the most famous people in the entire world.

Niall Horan!

But what if she don't know anything about him and if he don't know anything about her?

I smell troubles coming!


38. The Gig

Niall's P.O.V. 


That evening we had our gig in England. I invited Emma and she said that she'd love to. 


"I never thought when I voted for you on the x factor that I'd end up going to one of our sold out concert. Backstage! You definitely are a friend with benefits" I laughed.   

"You can go with me now. We have to be there soon. Last rehearsals and sound check. Are you coming?" she nodded and walked with me to my car. 


"Guys! This is Emma. She's a friend of mine. She's joining the gig tonight and helping us find Lauren back." I said when I was back home. The boys switched looks and laughed, I already knew what they where thinking. "Don't pay any attention to those. They're really annoying" she giggled. 

"Fan?" Louis asked her and she nodded. "What do you think of a photo?" she got a huge smile on her face. 

"Really? I'd love to. I still can't believe that I'm meeting you. I'm sorry that I didn't voted enough for you to get to the finals back at the x factor but my phone bill was that big that I was grounded for three weeks. My mum wasn't really that much of you because of the money that I spend" we laughed. 

"So that was your fault! Than we have a surprise for you! We owe our career to you. We don't know what would have happened if we didn't got tirth. Thank you for our career" Harry joked and everyone laughed. 


"Shut up Haz. We need to go. Paul is almost here. Just pick your stuff since we're staying at a hotel after the gig" Liam said. I laughed. 

"I'll drive there myself since I need to bring Emma back home. We'll go now. You're just being slow. Come Em we go. Leave those loser here" she giggled and walked with me. 


"You can go now. I'll wait a minute so you won't get mobbed by fans" she nodded and wanted to open the door. 

"Wait! You have to know where you have to go. If you go left you'll see Eric. He's a tall kid with brown hair. He's a security. You'll recognize him" she smiled and left. 

I drove a couple times around the arena and stood still at the backdoor. 


"Niall! I've heard about Lauren. I'm so sorry. Do you have a clue already?" Dan asked me. I shook my head and walked next to him to the door.  

"Not yet. But I'm trying" he patted my shoulder. "I'll see you later Dan. I have to go to a friend" he nodded and left again. 


"Emma! Where are you?" I laughed by the thought that this was a dream for her. 

"I'm here. This is amazing! I love it here and you got to perform here every single night? Cool!" I laughed and nodded.  

"Not every night here. Everywhere around the country. But this is one of the best places since it all started here. It's fun" 

I smiled when I thought back at the x factor memories. Just fun and singing. When the fans came we got happy and we got further and further in the competition. We were living a dream. We still did but it was different. We had more duties but also more abilities. 


"I'll show you around. Everywhere. All the memorable places of One Direction. And believe me, there are a lot of them" she laughed.  


"This! Is the best stage ever! The memories we have here are unbelievable.   

The boothcamp, when we heard that we didn't got trough, when we heard that we did get trough as a boy band, when we heard that we got to the finals and when we heard that we got tirth. And after that our first live performance of What Makes You Beautiful. I still can't believe I'm saying that kind of things like it's nothing" she laughed and run on stage. 

I run behind her. It was funny to see her like that. It was exactly my first reaction when we were back for the first time. 


I showed her everything and when the boys got there she met the other girls. She could get along very well with Eleanor, Erica and Perrie. 

Erika was a friend of Louis and he didn't saw her in a while. She aparently was with us the whole day but I didn't noticed it because I was sad and lying in bed.   

She was very lovely and kind, but she didn't knew what Lauren was for me. Liam told her that she was family, a niece, and she believed it. 


They left to search Lou and Lux for our cloths and to talk while the lads and I had our rehearsal. Louis sugested that Erika could help Lou, she understood our style prety good for a girl. Louis said that she was a bit of a tomboy and that he liked that about her. Not like he liked Eleanor but like a friend. 


It was better. I felt better with Emma around me. I still felt the emptiness of missing Lauren but I also felt another part that was filled. New hopes and new feelings... Love. 


"Well done guys! You can go eat something and then we have a second rehearsal. Niall you're doing great. I'm proud that you pick everything up like this. Just go and I'll see you in half an hour" Alex, our vocal coach said. I smiled and run off stage. I was starving! Don't complain. I'm Niall Horan. 


We ate something with the girls and laughed a lot. Less than usual cuz I still wasn't the old me.   

At moments where it was silence I thought back at my baby. Where would she be? Would she be scared or in pain?   

The boys helped me by not letting silence get back when they noticed it. I appreciate it. They were awesome. I couldn't have asked for better friends. We were latterly like brothers. 


The show went great. I was a more cheerfully then last time and the boys and fans noticed it. 

At the meet and great people asked me why I was down. My answer was "I'm going trough a rough time with my family. You probably won't understand it but it helps me to be in front of you, performing" And it was true. 


"I'll be going boys and girls" I said after the gig. I needed to bring Emma back home, Louis wouldn't bring Erica home since she was staying with us for two more days. I wasn't sure if we'd keep Lauren's secret if she was around that much. Louis was a bit indignand when I said that I didn't wanted to tell her but Liam convinsed him that we couldn't tell too much people everything. 

Erica self didn't noticed that we were hiding something for her, she was glad that she could spend some time with Louis again. 


"Thank you for this wonderful experience. I'm glad that I said yes. You really are as idiot as you were in the video diaries" Emma said when I brought her home. 

"You have seen them? God please no! I was looking horrible back then. My teeth" I sighed. She laughed. 

"You were adorable, my favorite. But I miss the times where Louis wore stripes like every moment of the day. That's a bit pity." I laughed and hugged her. 


"Is this a definitive farwell? Are you just gonna leave me like this was all a dream or are we gonna meet again?" She said when she opened the door, I laughed. 



"I'm sorry but I can't meet you any time soon. We have our TMH-tour through the USA and Canada but after that we have a break. 
I'll try to call you as much as possible and I'll try to find all the information about the asshole. You're sure that you can help me? I don't mind. Just you being here is enough" she smiled. 

"I can try. There is nothing that I want more than bring Lauren back to you. She needs you just like you need her. Goodnight Niall. I'll call you tomorrow" and she walked away. I waved and stared at her. 

She was beautiful and fun, she had a great personality and was cute. Just like my list back at the x factor. This was the girl of my dreams. 


"Nialler is in love! Nialler is in love!" the boys yelled when I got back at the hotel. I laughed but ignored them. I was tired of this day. It was fun, emotional and long. 


"Lauren I miss you. I know you can't hear me but I miss you. More than everything in the world. Get back to me baby" And I fell asleep. Happier than I felt in days.  





 Hey everybody! Im sorry but this is pretty much a filler chapter. Next chapter will have some drama in it again, maybe Niall finds a way to Lauren again or he asks Emma to date him, or maybe even something more dramatic. But anyway, this chapter was boring and I know that too... Please forgive me and keep reading because next chapter will change some lives xD


Xx SummerxLover

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