Those Three Words

"Mum can you tell me the story about how you met dad?" My sweet little girl asked. I smiled. "Sure." And so Jenna told the story.
Jenna... a girl who did nothing wrong, and was technically called perf. But when that one person comes in and changes everything. She was doing things she never thought she would. Read to find out what happens.


11. Chap 11

Jenna's POV

After I spent half my day with Louis and Harry I decided to take a nice walk around the park by myself

"Jenna?" I heard a voice ring from not that far. I turned to see Zayn leaning against a tree.

"Yes?" I asked crossing my arms. Zayn just smiled

"So you were hanging out with Louis and Harry eh?" Zayn asked raising an eye brow

"They didn't try anything if that's what you are trying to ask," I said beginning to turn around.

"That's not what I asked did I?" Zayn said following me.

"No, but I assumed," I said in a low whisper.

"Well I guess we need to start going out with each other again cause your forgetting what I'm like," Zayn said smiling.

"How about no, Zayn do you remember what you did?" I asked facing him.

"Yeah, I made sure we were both single,duh," Zayn said smirking. I just walked quickly.

"Call me when you grow up," I yelled walking away.

"I will," Zayn yelled, and I knew he was being sarcastic.


When I got home I called Nina and asked her to come over. As I waited I continued to get texts and calls from Zayn but I just ignored them.

"Hello?" Nina yelled walking up the stairs. " you rang?"

" I did, and it's important," I said as Nina threw eh cost on my chair.

"Well spill!" Nina said plopping herself down. "I want to know!"

"I spent the night at Louis with Harry, and I'm pretty surge Harry is hitting on me," I said smiling.

"Omg Harry is so fricken hot," Nina said fanning herself. I nodded. "He is so gonna ask you out."

"I'm not sure, I might have imagined it," I said shrugging.

"I don't think so, it's hard to imagine a hot guy not flirting," Nina said smiling, "and all you have to do is flirt back."

"Oh no no no, I can't flirt," I said shaking my head. "Especial on a hot guy."

"Jenna all you have do is smile and bat your eyes, it's that simple," Nina said rolling her eyes.

"Yeah but then I come out as stupid to him and I think he likes me just the way I am," I said lifting my chin.

"Wow, Jenna that might just be the cheesiest thing you have ever said," Nina said laughing, "now come on, we are gonna buy you a cute out fit."


It was finally Monday and I had bought a cute dress with navy blue and white stripes. As I approached Louis' locker I noticed Harry standing there. Great I have the nervous butterflies.

"Morning Jenna," Harry said smiling, " you look stunning."

"Thank you, your not so bad yourself," I said tugging at the end of my dress.

" we are almost matching!" Louis aid with excitement. As he slipped off his coat I notice d he was wearing a stripe shirt.

"That's cute, but I think Jenna pulls it off better," Harry said as Louis shut his locker. "Plus she is a girl so."

"Yeah what ever, " Louis said as I got over my giggling fit.

"Well now come on we are going to be late for class," I said walking in between Harry and Louis. And right before we walked into class I saw Zayn.

And the disgusting look he had.

Note: hey everyone, I haven't typed forever. I just got my new phone (iPhone 5c ) and so I typed this whole chapter on my phone. See you all soon! ~ mystery_horan_girl

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