Little him *complete*

"Daddy, will I see Niall again?" Ciara asked her father, still looking at the place where the little boy had stood a few seconds ago. "I'm sorry Ciara; I'm afraid you won't see Niall ever again..." She kept repeating this sentence in her head; and even after all those years that went by, Ciara still keeps hoping that her dad was wrong.


12. London by night


"I love this place," I whispered, looking around with wonder. Harry giggled gently beside me, his hands in his pockets, looking at me with an amused look. We were walking next to the Thames, slowly making our way toward Tower Bridge which illuminated the dark night. There only were a few people walking here as well; mainly couples ambling hands in hands for a romantic walk. We watched them go past us and then we laughed at them a little as we tried to imagine the way they could have met. It was a very nice moment and i really enjoyed spending it with Harry. He was funny and sweet.

Soon afterwards we finally got closer to the famous bridge and decided to sit down on a small piece of turf.

"So what do you think of London by night?" He winked.

"It's wonderful! I'm here since a very short time but I love this city!!" I exclaimed. "This place is great and I found my brother. It's the best week of my life!"

He smiled widely but didn't talk so I carried on, "I still can't believe I found him... We were four the last time we saw and now, we're 24 and he's going to get married..."

Harry looked at the Thames and said in a whisper, "Ali and him have been together since many years; almost seven years. We all thought he would be the first out of us all to get married but he kept saying he wanted to wait for the right time to come. We didn't know it was because he wanted to find you... He has never talked about you, to be honest." He smiled awkwardly.

He lay down on his back and kept talking, "But don't think it was because he forgot you. He must have kept it hidden because he knows that it would have been difficult for you to be known as 'the sister of Niall from One Direction'."

I lay down as well and chuckled, "I didn't think he forgot me. But there was some day I thought I was the only one who wanted us to see again. Sometimes I felt like giving in because the more years passed by, the less informations I found."

"It's great you didn't give in." I smiled, nodding.

"Yes, it is..." I repeated, whispering. "But now I wonder what I'm going to do. Finding Niall was my goal and now that I found him; what will happen next? I will have to get to know him but he has his family and his band..."

Harry was about to reply but my phone rang. I stood up and went away to answer.

"Hello Ciara!" Dad's voice exclaimed. "So how was your day? Did you find the address you asked me to find for you?"

"Yes, I did! So many things happened since you last called me! I met mum and guess what? I have a step-brother called Will and he's 18 years old! It's so unexpected!" I made a pause but dad didn't talk so I carried on, "And I met Niall!! Dad, I found him!" I yelled in the phone as tears formed in my eyes as I thought about the moment I saw him.

"It's good for you, Ciara. You had been looking for him for so long." I smiled. "Did you recognize him? He must be a grown up man now..."

"Of course I did! He changed a lot which is quite normal but there still is something in him that didn't change since our childhood," I whispered.

"Great. And now, what are you doing?" he changed subject at once.

"What do you mean?"

"Well, you found Niall and that's all you wanted to do. But now you have nothing else to do in London. You can come back to Ireland."

"But... why? London is a wonderful place and Niall lived here too so now I can get to know him better! We haven't seen each other for 20 years. Don't tell me you expected me just to say hello to him and then leave?" I replied sharply.

But dad just laughed. "Don't you think Niall has better things to do than spending time with you? He's 24! He has a life and you're not a part of it; don't lie to yourself Ciara." I started to cry. Tears rolled down my cheeks as his words echoed in my head.

"You know it's the truth. You have nothing in common wit him anymore apart from the four first years of your life that you can't even remember. The twenty years that you spent away from each other will never come back; you can't rewind time." I couldn't stand his words anymore.

"Stop! Why are you saying this?! That's not true!" I shouted, still crying. "I know we can make it up for all these lost years! I don't understand why you're like that! That's your son you're talking about!"

"Ciara..." he sighed, "You may not like what I say but it's the truth. Don't you realize that your brother's fans know more about him than you do?" I froze.

"You knew? You knew Niall was in a band?"



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