Those Three Words

"Mum can you tell me the story about how you met dad?" My sweet little girl asked. I smiled. "Sure." And so Jenna told the story.
Jenna... a girl who did nothing wrong, and was technically called perf. But when that one person comes in and changes everything. She was doing things she never thought she would. Read to find out what happens.


8. Chp 8

Jenna's POV

 As me, Nina, Liam and Louis walked along the side walks of the fair I noticed it was pretty late out. "Hey Jenna me and Nina are gonna go on that ride, so you two can go where ever," Louis said dragging Nina away. I then turn to Liam.

"So what shall we do?" I asked curiously. "Ferris Wheel?" i suggested. Liam smiled nodding. As we walked people bumped into me so many times. Finally Liam took hold of my hand leading me safely to ride. We stood in the line waiting, and still holding hands.

"So you and Zayn eh?" Liam asked looking down at me. I shook my head. "What aren't you guys a thing?"

"No, he is over protective, Im sick of it honestly, plus he is dating Heaven," I said as we got on. As we made it to the top it was getting colder. I snuggled in closer to Liam. He instantly rapped his arms around me.

"I would give you my coat, but I don't have one," Liam chuckled. I looked up at him, and as he looked down with his memorizing eyes I couldn't help but smile. Liam then leaned in and we kissed slowly under the moon light. I pulled away quickly.

"Uh.. Sorry," I whispered touching my lips. Liam sighed.

"You still love him don't you?" Liam asked. I sighed.

"I wouldn't call it love, just I still worry about him," I said as we started to move again. Liam shrugged. "Im sorry."

"Its fine, honestly, at least you know how I feel about you," Liam said smiling. As we got off Liam took my hand leading me back towards where Nina and Louis were. As we walked up to them Louis wiggled his eyebrows, but I shook my head.

"I think I should head home," I said smiling.

"Louis can take me home," Nina said smiling. I nodded. I kissed Liam on the cheek and waved to the other. As I walked away I could feel the presence of someone. I began to quick walk to my car.

"Jenna?" I heard a raspy voice. I turned to see Zayn with his hands shoved in his coat pockets. I sighed. "Why were you here with them?"

"Cause I can be, plus you don't really need me," I said rolling my eyes. Zayn stalked towards me grabbing my face, smashing his lips onto mine. The sweet taste reminded me why I could never get over him. As he pulled away he sighed.

"Why do you have to be so difficult, I told you I only have eyes for you," Zayn whispered. I just laughed.

"If you only had eyes for me you wouldn't be with miss prissy bitch," I said crossing my arms, which only made Zayn laugh more. "What!"

"You are so jealous," Zayn laughed. I was getting really angry.

"Not any more, I have a boyfriend," I said quickly. Zayn just cocked his eyebrow. "Im dating Liam, now if you will excuse me," I said shoving passed him. I quickly walked back to the festival looking around for Liam. "LIAM!" I cried out. Nothing. I fell to my knees crying, Im a mess.

"Jenna?" I heard a voice quietly. I looked up to see Liam. I jumped into his arms. "Whats wrong?"

"I was wrong, I don't have feelings for Zayn, I... I have feelings for you," I said looking into his eyes. Liam sighed. "Im sorry," I said crying into his chest. Liam just rubbed my back. He lifted me up carrying me out of the festival. I say Zayn not to far away smoking, watching everything I do.

"Are you sure?" Liam asked slowly setting me down. I nodded.

"That kiss, I couldn't stop thinking about it," I whispered. Liam smiled and leaned in kissing me passionately, but the only thing wrong was it was no Zayn.


I spent the rest of the night at Liam's and went home in the morning. I sat in my room reading my book. I then heard a slight knock on my window. I looked over to see Zayn. I sighed. I let him in turning to find him taking off his coat and shoes.

"Uh excuse me but you aren't staying," I said angry. Zayn laughed walking over to me. He grabbed my face kissing me passionately. We slowly walked over to my bed, not parting for a moment. As we fell onto the bed Zayn began to pull off my shirt. Then his. But before he could get to my pants I realized what was happening. I pushed Zayn off.

"What's wrong Doll?" Zayn asked.

"One Im a virgin, and two Im with Liam!" I said angry. I stood up putting my shirt back on. "You need to leave."

"Fine, but I can tell your still not over me," Zayn said putting on his shoes and coat. "See you around Doll." Zayn said jumping out of my window. I sighed. I can't believe I almost did it with Zayn!


From Liam: Hey are you busy tonight?

To Liam: Yeah, my Dad is taking me and my mom out for family dinner.

Which was a lie. My dad really doesn't care, my mom does though. But she and my dad haven;t been on speaking terms. My mom would be home from her work any time, and I really needed to talk to her.

From Liam: Oh, okay well maybe next time, my mom really wants to meet you

I sighed. A broken girl is what she probably doesn't want her son to date. I heard the front door open. I ran out of my room to find my mom taking off her coat. "Hey sweet heart," My mom said smiling.

"Can we talk?" I asked walking over to the living room. Mom nodded following me. We both sat on the couch facing each other. "Okay, so I fell for this new kid, he is a bad boy, but now he is dating some other girl and keeps telling me he only has eyes for me, and so now Im dating his friend, but I still have feelings for the other guy."

"Wow, thats alot fro someone who has never dated," my mom said sighing. "So your dating a guy your not even in love with?"

"No no! Im in love with him, its just the other guy makes me forget Im dating him and steals my heart." I said in aggravation. My mom sighed.

"Well try to concentrate on the boyfriend you have now, maybe invite him over for dinner, but just try to keep your distance from the other guy," My mom said kissing my head. "Dinner?" I nodded. My mom walked into the kitchen.

"If only i could ignore him," I said sighing.



NOTE: Hey sorry its short, thought you all deserved a chapter, Im have been super busy with Show Choir and Basketball and now track, So we had no school today so I thought I would type for you. Love you all! ~Mystery_Horan_Girl


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