sweet dreams

Camila Cabello has a dream. Harry styles can help her get to the dream. but what happens when she has to pay back his way.


9. HeartBreak

Camila's POV

" I had a date with Luke at 3pm, but at 10am I went to Starbucks and when I sat down I heard deep breathing I turned around to see Luke making out with another chick" I started sobbing even more. he just hugged me even more tighter. then he picked me up bridal style and carried me to the couch. I saw the stereo and turned it on then A Drop In The Ocean came on, Harry slowly leaned in. I hate when guys slowly lean in to kiss you why don't they just get straight to the point so I closed the gap between us and kissed him roughly. He backed away and said " wow! some one likes getting to the point" I blushed soon Harry came in and brought a bottle of vodka with him. I quickly got the bottle out of his hand and started chugging it down Harry said" well then" I quickly took the bottle out of my mouth and said " sorry, want some?" then Harry smirked and said " ew you put your mouth on it" then I said " well you didn't hesitate on put your tongue in my mouth" he blushed and said " well that was a different situation" I quickly kissed him his smirked drive me crazy. he smiled in our kiss and backed away and said "well some one sure likes making out" "well I also like going clubbing" I said. "sure lets go" he said I quickly go upstairs and dress http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=108379023 when I walked down stairs Harry was already dressed when we walked in the club we ran over to the bar I ordered a bottle of vodka quickly chugged it down surprisingly I finished it in one chug Harry just stood there with his mouth wide open then I said "you better close the mouth before I put my tongue in it" WHAT THE HELL was I saying the alcohol probably is probably getting to my head. I dragged Harry to the dance floor and start grinding on him suddenly I could feel his boner then I said "wow Harry you get turned on easily" he blushed like at 11 we head home we were mobbed by paparazzi asking about drinking and dancing we didn't answer there questions when we got home I took a shower because I smelled alcohol then I realized that I had no towel and I only brought my pantie and bra not the rest of my clothes I mentally slapped myself. I walked in the room hoping Harry won't see me but clearly things weren't going my way since Harry was on the bed looking on his phone when I walked in he smirked and said "I'm liking the view" damn his smirked drives me crazy. then while I was looking for my clothes I feel two strong arms wrapped around my waist I turn around to Harry he said "jump" I jump wrapping my legs around his waist then.....

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