Niall's Princess - One Direction

This is a story about a girl that might get adopted by one of the most famous people in the entire world.

Niall Horan!

But what if she don't know anything about him and if he don't know anything about her?

I smell troubles coming!


23. Important Phone Calls

Niall's P.O.V.

When I knew that Lauren slept deeply I got back to mum, Greg and Denise. My step-dad, Chris, still wasn't home.

"That took a while. Everything alright?" Greg asked me when I was back in the living room.  

"Not quite" I sighed. Mum looked worried  

"What's wrong?"  


"She said something in her sleep. Something about losing us and that she didn't wanted someone to tell us something." I was clueless.

"And you have no idea what it could be?" mum asked.  


"No mum. I only know her for two days. I think that I'll call Irina. Maybe she knows what's wrong with her." Denise stood up.

"I'm going to her. Maybe she wants to talk to anyone. Just let me try Niall. We can't do anything more now. Give me a chance"


"Alright than. Try it, cuz I can't see her like that. It breaks my heart." I gave in. Denise gave me a smile, kissed Greg quick and went upstairs.


"Wait with the call Niall. Maybe Denise can get something out her. And it's too late to call her. Do it tomorrow if Lauren don't want to tell Denise." Greg said when I searched for Irina's number in my phone. "Greg is right Ni. Just wait one night. I know that you're worried but we can't do much now. Just have faith in Denise." and she took my phone from me.

I nodded and got my phone back with the warning that she'd take it away when I wanted to text Irina.


"I think that a movie now isn't the best idea. I can understand that you can't keep your head to it. We wait till Denise's back with maybe some news and after that you better can go to bed. So you are with Lauren when she wakes up. It's fine Niall." Mum told me. I smiled weak and sat down. It seemed like it took hours before Denise came back.


"And?" I asked. "She told me that it was nothing. But when I told that you were worried she started crying and saying that she was stupid because she gave you so much troubles and worries. She said that she'd understand it if you'd send her back to the orphanage. You really need to go to her. No! Wait I'll take her here." and she run to Lauren again.


"Poor child. How does she even get those thoughts?" Mum said sadly. I didn't knew that but what I did knew was that I'd do everything to make her happy.


"Daddy isn't mad at you. He's worried." we heard Denise's voice and some soft sobs.  


"I'm sure baby. You know he loves you. Just as much as well all do. Maybe even more. Don't worry." she walked in with Lauren in her arms.


"Baby girl! Come to daddy. Don't cry. I don't like it when you cry." I said and she climbed on my lap. "Baby tell me. Why are you crying? You know that you can be honest." I said and hold her face in my hands. She was so little, so fragile, so totally mine.


"I... I'm so sorry daddy. You're worried and sad because of me. I can understand if you send me back to the orphanage."

"No Lauren. You don't have to say sorry. And never, did you hear me. Never say something like that again. I'd never send you back there. You're my baby girl. I can't miss you, you're a part of my life" I told her.


"But..." "No buts baby. You're my everything. I love you so much. I can't even imagine myself without you.

So what's wrong? What did you tell aunt Denise? You know that you can tell it to me as well. You won't lose me. I promise you that baby." I rubbed her back and she cried in my shirt.


"I'm sorry daddy. I haven't told you everything about me. I thought that you wouldn't adopt me when you knew it. I was afraid so I lied. I'm sorry dad." so that was the she wanted to tell me and Louis when we first met. I was close. I could almost touch it.


"Tell me now Lauren. I was afraid to tell you the truth as well. I can understand what you thought. You can trust me. You can tell me everything." I had to win her trust back. I didn't know where and when I lost it but I lost it.


"Do you promise that you won't be mad. It wasn't my fault. I couldn't do anything about it." and she cried even more.  


"I promise baby." I said. "But first you have to calm down. Take a deep breath. Greg can you bring a glass water?" And then I felt my phone vibrating. Yes!!!


"Hello..." I said knowing that it was Irina.  


"Yes I'm sorry to bother you at this time, but I have just one thing that I'd like to ask you. Did something traumatic happened to Lauren? Ever? She talked in her sleep and it worries me. Do you have any idea?"  


"Let me think." She said. Mum looked confused.  

"What is this Niall?" mum asked me.


"I texted Irina to ask her about Lauren. You can't expect me not to do anything while my daughter is in panic." I said to her and she shook her head.


"Well... There is something that happened last year. After a birthday party she got back here and she almost wasn't able to walk or breath. I took her to the hospital. Her rib was broken. That's what they told me. 
But that couldn't be the only thing. I didn't trusted it but no one else could help me and Lauren told me that she fell from the stairs but also that is something that I don't believe. Maybe it has to do with that?" She said. This was something.


"Thank you very much Irina." I said and I wanted to end the call but she stopped me.  


"Can I talk to Lauren?" "Sure. Lauren... Irina is on the phone. She wants to talk to you." and I handed her my phone. I couldn't hear very much but still I heard a bit of what she said.

"You can trust him baby. He'll take care of you. Just trust him." Irina told her.  

"I have to go baby. I love you" Irina said and she ended the call. Just ten seconds after that my phone vibrated again. Liam?


"Hey Li? What's wrong? Please don't tell me that Louis and Harry destroyed the house." I said.


"This is way more serious Niall. I called the hospital for a digital copy of her papers since we could lose them easily when we're on tour. They send it to me and when I checked it I found something new" What?

"How is that posible?" "It gets wors Niall. It used to be together with her broken rib." Mum looked confused. I got an idea.  


"Wait a minute Liam. I'll put you on the speakers." I said to him. "Continue." I said after a second.


"They checked her entire body because she" "couldn't walk?" I finished his sentence. 

"How did you know that?" he asked surprised.  

"long story. Yours first." If I had to explain this first we'd be here for 2 more hours.


"Okay but I don't know if you want to hear this Nialler." This was getting complicater with the minute.


"Tell me Li. I want to know it. I'm her dad!" it iritated me that he knew something important about her that I didn't knew.

"She..." He said

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