Little him *complete*

"Daddy, will I see Niall again?" Ciara asked her father, still looking at the place where the little boy had stood a few seconds ago. "I'm sorry Ciara; I'm afraid you won't see Niall ever again..." She kept repeating this sentence in her head; and even after all those years that went by, Ciara still keeps hoping that her dad was wrong.


11. Niall's decision


“Hello!” I exclaimed happily as I walked toward Patrick this evening at work. My colleague looked up at me with a questioning look but smiled. “How come you’re so happy today?”

“I met people I hadn’t seen since a long while!” I replied without telling him who they were. He nodded and didn’t ask any other questions but told me we would do the exact same thing than the day before.

I walked toward one of the entrance of the stadium and took a deep breath as the door soon opened and hundreds of girls rushed in. I was ready for it this time.



“Tonight’s show was almost better than yesterday’s one,” I heard a technician say as he walked past me and it made me smile. He was right; tonight’s concert has been great.
Then, I caught a glimpse of the five members walking toward their dressing room. I was about to walk toward them so I could surprise my brother but I heard him yell, “I really need a shower right now!” The others laughed and he started to run away. Maybe I should wait a little longer before going to see him.

“You can leave, Ciara,” Patrick told me a while afterwards but I shook my head, “I’ll leave later.” To my surprise, he burst out laughing and nudged me. “I get it... You want to see the boys, don’t you?” He winked.

“Yeah, that’s it!” I stuttered, faking a smile. He laughed and walked away. That man can be weird sometimes I thought.

I looked down at my watch and sighed. How long should I wait before going to see him?
Suddenly I felt someone tapping my shoulder, making me jump. I turned around and saw Harry behind me who was trying not to laugh. “Didn’t mean to make you freak out,” he said and I waved off.

He carried on, “Niall has almost finished showering. Follow me; I’ll lead you to our dressing-room so that you can surprise him. He’ll be thrilled to see you!” He winked and I smiled widely at him.

“I can’t wait to see him again!” I exclaimed and he laughed gently. We walked for a very short time and we soon reached the room. As Harry opened the door, I heard Niall’s voice, probably talking to the others.

“I think I’ll do it tonight! It’s the perfect day!”

“But why today? After all this time...” But the other person couldn’t finish his sentence as Harry and I walked into the room.

A long silence followed and the four boys in the room stared at me.

“Who’s...” But Niall cut him off.

“Ciara! What are you doing here?” He hugged me tightly and I started to laugh at the sight of his surprised face.

“I work here! Surprise!” I exclaimed and a wide smile appeared on his face.

“It’s amazing! Harry, you knew it?” he asked, turning toward Harry who smiled and nodded.

“It wouldn’t have been funny if I had told you,” I teased Niall.

Then, Niall grabbed my arms and looked at the three other guys who must have been wondering what was happening. “Let me introduce you my twin sister, Ciara!” he told them happily and their eyes opened wide.

“You have a twin?” The one with brown hair and blue eyes stuttered? Niall nodded firmly.
“But we haven’t seen each other those last twenty years,” Niall whispered, a sad expression on his face.

“Nice to meet you, Ciara!” the same boy exclaimed. “I’m Louis and this is Zayn and Liam.” He pointed out the two others who waved, smiling.

“So what did I miss?” Harry asked a short while later. “I heard what Niall said before we walked in.” Niall suddenly smiled. He was about to answer but Liam started to make his way toward the door.

“Where are you going?” Harry asked him. He didn’t answer but winked and they all nodded.

“Bye guys! Niall, I think you took the right decision and I now understand why you said it was the right time to do so.” He looked at me before closing the door. What was he talking about?

“So what decision did you take?” Harry asked again.

Niall kept on smiling and looked very excited about what he was going to say. “I’m going to ask Ali to marry me!” he exclaimed and Harry cheered him.

“It was time to!” he teased him, looking very happy for his friend.

“It’s wonderful!” I told Niall and he nodded. “But did you say it was the right time to do it?” I asked with curiosity.

“Because if I had proposed earlier, my whole family wouldn’t have been there on my wedding day,” he simply answered. Tears started to form in my eyes as I hugged him. “I’m sure you’re gonna be the happiest man alive. I don’t know Ali but you are lucky to have her; she seems to be a wonderful woman.” He smiled.

“She is.” Then, he grabbed his jacket and told us it was time for him to go. We wished him good luck and waved at him till he closed the door.

Soon afterwards, Zayn and Louis left too so only Harry and I remained in the room. There was an awkward silence as none of us knew what to say. I decided it was time for me to leave as well. I told Harry I was going but he held me back.

“Do you want me to show you London around by night?” he asked me, smiling weakly

“I’d love to!” I replied and he smiled wider. “Let’s go, then!” And we walked out.

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