Niall's Princess - One Direction

This is a story about a girl that might get adopted by one of the most famous people in the entire world.

Niall Horan!

But what if she don't know anything about him and if he don't know anything about her?

I smell troubles coming!


29. Am I A Good Dad?

Niall's P.O.V.


"She's in shock again" Liam said and he was right. I kneeled next to her and looked her in the eyes.
"Baby it everything all right? Breath in and out. In and out" it didn't worked because I heard the panic in my own voice. Liam took it over.  

"Lauren look at me please. Breath in and out. And again in and out." his voice was calm but that didn't worked as well.


"Boys stop this!" Eleanor shouted and we all looked up. "What?" Liam asked confused.  

"You two stop this. She knows how to breath! Just go out all. I want to talk to her for a minute without you" we looked confused but we did what El asked us. She was good at this kind of things.



"Niall I'm so sorry. I am so sorry." Perrie said to me but I shook my head, this wasn't Perrie's fault. 

"It's fine Perrie. This is so weird for her. I hope that El can talk to her." Why was I so stupid. I should have prepared Lauren for this.


"Niall calm down. El can do this." Louis patted my shoulder. 

"I hope so. I'm the worst dad ever!" "You can't say that Nialler. This are situations that no other dad in the world has to face. She loves you so much. Focuse on that" I sighed. "Zayn?" I noticed that Zayn hadn't spoke a word the entire time. "What?"
"You are so quiet." he shook his head. "I'm confused" we laughed. Perrie sat on Zayn's lap quietly.



"You can come again. Me and Lauren had a little talk" El shouted and everybody run back.
"Lauren you're alright?" I asked Lauren worried. She nodded


"Lauren... I'm sorry." Perrie stood next to Zayn who had his arm wrapped around her waist. Lauren shook her head.


"I have to apologize. I was the one who freaked out.I'm sorry" Perrie smiled  


"I have an idea. What if we start over. Like this never happened?" Lauren got her big smile back. "Okay"  


"Than... Hello Lauren. I'm Perrie, I'm Zayn's girlfriend and I'm a member of Little Mix." Lauren giggled "Hello Perrie. I'm Lauren. You're pretty" Perrie laughed and hugged her. "Grouphug!" Louis yelled and that was what happened.


I was happy. The rest of the day Lauren and Perrie grow very close. Perrie told her everything about herself and Little Mix and Lauren told everything about herself and what she did here to Perrie and the rest.


"When we're back in London I can set up a meeting with the rest of the girls" Perrie said and Lauren looked at her with open mouth.

"Close your mouth Lauren. You don't want to catch flies" I said and she closed it quickly.


"Can you really do that?" "Sure I can. So you'd like that?" Lauren was amazed. She was overwelmed. 


"Yes aunt Perrie!" they hugged each other. "I'm hungry!" I complained out of the blue.  



"Dinner is almost ready Niall. Calm down!" mum said from the kitchen. Everyone laughed and I played upset.

"Don't make fun of daddy." Lauren defended me. "But we like to do that Lauren. Please?" She looked angry at Harry.
"No you can't uncle Harry! You can make fun of uncle Louis. Not daddy" I hugged her "You see Haz. You can make fun of Louis in stead of me. Listed to your niece" Everyone laughed and Harry directly started anoying Louis.


"Thank you baby girl. Now he stops annoying me." she smiled "No one may annoy you daddy. If they do I stop them." she sat on my lap and gave me a kiss on my nose. We got several 'awws' from the rest.

"Dinner is ready everyone!" mum yelled and I run to the kitchen. The rest followed me.



"It's delicious Maura. Wonderful as usuall." Liam complimited mum. 

"Thank you hun." she said. After dinner the lads, El and Perrie left. Lauren and I watched the news and after that Lauren left to bed. Willingly!  



"Dad?" "Yes babe." "Never mind" I wanted to know what was going on. "You can tell me baby. Just say it" "Are you really never gonna leave me?" "Never baby. Never" I turned the light off and left.



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