Little him *complete*

"Daddy, will I see Niall again?" Ciara asked her father, still looking at the place where the little boy had stood a few seconds ago. "I'm sorry Ciara; I'm afraid you won't see Niall ever again..." She kept repeating this sentence in her head; and even after all those years that went by, Ciara still keeps hoping that her dad was wrong.


14. For her own good


Harry's POV

Simon crossed his arms on his chest and looked at the both of us, expecting explanations.

I looked down at my hands but I noticed Niall turning slowly his head toward me. I could feel his stare piercing through me. But a while later, he looked away and spoke with a sharp voice, "I think that only Harry owe you explanations, Simon." He made a pause. "Actually, he owes an explanations to the both of us."

I sighed and looked up at Simon who raised an eyebrow; he seemed to agree with Niall.

"You may not want to talk about it by yourself so just answer my questions, right?" Simon said in a surprising calm tone though I could feel I had no choice. I nodded slightly and he began questioning me,

"First, who's that girl?" I pointed out Niall and Simon rolled his eyes.

"That doesn't make sense!"

But to my surprise, Niall answered his question, "That's my sister. My twin sister to be more precise."

Simon's eyes opened widely. "Your twin sister? Since when do you have a twin sister?"

"Since I'm born," Niall replied awkwardly and it made me laugh. But the look on Simon's face made me stop straight away.

"So, she's your twin," he repeated and Niall nodded. "Why is it the first time I heard of her?"

"Because the last time I saw her, I was four. And I met her again earlier today." Simon nodded and turned to look at me.

"And what were you doing with Niall's sister?" He insisted on the word 'you'.

"I was just showing her the city around. That's all!" I raised my hands. Niall rolled his eyes and spat with sarcasm, "cuddling on a bench really is the best way to show London around."

"But she was crying! What was I supposed to do then, in your opinion?" I started yelling. "I wasn't going to let her alone there and get back home!"

"You could have just talked gently to her to comfort her!"

"But why does it bother you that much? It was just a hug!" I didn't understand what was wrong with him right now.

He stood up and kept on yelling, "why?! Are you dumb or what? She's my sister, that's why!"
 I stood up as well and moved closer toward Niall.

"True. But you hardly know her as you both have been separated for about twenty years! And since she is in London, I spent more time with her than you!"

"Talking about the time you spent with her," Simon spoke as Niall was about to reply with anger to me. "This was the first and last moment you were spending with her." We both turned to look at him.

"I've just been sent those pictures but they will be published tomorrow. And we don't need bab publicity because of you again, Harry." He gave me a threatening look. I wanted to answer back, to rejoinder but I didn't. I knew it would end bad for me if I did so I stayed silent.

"Anyway, we're used to that kind of things." Simon looked daggers at me. "But your sister is not. And her life would become hell if ever they knew who she is. I'm sorry to say this but you will have to stop seeing her. That's for her own good."

"Hear Harry! You won't go close to her ever again," Niall told me with a smirk on his face.
 "You didn't understand," Simon interrupted him. "That's the same for you, Niall." The latter stared at him agape.

"Why?! She's my sister!"

"I know but you said you hadn't seen her those last few years. People would get mad at her, they would think she's just someone pretending to be your sister! She would be told she is fake! Just because they never heard of her as your sister before..." Niall seemed to be on the verge of tear.

"But that's not fair! I've waited so long to see her! And now that she's back in my life, I would have to disappear from hers again?" He collapsed into his chair and buried his head in his hands.

"Why?", we heard him whispering. "Why? I don't want to lose her again!"

Simon stood up and walked toward him. Once he reached his side, he knelt down and said gently, "I know this is not fair but you know the way one feels when one gets all that kind of hate. Would you want that to happen to her?" Niall shook his head.

"But please, can I just tell her goodbye?" he sobbed, finally looking up at Simon. The latter nodded.

"Do it now, then."

Niall stood up and started to make his way toward the door but I stopped him.

"Niall wait! I'll drive you at her house." I first thought he would decline my offer but he just smiled and nodded. And we left the office together.




"Here we are," I exclaimed as I parked my car in front of the small house. We both stepped out and made our way toward the front door, trying not to fall as the lamp street near the house wasn't switch on. Niall climbed up the stairs and rang.

"I hope she's not sleeping," he whispered, mainly to himself. We waited a while but she didn't came. Niall rang again but a little longer this time.

"She may get mad at me if ever I wake her up but I won't move as long as I won't have told her goodbye." But the door remained closed.

He rang a third time and anxiety started to appear on his face. We stayed on the steps a long time but we heard no footsteps behind the door.

But suddenly, we heard someone coming toward us. It was an old man who was walking with his dog. The latter stepped toward the house beside Ciara's one. He was about to get in but he talked to us,

"What are you doing here, lads? You're wasting your time. The girl left the house with her suitcase a while ago. I saw her when I went out." Thereupon, he walked inside his house and closed the door.

"She left?" Niall repeated, shocked. "No, that can't be true!" He stared at me worried but I couldn't deny what the old man had said.

"What are we going to do?! Why did she leave?! Where did she go?!" Niall yelled as tears start to form in his eyes.

All of the sudden, an idea came to my mind. I grabbed Niall's arm and led him back to the car. We stepped in and Niall stared at me wonderingly before asking me, "where are we going?"

I stared the car off and replied,

"We're going to see your mother."




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