Little him *complete*

"Daddy, will I see Niall again?" Ciara asked her father, still looking at the place where the little boy had stood a few seconds ago. "I'm sorry Ciara; I'm afraid you won't see Niall ever again..." She kept repeating this sentence in her head; and even after all those years that went by, Ciara still keeps hoping that her dad was wrong.


4. One Direction?


I didn’t know how long I stayed still on the sidewalk in front of the shop, staring at the entrance; but it must have lasted a while as most people had started to bump into me as if I was part of the place. Though I stayed long, I didn’t see them walk back outside. I decided it was better for me to leave.

But as I walked toward my new home, I started to wonder whether I shouldn’t have stayed there. By leaving it felt like I just lost the beginning of a new hope to find my brother. Maybe I should have followed them. And then, what would have I done? I couldn’t really imagine myself tapping on their shoulder and telling them “Hello! My name’s Ciara Horan. I overheard your conversation and I think I am Josh’s aunt because I’m Niall’s long lost twin.” It would have been very awkward and they would have thought I was mad.


I sighed loudly as I stood in front of a massive wooden door; I looked for the key in my bag and opened it. I stepped in, looking with amazement around me. The house had been my dad’s for a short while but he never sold it. It was a bit old and dusty but it would be great to live here. I looked down at my watch; it already was time for me to go to work. I left my suitcase on the floor and walked back outside. Dad told me that where I’d work wasn’t far from the house; he said I could walk to reach the place. He had written all the information on a sheet of paper and I only had to follow the instructions.

After what seemed to be ages, I reached the place. I looked down at my watch: if I didn’t hurry up to find the entrance, I’d be late for my first day. I started to run and looked for a door. Luckily, I found it quickly but as I walked closer toward it, I noticed there was someone guarding the entrance. I slowly walked toward him as he stared intensely at me, which was starting to be freaky.

“Hello!” I waved shyly. “I’m here to start working; it’s my first day and...” but I didn’t finished my sentence as he cut me off, “You’re the new assistant, aren’t you?” I nodded hastily and he let me walk in. I found myself standing in a huge grey and empty corridor. Where was I supposed to go?
Suddenly, a voice greeted me from the right side of the corridor, “You must be Ciara! Welcome at London Olympic Stadium!” A tall man walked toward me and as he soon reached my side, I supposed he was as old as my father.

“I’m glad to meet you! Your dad talked so much about you!” he exclaimed with a deep voice. I nodded shyly as he suggested showing me around. It was my dad who got me that job. He said that one of his old friends was looking for an assistant so that’s kind of how I ended there. To be honest, I didn’t clearly understand what his friend’s job was but it didn’t matter; I had been offered a job and it had been an opportunity for me to come to London. After all, dad was always a bit mysterious when it came to relatives and friends; and I've never asked him any questions.



We finally finished visiting the stadium, which took a couple of hours as he showed me absolutely each and every room there was. We now were standing on the turf where people were putting up what seemed to be a huge stage.

“You’re lucky, you know,” the man, who was called Patrick, told me. “You got hired at a good time; there will be one of the most important concerts of the year tomorrow. You’re gonna have fun AND you'll be backstage.” He winked at me and I nodded shyly before asking him, “Who’s going to perform?”

“One Direction,” he smiled widely. I raised an eyebrow.

“One Direction?” I repeated slowly and he looked at me surprised.

“Don’t tell me you don’t know them?” he yelled. I shook my head.

“Sh...Should I?” I dared to reply.

“You need to go out more often, girl...” he sighed before walking away, leaving alone on the grass.

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