Niall's Princess - One Direction

This is a story about a girl that might get adopted by one of the most famous people in the entire world.

Niall Horan!

But what if she don't know anything about him and if he don't know anything about her?

I smell troubles coming!


16. Movienight

Read the A/N at the end please! Thank you ^-^


Harry's P.O.V. 


I thought that Lauren took this whole situation quite well but Niall had other thoughts.


"Quite well? What is your explanation of quite well? She's in shock idiot"


"She's in shock. I think it's best if you take her upstairs and just give her some rest. Just let her think about this on her own" Liam said and Niall nodded.

"Princess it's time for you to go to bed" Niall picked Lauren up and placed her on his hip. It was really cute.



"Perrie you can come now!" Louis, idiot! She hardly could handle this how would she be able to handle Perrie right now?


"It's was really nice to stay in the kitchen for more than one hour. Niall I ate all your food since this is your fault! But I still love you, Irish buddy"

Zayn rescued the whole situation.



"Love not now. We'll explain it when Lauren's upstairs. Don't worry"

"Perrie we'll explain everything later. Is that okay for you? We can do a movie night and you can start without me. I'll put Lauren to bed and come after that. Don't wait on me" Niall yelled and I as usual Louis couldn't shut up



"right I'll call El to come along"

"I need an explanation now! What is going on here? Who is Lauren? Zayn!" I laughed and Zayn pulled Perrie on his lap.



"Still remember that Niall was talking about adopting a kid?" she nodded and Liam continued.

"Today he got to an orphanage with Louis and he met Lauren" Louis told what happened there.

"She's like a little angel and Niall loved her directly, love at first sight. We got to know each other better and we liked her more and more"



"When we had to go to the shoot we talked about it and Niall decided to adopt her. When we got back he asked her if she wanted that. Niall's a dad now" Perrie looked at Zayn and he nodded.

"We brought her here and after that Niall lost her" Louis you stupid idiot. Why did you had to tell that? It's not my problem but yours.



"He lost her? Where is that idiot because I'm gonna kill him" Liam didn't thought and just spoke


"Lou it was your fault as well. You wanted to tickle her as well" Me and Zayn laughed and Louis tried to hide.



"Louis Tomlinson! I thought that you were more mature than that! She's a kid who just got adopted! Idiot" Louis couldn't escape from Perrie's outburst.


"You're so sexy when you're mad. They already got their punishment. Harry saved her and they watched your X factor video diaries. After that she became a bit of a Little Mixer and Niall realized that he couldn't hide our One Direction secret from her" Perrie understood everything after we explain it a second time.



"So Niall is a dad? Does that makes you uncles? If that is so, than what am I?" we laughed and shrugged, no one of us had thought about that. We were uncles.



"I'll go, check Niall. He's been gone for more than twenty minutes. It never took me that long to get my sisters to bed" Louis said and he walked upstairs, he probably did this to avoid Perrie.


"How is your next album going Perrie? It's a hard job making a second. The expectation of it being just as good or better than the first one" Liam asked her and we talked for a couple minutes till Louis came back, grin on his face.

"Guys you have to see this. I was looking for Niall in Lauren's room but they weren't there so I looked in Niall's room-" he got interrupted by the doorbell and being Louis he had to open the door.

"El! Baby I missed you" so that was El. She got here quick. "Missed you too boo bear. It's good to see you again" they walked back, holding hands, and Perrie hugged Eleanor.



"Babe you better not leave me alone with these guys ever again! They're freaking me out! Seriously" everybody laughed and El nodded.


"I'll make sure babe. I'm sorry" I sighed and looked at Louis again. I wanted to know where Niall was.



"Yeah, yeah lovebirds and BFFs I have heard enough for today. Lou continue please" he nodded but couldn't resist to make a comment.



"What's wrong? Want a girlfriend yourself?" I turned my head away. Louis knew that it was complicated. I was kind of stuck in the friendzone. I was afraid to ruin that. Louis was the only one who knew about her. And my mum, she knew as well.



"I'm sorry Haz. Misplaced comment. I understand. Sorry" I sighed and Liam asked Lou once again where Niall was. 



"That's right! I was telling that before" We nodded and he laughed. "Just go upstairs, don't forget your phones and be quiet!" He run upstairs again and we followed him, curious.



Louis led us to Niall's room. He was laying on his bed. Nothing special. Niall could sleep at any time at any place.



"Why the phone? We have more and better pictures of Niall sleeping" Louis shook his head and pushed me in a position so I was able to see the other side of the bed. Now I understood Louis.



Next to Niall there was a little bundle. Brown hair spread on the pillow and arms wrapped around Niall's chest while Niall hold her as close as possible.



"Gosh this is beyond cuteness" I whispered and took my phone. This really was worth a picture. Louis was making photos as well and Liam just shook his head.



"Guys you can't make pictures of them. That's not nice" Zayn laughed and nodded. "He's right boys. Instead of pictures we can film it!" I highfived him and Louis did the same, not letting his phone or Lauren and Niall go.



Perrie smiled and took one picture before quickly putting her phone away again like she didn't did that. El stood there with a facial expression! Damn that was hilarious!


"Boo bear? Who's this?" I laughed and Louis nodded like he just agreed with something in his head, it happened more often. Don't look weird. It's Louis Tomlinson!


"Let's go downstairs again. It had been a busy day for both of them. We'll explain everything there El" Louis said and he pulled Eleanor out Niall's room. Liam, Zayn and Perrie followed closely. I made one last picture and stroke a bit of hair out of Lauren's face. She was adorable. Really...



"I love you princess. I'll be with you forever" I smiled and turned around, paying attention to the two sleeping beauties one last time, before closing the door and walking back to the living room where Louis was trying to explain everything that happened that day to El.



"She's Niall's daughter. He adopted her today" El nodded but I didn't believed that she completely understood this.  


"We're uncles!" Louis yelled and I laughed, Perrie on the other hand didn't thought that this was funny.



"Well Louis if you're a uncle you better can behave like one" El looked at Perrie and I tried to give her the message not to speak of this again but Perrie was still angry.


"Well that stupid boyfriend of yours thinks that it's funny to scare a six year old, just adopted girl with tickling her. Gosh Louis what if Harry didn't found her? What would have happened if she did passed the gates? Idiot!" El looked at Lou with a begging facial expression.


"Lou please tell me that you were more mature" he looked down, why did she even asked that? She knew Louis and she knew that he'd do that.


"I wasn't the only one Perrie. Niall was the one who started. I just joined him and Lauren and I made up. She wasn't angry" El sighed and Lou pulled her on his lap, kissing her neck.


"But we'd do a movie night. With or without Niall and since he's sleeping with his princess we can do it without him. Perrie do you stay?" I said to save Louis' skin. He looked at me thankfully and I nodded. That's what best friends do.



"I think I can. But then one of you have to bring me to the shoot. I have to be there around nine o'clock so we have to leave at like 8.30. Can you make that?" Liam nodded, "I can do that. I don't have much stuff to do tomorrow. I'll stay there as well, just so you have a driver back as well" Perrie nodded and hugged Liam.



"Why do I feel replaced?" Perrie laughed and kissed Zayn's nose "Because you are. If you don't want to be replaced you better can get your drivers lances" he laughed and I walked away to pick a movie.



"No Harry we can't to horror. What if Lauren wakes up and comes downstairs? If she already is over the shock of us and sees Perrie and as well a horror movie" I laughed. 



"Is our little LiLi a bit scared? You can just tell it honest Li. I already know that you don't like horror" he hit my arm and I laughed, not showing that it hurt, a bit.

"I'm not scared and I'll prove it later. Just not now" I nodded and we picked another movie.





If was just a happy, typical One Direction day. A little bit unpredictable, fun, messing around, the girls and well. Niall's a dad now, we're uncles and well. I think that Lauren's our reason to become more mature.



A/N: Hey guys! You are amazing, almost 300 reads! Can you please check out my other story? It's called: "Family Changes" 


I hope you liked this update too! 


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