sweet dreams

Camila Cabello has a dream. Harry styles can help her get to the dream. but what happens when she has to pay back his way.


10. The Abusement


today me and my girls ( see what I did there ;)) where going to the mall to get our minds off things. Then this guy came over to me. DAMN HE IS CUTE! Then he gave me his phone number. Wow! I can tell this guy is a douche I didn't even plan to call or text him. He kept flirting but I wanted him to stop it was getting perverted. When I got home I was welcomed by a slap "OWH! That hurt, what was that for?" I said. "Hope your date went fine!" Oh! Now I know what happened "I didn't go on a date he was flirting with me." He then pushed me to the ground and started slapping me soon I blacked out.....

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