Niall's Princess - One Direction

This is a story about a girl that might get adopted by one of the most famous people in the entire world.

Niall Horan!

But what if she don't know anything about him and if he don't know anything about her?

I smell troubles coming!


21. Talks

Lauren's P.O.V.



Nana was really sweet. She treated me like I was her granddaughter for like forever.

"So Niall what was your plan for the next days?" Granny asked dad.


"Well we have a gig in four days and after that we have our Tour trough the USA and Canada. But I wanted to spend much of the time we have now with you and Greg." he said. I smiled. "So we spend four more days with granny and uncle Greg?" "Only if you want to baby"



"Of course I want to. I love granny and uncle Greg! Just as much as uncle Harry and Louis and Liam and Zayn." I cheered. Granny laughed because of my reaction "You're so adorable." she hugged me.

"What are we doing with dinner? Shall we invite Denise as well? I bet she wants to know you Lauren." Uncle Greg said. "Who's Denise?" I asked them "That's my wife. So your aunt. And soon you'll have a cousin." I looked confused "Denise's pregnant. In a few months I'm a dad as well." Greg explained.


"I think that it's a good idea to invite Denise." granny said. "Greg can you order Pizza and call Denise. Mum can you show Lauren her room? I have something to discuse with Greg. It won't take long" Granny nodded and took me upstairs. My room was a little room with a twinsice bed.


"I'm sorry but I didn't expect this to happed soon. I hope it isn't a problem for you to sleep with Niall" I smiled weak at her "It's no problem" and I hugged her. "Why did I deserve that?" she said happily. "Because you're the best granny ever. I love this family!" I cheered. "I like to hear that sweetheart. I love this family to. And granddad will be here after diner. Work run a bit late." she kissed my head and helped me with my suitcase.


Nial's P.O.V.

"So what's the thing you want to talk about?" greg asked. "Well... Yesterday I met somebody when I lost Lauren in the Primark" "You lost her? Gosh I can't wait to see mum's reaction when she hears this" He laughed. "I'm not going to tell her and so do you because other wise I have some things I can tell Denise too. But focuse man. That's not the point" Why couldn't he focuse for once?


"Well right man I won't tell mum about it. But what's about the girl?" he asked. "Well... she found Lauren and helped her finding me back. And after that I thanked her by taking her out for a drink. And I think that she didn't recognized me and we laughed a lot and I think I'm fallig in love. We got each others numbers and we kept texting and I don't know what to do." He looked confused.


"What's that hard? Just ask her out!" he didn't understand "The hard part is that I don't know how she's going to react when I tell her about One Direction.

This is just the same as with Lauren, I was afraid to tell her as well and she ended up being mad and disappointed. I don't want her to be like that. And she's really great with Lauren too and after that Lauren asked me if I loved her. I don't know what to do big bro." I sighed.


"Just tell her. If she loves you too than it isn't a problem. Just ask her on a date and tell her. Don't worry lil bro" he patted my shoulder and I smiled. I knew he was right.


"I'll call her when we're on tour. We have a show in London in one week so I can meet her then. Thanks I knew that I could count on you" i smiled. Greg smiled back and after that he called Denise to come to mum's place.

"Yes we want pizza. Why would I call you otherwise?" Greg sassed on the phone while ordering the pizza. I laughed and walked upstairs to check on Lauren and mum. They were talking.


"And after that we went to a cafe and had a drink.

And we made fun of dad. Is that mean?" O no! She wasn't telling this was she?


"No love. I bet that is was just a joke. But that doesn't matter" "Well dad and Emma laughed a lot and I really like her. She's almost as sweet as you are granny. But Uncle Harry and Uncle Louis are being mean to him. What if he won't see her again because of them?" I heard the panic in her.voice. "Don't worry. Harry and Louis just are like that but that won't refuse him for seeing her if he wants. But don't get to much hope. You can't force people to love eatch other." I smiled and checked my phone.


1text from: I found your daughter, Emma ;)

Hey Mistersexy.

I hoped that we could meet any time soon. I don't know anything about you. How's Lauren?

See you soon mistery boy xx Emma ;)


I smiled when I read it. Yes... I do like her. And in less than one week I'd tell her everything.

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