The Winchesters; The Detectives Who Couldn't.

Sam and Dean Winchester have been together since... well since Sammy was born. Their mother died from a very young age, and their father abandoned them. They were raised in a home for boys. Now, they're detectives. One day, they get a call of something.. indescribable. The only lead they get is a perky blonde girl from Stanford, named Jessica. Sam thinks she could be help, but Dean isn't too sure, and is distracted by a strange, trench-coat-man who keeps disappearing. This case is something they'd never expected, and opens up a whole new world. (May or may not contain Destiel. All credit to the creator of the title page picture!)


1. Introduction


           Dean and Sam sat in their crappy motel room, on their crappy beds, eating their fast food burgers. It was average for the two boys, who traveled often. The brothers were detectives, and proud of it. Even if the job did have a few... drawbacks. 


"Dean, we got a call." 

          It took a groan and several minutes for Dean to get up and put his monkey suit on. He hated wearing that suit, but he had grown used to it. Sam, on the other hand, liked it. He thought it was the one time people could take him completely serious. He suspected that his long, scruffy hair had given people the impression that he's not a professional. Once he flashes his badge though, people instantly speak to him with at least some level of respect. Not that he liked how people treated him once they found out his profession, but it was all he could get out of some people. 

        They arrived how they usually do. The jet black, '67 impala rolling up, the yellow tape circling the new case. Sam and Dean would walk up, sipping their coffees. (which Sam always found to be too bitter, so he ordered tea instead.) This case was no exception. They were soon met by the coroner, who was standing over the body, which was concealed by the normal black tarp. 

"So, what's the deal here?" Dean would start. Now, this is the part that would always change. Never the same. 

"Well, we found his wallet. It was pretty mangled, but we managed to salvage some information. Zach Johnson, a law student at Stanford. In his early twenties." Dean and Sam were mostly quiet, as they could now examine the body. He was almost completely mangled. It was more horrid than they had ever seen. 

       There was one thing that made the two brother detectives curious. His heart was missing. Normally they handled shootings, stabbings. Not... whatever this is. 

"Shouldn't you call a local person to handle and animal killing?" Dean asked. 

"Well, here's the kicker." The coroner started, looking up at them both. They were both amazingly tall, Dean being 6'2", and Sam at 6'6". "We found human hairs on him, that aren't his. Long blonde hairs, that most likely came off of a girl. There were also human skin under his fingernails, as if he was in a fight before the time of his death." 

             Dean looked up at his younger brother, sighing. 

"Alright, we'll get started." 

         They looked through the entire report in the car, on the way to Stanford, which was just a few blocks down. 

"Well we can't ask anyone if they know the guy, cause the only picture that we have is one of basically a bunch of blood and guts.." Sam almost gagged, but held it in. He took in a deep breath, looking over at his older brother. 

"Well, we'll figure something out, Sammy. We always do." Dean smiled his famous half smile, glancing over at Moose- I mean Sammy. 


                They pulled up onto the campus, looking around. 

"Sammy, can you imagine if one of us went here? Learning how to be lawyers and crap." Sam smirked, huffing slightly, trying to imitate a laugh.  

                Secretly, Sam had always wanted to become a lawyer, but never had the chance. You see, in their family, they were close knit, and his future was practically set in stone. Sam doesn't speak of doing something else with his life to Dean, not since they're last conversation with their father...let's just say they hadn't seen him in a while. 

                 The exited the car, Dean making sure that 'Baby' was locked. (Dean referred to his car as baby, as he was extremely protective of it.) Once they're into the library, a bell begins to ring. Suddenly, a flood of people poor out of the doors, almost running them over. 

"Watch it!"  

"Watch where you're going, buddy."

Sam easily avoided people, dodging them. Of course, Dean was constantly being run into. "Woah!"

             Sam laughed lightly at the smaller girl, with light blonde hair, who ran directly into him.  Immediately, she dropped all of her books and blushed lightly. 

"Sorry!" She squeaked, dropping to her knees to pick up her binders. 

           Meanwhile, Dean was busy trying to avoid all of the students rushing through the hallway. 

"Here." Sam smiled kindly, handing her a thick, black binder. She smiled, small dimpled appearing on her cheeks. 

"Thanks." She took her book from the rather large man, yet she thought he seemed very sweet and kind. She was already running late, so she stood, hurrying down the hallway. "B-Bye!" She calls over her shoulder, in the middle of the now empty hallway. Sam smiled and laughed lightly, waving. 

"She's cute." Dean remarked, making Sammy jump. He spun around quickly. 


           They thought nothing more of the girl, walking down to where they had seen in the profile Zach Johnson's first class was. Dean knocks on the door, and they both reach for their badges. They take them out at the exact same time, flashing it. 

"I'm Dean, this is my brother, Sam. We're here to ask you a few questions about a student of yours, Zachary Johnson." 

           The plump man looks up at them both, adjusting his wire-frame glasses. He had grey, thinning hair, and a button down blue shirt that was one size too small. He seemed quite nervous, being in the presence of two detectives, who were not particularly small people. 

"Oh.. W-Well I must assure you, I have m-many students. Forgive me i-if I don't know m-much about them..." 

"Sir, that's fine. We just need to ask you a few questions." Dean said. He was normally the one to lead interviews. 

"Did he seem.. normal?" Sam asked, his eyes kind and sympathetic. 

"Yeah, he seems l-like a fine kid.. what do you mean, did?"

"He.. He was killed last night. There's nothing to worry about, it was probably just an animal attack." Dean answered. 

"Oh my.. that's horrible!"

                   After a few normal questions, the left the office. 

"Well that was a giant waste of time." 

Sam smirked and nodded.  "Yeah. We should ask a few of his friends, or just ask around the campus, you know?" Dean nods.

"Yeah, sounds good." 


                     They went to a bar that they had discovered the people who went to Stanford normally hung out. The split up, and began asking around. Dean ended up speaking with a rather scrawny, pale kid. Sam was having a bit more trouble finding friends of Zach's. 

               Sam sat at the bar, his eyes wandering. He loosened the tie that hung around his neck, running a hand through his long, messy hair. He sighs, ordering one beer. He looks around, doing a double take when he sees the girl from the hallway. She looks up, doing a double take when she spots him as well. A smile plays at her lips, waving him over. He hesitates, before grabbing his beer and walking over to the table. She was with two boys. A short, plump boy with a mop for hair, and a guy that he assumed would look like Zach. (If you could still clearly see Zach's face.) He had caramel colored skin, and thick black hair. He sat down, across from the girl with the long, bleach blonde curly hair. 

"Hey!" She smiled. "Oh, I'm Jessica. And this is Tommy," She said, gesturing to the plump boy, then to the Zach look-alike. "And this is Jake." He smiles at all of the, quite unsure of what to do in this type of situation. 

"H-Hi. Oh, I'm Sam."  

         After a small moment of awkward silence, Jessica decided to break the silence. 
"So, did you just transfer here?" He shakes his head, smiling a little at the thought. He passed it off as thinking it was ridiculous, but he thought that Jessica could see through it. 

"No, I'm a detective, actually. I'm investigating something." 

"Ooh! That sounds interesting." She smiles, taking a sip of her own drink. 

"So, what are you looking into, detective?" Tommy sneers. Sam pauses for a moment, acknowledging his rather rude tone,  while saying 'detective.' 

"Well, someone from the college was well um.." He hesitates, knowing that this was a delicates subject. "Someone was killed.. Did any of you know a boy name Zachary Johnson?" 

               He could see that their reaction was not... good. Jessica gasped, her hand flying up to cover her mouth. 

"Oh.. oh my god." Jessica whimpered, her eyes now red, wet with tears. 

"You knew him?" Sam asked, looking over at the three. He noticed that Tommy's face was now grim, and Jake looked plain petrified. 

              Suddenly, the two friends look over at Jake. 

"Oh Jake... I'm so sorry!" 

"Were they close?" Sam asked gently. Jessica nodded. 

"They're twins." She replies, her voice catching. 

"Oh man, I'm so sorry." Sam mutters, unsure of what to say now. Jake was purely petrified, so he spoke to the two others. 

"Was he acting.. normal? The past few days, or was he acting off?" Jessica shook her head, speaking for both Jake, and Tommy--who was trying to bring Jake out of his trance. 

"N-No, he was completely fine. He was normal." 

            He asked only a couple more innocent questions, being as kind as possible. It wasn't until Jessica uneasily ran a hand through her hair, that he realized her hair was a perfect match for the ones found on Zach's. Bleach blonde, curly, long. He coughed a little awkwardly, in turn also running a hand through his long hair. 

"If any of you need anything, feel free to give me a call." He slipped each of them a small card, his personal number scrawled across it, along with the work one. He paused for a moment. "And um, Jessica. Would you mind speaking to my brother? We just have a few simple questions that we ask everyone." 

            She nods, standing with Sam. He leads begins to walk over to where he had seen in older brother sitting. 


               Dean had gotten absolutely nowhere with the kid he interviewed, but did in fact, get somewhere with the waitress from the bar. He had managed to get her name and number, and was planning on having some fun with her later on. He had just gotten her number and was watching her slowly walk back to the bar, when he spotted his lengthy brother walking towards him. What interested Dean, was the woman walking behind Sammy. It was the girl from the hallway, he noticed, but also took note of her hair. It looked just like the ones found on the vic. 

             Sammy, like the gentleman he is, pulled up a chair for the girl before getting one for himself and sitting beside her. He looked over at Dean, gesturing to the blonde. 

"Dean, this is Jessica. She knew Zach." 

"Oh?" He leans forward, his elbows on the table. He couldn't help but admit she was attractive, but he couldn't flirt with her in front of the woman he had already flirted with. Yes, out of the corner of his eye, he could still see the waitress. 

          Jessica sniffs in, wiping her eye. She nods, looking up from her hands to Dean. 

"Yes, I knew him. B-But he was completely normal! H-He was... a good friend. Everyone really liked him." 

"Okay. Ma'am, we just need a few more questions." 


           After a few questions that got them nowhere, and the brothers secretly and *cough* 'discretely' sharing the info about the hair, Sam stood. Jessica and her friends had already left, so Sam decided it was time to get some rest. 

"Well, I'm going to go back to the motel. I'll take a cab so you can drive the Impala." He stretches his arms out slightly, before walking out of the bar. 

          Dean offered a small wave as his brother left, his gaze eventually shifting back to the girl at the bar. With a small smirk, he stood, walking over to the bar, checking out her appearance before sitting on the stood. His famous half smile gleamed, as he loosened his tie. 

"So, what time do you..." He began, watching her clean off the pint glasses. He saw her hand, which had a small, of course, diamond ring on her left ring finger. He sighed, rolling his eyes in annoyance. He allowed his fist to fall onto the bar, making a loud noise. "Really? You're married?" 

            She stopped what she was doing immediately. 

"How did you know?" He rolled his eyes yet again, annoyed. 

"I'm a detective, and you're wearing a ring." He sighed, getting up from the bar and beginning his walk out. 

            On the way to his car, out of the corner of his eye, he spotted a man. He was a weird man... His sleek black hair was more of a mop than anything else. He was wearing an old, dirty trench coat, with a shabby suit under it. It was topped with a Navy blue tie that wasn't even tied correctly. Dean glanced at the car, then back to the man. Much to his surprise, he had disappeared. He shook his head, rubbing his eyes. 

"Okay, I'm cut off." He had only had one drink, and had built up quite the tolerance over the years. So I guess that statement didn't really make sense. 

              He drove back to the motel, blasting Metallica and ACDC. He sang along, even though his singing voice was less than amazing. He bobbed his head along, practically throwing his tie off, tossing it into the backseat. Once he arrives at the motel, he shuts off the car, still humming and nodding his head to the beat of the song, rippling through his head. 
             He shut the door with a clang, making sure the prized car was locked. He looked around, making sure that no one shifty was around. He unbuttons the top couple buttons of his white shirt, sighing in relief. Suddenly, he sees the man again. He was halfway peeking out of the corner of the building, his mouth slightly agape. Dean kept his eyes locked on the man, so he wouldn't be able to disappear this time. 

"Hey! You." He begins hurrying to the corner, drawing his gun. A bad habit. 

            He quickly emerges around the corner, coming face to face with an empty alley. It was impossible. There was absolutely no way that the guy could have gotten away in the time it took for Dean to get around that corner. He couldn't have gone anywhere. Dean sighed, replacing his gun. He rubbed his forehead, shaking his head. 

"I really am going insane." 

            Dean enters the hotel room, smiling at the sight of his brother sleeping peacefully, instead of going over the file over and over again. He changes into a gray shirt, leaving his black boxers on. Of course, he was still wearing his golden pendant around his neck. He flopped down on his own bed with a sigh. He closed his eyes, falling asleep almost immediately. 




                With a groan, Sam sits up in his bed, looking over at the clock. It was 7 in the morning, still half an hour before he and Dean were scheduled to wake up. Much to his displeasure, Sam was awoken by his phone buzzing. He grabbed it off of the stand, quickly answering. 

"Detective Winchester." He said, his voice groggy. Sam rubbed his face, stretching. 

"S-Sam? I need help. Please." The voice seemed familiar, but was a little distorted by the phone.. and the sobs. 

"Jessica?" He asks, just now figuring it out. 

"Y-Yes! Please! I have no idea what happened last night, I'm scared!" She sobbed, causing Sam's chest to tighten a little bit. 

             Still on the phone, he made his way out of the bed, doing his best to put his pants on, the phone wedged between his ear and his shoulder. 

"Stay calm, where are you?" 

"I-I don't know.. I think I'm in the woods somewhere." 

"Okay, okay. I'll track your phone, just stay where you are." 

"Wait! Um.. Sam?"

"What is it?" 

"I.. I'm not wearing any clothes." 

           Sam stopped, his jaw clenching. He shook his head. 

"O-Okay.. I'll try to find something for you to wear. Hang tight." 


                   Before Sam left, he set the alarm so Dean would be sure to wake up. He also left a note for his older brother, letting him know where he's at. Sam grabbed one of his flannels and some shorts--the best thing he could find-- and tracked Jessica's phone. He drove to the woods, which eventually he had to leave the car, as it wouldn't fit through the path. He stumbled onto the girl, who was doing her best to cover herself. Immediately, he squinted, looking away. 

"Jessica.." he began. He held the clothes out to her, somewhat awkwardly.  

               He felt her take the clothing, and she let her know when she was dressed. 

"Okay. I'm dressed." She said, her voice softer. 

               He looked back to her. "So.. what are you doing out here?" The shirt hung so low on her, she didn't even need the shorts. He had to admit, she looked quite well in it. 

"I have no idea. I just.. woke up out here. I went to bed, and now I'm here." She looked down, rubbing her arm. She walked up to him. "A-And... this was on me hands." She slid the sleeves up, revealing blood. Lots of it. "And I had to wipe blood off of my face. I.. I think I did something bad!" 

            She began go get frazzled again, tears welling in her eyes. Sam, not having much training in comforting people, much less attractive women, awkwardly steps forward to her. He gently places his hands on her shoulders. "Sh.. it's all okay, you're fine." 


            (A/N: Thanks to everyone who read! Trust me, the next chapters will be much better. :) And by the way, this may or may not contain Destiel. Hehe. This will be heartbreaking, or at least, I think it will. Anyway, I hope you enjoy!) 


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