Niall's Princess - One Direction

This is a story about a girl that might get adopted by one of the most famous people in the entire world.

Niall Horan!

But what if she don't know anything about him and if he don't know anything about her?

I smell troubles coming!


11. I lost her?

Niall's P.O.V.

"Lauren! Come here so I can tickle you." I yelled downstairs.

"Louis what are you doing? Who ate you carrot?" I said when I saw Louis running. He turned around. "No one. I'll join you in you tickle mission. So lets go and tickle her!" and he run to the kitchen. When I was there Louis was searching in the fridge. 

"Lou I don't think that she's hiding in there. You're the only one who does that. But lets search further. Lauren! Where are you? I'm going to find you anyway so you better come now!" I hoped that I'd hear her giggle or something but nothing.

Louis and I searched for her in the whole kitchen. But without result.

"Liam and Harry! They must have seen her!" I said after we went trough the kitchen and the cellar.

"Liam!!!! Have you seen Lauren?" Louis asked. Liam shook his had "Why? Niall please don't tell me you lost her." he sighed. 

"Maybe I lost er a little bit. I wanted to tickle her and she run for protection to Louis. He told her that he'd join me and than she just disapeared." I said and than I realized it. I only had Lauren for two hours and I already lost her. And we were only in the house. What would happen if I lost her at a concert!

"Niall serious! You lost her! Lets find her. She can't be that far by now!" Liam said. 

Daddy-direction modes : ON!!!

"Louis you are going to check to bedrooms. And don't miss one wardrobe. She's little so can hide easely behind clother. 

Niall you'll search in the garden and downstairs. I'll see if she slipped the gates and is on the street." Liam comanded. We all nodded and searched for her.

Behind the couch, the bathroom, living room, everywhere but in the house she was unfindable.

Outside I screamed my lungs out. "Lauren! Baby I'm not going to tickle you anymore. Come here Lauren!" no respons. Harry! Where was our curly one?

I texted him. 

"Haz have you seen Lauren? I can't find her after we said that we'd tickle her. I'm worried. She don't know the ways here what if she's lost? Damn I'm a horrible dad. Nialler"

I hoped that Harry'd answere soon. I got back to the searching.

"Lauren!" I yelled. Where could she be? I searched for almost 20 minutes and than I left.

Back in the house I sat down with my head in my hands. 

Ten minutes later Louis joined me.

"Niall calm down. I don't think that she left the house. She don't dare that. This is new for her." Louis said but I could hear the unbelieve in his voice.

"But what is someone took her? What if someone took her because of us? The fans must have noticed this. I mean they notice everything. Why was I so stupid not looking for her straight away? What will management say if we don't find her? We've searched around the whole building and even in the backyard. Liam said that he didn't saw her since I told her the way. I'm such a horrible dad. What can I do Lou?"

"Niall! Have you found her?" Harry said. 

"Harry! Where have you been? Why didn't you answered my texts? Have you seen.her?" I asked with a broken voice.

"I've seen her yelling that you two wanted to tickle her and I haven't seen her after that. You still haven't found her? She can't be that far can she?" He said and pulled his hair.

"No and I'm really worried. What if somthing bad happened to her? She's so little and... What is she's in pain or wors." 

"Stop it Niall. Don't think like that. Relax and take some food. After than we'll make a plan to search for her again." Louis told me.

"What! I can't eat now! Are you really that stupid! My daughter is missing and you tell me to eat something. Louis I can't think about food now! I want my baby girl back. Now!" I yelled. 

Did he really said that? He really was a stubborn.

"Damn... You really are desperate. If even eating won't cheer you up" Harry said. I.nodded and than I heard something.

"Daddy? Are you alright?" it asked softly. I turned around and run to her when I saw her.

"Lauren! Baby I've been so worried. Please don't ever... ever do that again. I thought that something bad happened to you." I lift her up and spined her around.

"Aren't you mad at me for running away?" she asked. 

"No Lauren I'm not mad at you. Louis and I should have understood that this is all new for you and should have been more carefull. I'm sorry love. I didn't thought that you'd react like that but than again I don't know what's going on in that little pretty head of yours." I put her down and Louis hugged her.

"Lau! I'm so sorry for scaring you. Again. Niall is right. We should have been more mature and grown up. Where have you been? Same for you Curly! You knew this al the time!?! Where have you two been?" Louis asked.

"Well she run to the kitchen with two idiots behind her who wanted to tickle her so brought her in safety. 

We went to the music house and we got to know each other a bit better. And than she told me that she never have seen X-factor so I thought that it'd be fun to let her watch the video diaries. And we laughed to hard to hear you text." Harry said. 

I was shocked. I thought that I'd made clear that I wanted to tell her that all later. 

Louis said " But Haz you..."

"What's wrong with them? They look very kind. And a lot of fun. And I can't believe thst they became first. Do you have a cd from them?" She 

Now I really was confused. Didn't regognize us?

"I don't know if we have a Little Mix cd. But if we don't than we can buy one for you love." Harry said.

"You watched Little Mix's video diaries?" I asked and Harry nodded. And than Liam rushes to me.

"Niall I can't find her anyway. Any luck here? And by the way the fans didn't know anything about Lauren yet. A little bit disapointing from our directioners since they always seem to know everything." He said. I tried to make him shut up but it didn't mattered.

"Who are directioners?" Lauren said "Lauren! You're back!?!" Liam yelled surprisingly. 

She asked again "who are directioners? And why should they know about me?"

"You better tell her now Niall. She has to know it. Or are you going to lock her up so she don't know? Just do it now. I almost said it when we're watching the diaries and had to distract her when the One Direction questions came. She's going to find it out one way or another. And it's better that you tell her everything." Harry said. 
Lauren lost her pasisnce and shouted "What are you hiding from me!?! I wanna know it now!" Everybody looked at me and than at her and back. I sighed and opened my mouth.

"We're One Direction"

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