Realistic Resolutions

A list of 5 realistic New Year's resolutions that are life changing.


3. Second Resolution

   The second resolution is also inspired by dogs. This one is again very easy to keep and will very much improve your life. This resolution is to forget what you were doing and take a nap whenever you feel like it. Napping when you want helps your mood for multiple reasons. One, you are doing what you want which automatically makes you happier. The next is that you are more cranky when tired. If you take a nap whenever you are tired, you reduce your crankiness, therefore making you happier. Sleeping more also helps your immune system function better. A research team took a decent sized amount of people, tracked their sleeping habits, then exposed them to a cold virus. The people who got 7 hours or less sleep on average were close to three times more likely to become sick than those who got 8 or more hours of sleep.
   This one is also pretty easy when you think about it. If you're tired, tour going to fall asleep easier, so taking a nap whenever you're tired can actually be easier than you think. This is why this resolution is a good one to have.

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