Niall's Princess - One Direction

This is a story about a girl that might get adopted by one of the most famous people in the entire world.

Niall Horan!

But what if she don't know anything about him and if he don't know anything about her?

I smell troubles coming!


9. Now I Am Home

Lauren's P.O.V.


"Lauren, wake up. We're home." I heard Niall. 

I was wide awake. Home!  



"Home? Where are we by the way?" I asked. The boys laughed. "We're in London. This is our apartment. We live here together. But Zayn is going to move out next week. He's going to live with his girlfriend. And Louis... He's sleeping everywhere. He has his own apartment but he likes it here." Niall said.


"London? For how long have I been sleeping?'' I asked. If we were in London than that must have been a hour at least.  



"One hour. We let you sleep when we put your stuff in your room. It isn't finished yet. But I didn't thought that I'd come home with you by now. I thought that I had to search for the best but I found it right away." I blushed, why was he so sweet and kind to me? Why did I deserve that?

"Come I'll show you your room. We can order pizzas and than you can go to bed." I smiled. I loved pizza. Did he knew that?


"Okay... That would be nice. Thank you." I said and I got out of the car. The apartment was really big. I thought that the orphanage was big (and that was for twenty-five children and six workers) but this was huge like a villa. But even that was smaler than this. 

And only the five boys lived here?



"Come, this way." Niall walked to the house. How could they afford this? We crossed the living room and the kitchen and went upstairs. There were three doors and another stair.

"I'll show you everything." Niall said. "This door is for Zayn's room. The other one is the first bathroom and the thirth room is Harry's. We've to go upstairs. There's your room. Come." What did he mean with 'first' bathroom? Did they have more than one? 

"This one is mine. Louis' is next to mine and the one next to that is yours. Next to your room there is another bathroom." He said. I walked to my room and was shocked. "But... This is enormous. I'll only use half of this all. And... Where's Liam's room?" I said. I realized that he hadn't mensioned Liam.



"That's a bit complicated. He and his girlfriend broke up a couple of weeks ago. He lived there and now he's going to have Zayn's room. Until now he slept in your room but he said that he wouldn't mind sleeping at the couch. It's only for one week. Than Zayn is gone and Liam has his place to sleep.'' Niall said.



"I can sleep on the couch as well. I mean, it's his house and I'm the new one here. I don't mind. I love the fact that I can stay here. So please he can have it." I quick said.  

Liam didn't had to sleep there if there was an empty room. I could sleep on the couch. That was bigger than my bed was at the orphanage. So that wasn't the problem.

"No! I can't let you sleep on a couch. That would be mean. Liam don't mind." he said. "But..." he didn't let me finish my sentence. "No buts Lauren. It's your room so you can sleep there." he comanded playfully. I gigled. "So you think this is funny don't you? Than wait there so I can get you and tickle you till you surender." he said and i run away.


How could he do that? I mean i told myself not to get so well with people before I knew them better but with Niall? He was nice and made me feel safe. He cared about me and asked what I thought. And I never had heard that partens aksed a child if they wanted to be adopted. I loved him He was my daddy and I was happy with it.


"Please don't... Louis help me? Daddy is going to tickle me!" I begged Louis for help. He lauged and said "Well... I think that that's a good idea. Niall I'll join you with tickeling our little Lauren. So you better watch out little girl. We're with two!" and we started running.

I run trough the house not knowing where I was going.

"Come here... I'll hide you. You can trust me." I head a voice. I didn't thought about it but grabbed the hand and followed to I think the garden? 

"So you're safe here. You can hide there in the little house. It's for us to make music but I don't think that they'll search you in there." i still didn't knew who it was. Liam, Harry or Zayn.

"Can you stay here? I..." i didn't want to confes that I was scared but I was. I didn't knew that place and than I had to stay there on my own?  

"Of course I can stay with you. Come i think I hear Louis. Quick!" and he pulled me into the little house.



It was dark... I couldn't see a thing but I had the hand and I wasn't leaving that.



"You can leave my hand by now baby. I don't mind but it's safe here. I'll turn the light on." he said. I nodden but obviously he didn't see that.


"So there we go. Now it's light in here." now that it was light I saw that Harry was with me. I sighted. I didn't want to face Liam now. I kind of stole his room. I felt bad about that.

"What up with the sight? Not happy to see me?" he joked. "No, no... It's not that. I'm just happy that you aren't Liam." wow that sounded rude. "No... That sounds rude. I didn't meant it like that it's just..." "It's just wat? You can tell me." harry said.  

"Well... Niall told me that Liam slept in my room before and now that I am here he can't. And now he has to sleep on the couch and it's my faulth and... What if he's mad that I stole his room?" I said looking at the ground.



Harry laughed. "You think that Liam is mad at you for stealing his room? Lauren don't think like that. He isn't mad at you. I can't believe that. But why did Niall wanted to tickle you?" he said. I smiled.  

"Well... I said that Liam could sleep in his own room and that I could sleep on the couch but than he joked an I laughed and then he said "So you think this is funny don't you? Than wait there so I can get you and tickle you till you surender." an I ran away. He laughed even more.



"You are so adorable Lauren. I can see that Niall wanted you verry much. I think that you're gonna love it here. We may be a bit weird but, hey! This is your family now. And you're gonna love us because we're sexy and cool!" i laughed.


They were cool and I loved my family.

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