I'm Adopted?? (Book 1 Complete)

A 16-year-old Hollie is Beautiful and Quietly girl, but she is deaf and half hearing for rest of her life. So she like the music, which is she love One Direction, and she can play piano and can sing a little. But she is lucky because she wear cochlear implant on left ear. 4 years ago, She got moved to the orphanage because her parent left her in her own house alone. Then, she thanks god because someone from a neighbor found her and moved her to an orphanage. She has a nice two best friend, which is girls, first girl name is Ellie and the second girl is Emily.. both like One Direction. Suddenly, she got adopted by who? (Read and find out!!!) :D


34. Kendall Jenner??

Zayn P.O.V

Perrie had gone to back on the band, Little Mix, that's what I'm sure. 

She had lots of fun because she was spending her time with Hollie. 

I open my eyes, and I look at Hollie's face who share with me. 

I smile at it.

She's sleeping person, but she looks cute.

I chuckle a little quietly, and I shake my head.

She awake now.

I look at the clock, and it says '6.45 am', I look back at her face.

"What is today, Zayn?" Hollie signs.

"Today's Friday." I sign with my voice.

Hollie groans annoyingly.

"Why do I must go to school?" She signs. 

Someone interrupted me when I was about to say something.

"Zayn, Are you awake?!" The person shouts by downstairs.

It was Louis. 

"Yeah, we are!" I shout back while I look at Hollie. 

"What's going on?" She signs with her worried voice.

I stand up from the bed, and I turn around to see her confused.

The reason that he shouts is, you all know that fact, she's deaf and she can't hear us while she can't wear her Cochlear Implant. 

"I don't know. I'm right back, okay?" I sign with my voice.

Hollie nods, stand up from the bed and she went to the bathroom. 

"Well, Zayn! Come downstairs! We're in the kitchen!" Louis shouts.

"Alright!" I shout back.

I went in the kitchen, and I saw the boys are there, well, except for Harry.

He wasn't there. 

"Where's Harry?" I ask worriedly.

"Who care? Right, here are we. I'm going to tell you all my secret." Louis snaps and explains. 

"... And we are here because..?" I ask confusedly.

Niall nods as agreement, and Liam nods too with his arm crossed.

"Because... I had the call to my friend who is a supermodel in New York." Louis answers.

"Kendall Jenner?" I reply quickly.

Louis nods with his scared face, and we were surprised to see that. 

"Are you crazy?! What are you thinking?!" Liam asks with his mad face.

"But Harry love Hollie. Do you see that?" Niall explains and asks.

"He's never moving on and never stop love Hollie. If he has a girlfriend, then he'll move on and force on another girl." Louis explains.

"What? Who's had this idea?" I ask confusedly. 

"It was me..." Louis answers.

We were shocked together.

Since when did Louis care about all of it?

"When is she coming over?" I ask.

"She's come over on 20th November," Louis answers.

"What's this idea? Tell her not to get here." Liam asks and orders.

He was about to walking away, but Louis stops him.

"Actually..." Louis pauses with his scared face. 

Liam ends to walks away, and he turns around to see him with his angry face.

"Yeah?" Liam hiss.

Louis sighs sadly, and he places his hand on his forehead.

"...Kendall said yes, she would become his girlfriend. I'm sorry, mate." He continues.

"Okay! Fine. Then, let her come." Liam snaps.

"So, tonight is Justin Bieber's concert at 7 pm. Who's going there? There have to one person take one more ticket." Louis asks.

"Actually... It's you!" Liam snaps.

"I agree with Liam..." I say.

"Me too..." Niall says proudly. 

"Alright. I'm going!" Louis replies. 

We roll our eyes at the same time, and we walk away together.


Hollie P.O.V

I walk into the school and everyone talk about Justin Bieber's concert. 

When I reach my locker, I open my locker, and I got my book from my locker. 

The bell ring. 

"Not now." I talk to myself quietly. 

You know why? 


Cheryl stands there behind me. 

"Hollie?!" She shouts. 

I turn around to see Cheryl, and I look down on the floor quickly when she looks at me with her angry face. 

"Back off, Hollie!" Cheryl shouts.

She put her hand on my chin to push me on the wall, and she picks me up. 

What did I do to her this time? 

The tears were about to fell down on my face, and it's now dropping the tears onto the ground.

"You, little bitch, can talk and sing! You're the lead of the drama! (Laugh) But, Miss little bitch, you better to watch your back!" Cheryl shouts.

Someone interrupts her to save my whimper sound. 

"Put her down!" The person cries. 

I look at my right, and I was shocked. 


He has a brown hair back!


Ow, ow, ow! 

She squeezes my chin hard and then she let my chin go. 

I fall, and everything went blank. 

With that, I open my eyes to see a white wall.

"Where am I?" I ask to myself quietly. 

I thought I was alone, but someone was there. 

"You're in the nurse room in the school." The person says.

I look at that brown hairs and brown eyes. 


"I know. What I saw was terrible." He signs with his voice. 

I smile sweetly.

"Well, I'm sorry. I think Cheryl was mad at me because I got a lead of drama." I sign with my voice. 

"Congratulations!" Michael shouts.

He gives me a friendly hug, and I hug back awkward. 

Then he pulls away when we look at each other for a few minutes, and he was about to lean in slowly, but someone opens the door.

The person put it hand on Micheal's face, and I turn away to see the person, and it was... 

I was shocked, and Micheal was shocked too. 

"Louis?" We call in the union.

"What are you doing here?" I sign with my voice. 

"I went to pick you up, and we were going home, Hollie." Louis signs with his voice.

"Okay! I..." I sign with my voice. 

I look at Micheal and Louis at the same time. 

"Oh, this is my friend, Micheal." I sign with my  voice,

"Oh, that explain to me that you was about to kiss her and, boom, break her hearts." Louis starts to tell. 

"Hi, Louis!" Micheal says nervously.

I look at them at the same time. 

"Okay! What going on with you two?" I sign with my voice. 

"I had to date his girlfriends, and I'm never stealing his girlfriends! It's not my fault!" Micheal shouts.

"I don't think so! Explain this!" Louis shouts back. 

"Lots of your girlfriends had been asking me to go out with them! How should I say no to them?!" Micheal shouts back.

"Now, that's not funny to kiss her!" Louis cries. 

I feel like stress takes over my body. 

"Guys, calm down..." I say as I stand up. 

I feel dizzy as I faint! 

Luckily for me because Louis catches me. 

"Whoa!" Louis says. 

"Harry..." I call softly. 

I can't believe it. 

I'm just saying it... 

"Hollie! Woke up!" Louis yells.

I was awake, and I was shocked as I sat up on the bed quickly. 

While I sat up, I saw a person who has a Lonely green eye. 

It was Harry!  

"Harry?" I call confusedly.

I put my hand on my forehead, and I groan. 

"Ow..." I whisper. 

"Yes, Hollie! I'm here." Harry signs with his voice. 

"Why are you lonely?" I sign with my sad voice.

Harry was shocked when I say it. 

"How do you know about that?" He signs with his voice. 

I sigh sadly. 

How should I know about that? 

Well, I can see his body language, and his emotion as well. 

"Since my birthday until now. I thought I might leave you alone." I sign with my voice.

Harry looks at me with his confused face. 

"So, that's why you were walking away from me." He signs with his voice. 

"Ahem." That was Micheal.

I turn away from Harry's face, and I look at Micheal's face. 

"Hmm..." I say. 

"What about our lunchtime?" He signs with his voice.

"No, thanks. I'm not hungry." I sign with my voice. 

"Well, I have to go." Micheal signs with his voice. 

With that, he starts to walks away, and he's gone.

"Are you sure about that?" That was Harry asks. 

I start to walk away, and I wasn't looking at him as Harry sighs sadly. 

"Hollie?" He calls softly.

I stop to walking away, and I turn around to see them. 

"Louis, why not you stay outside and waiting for me?" I sign with my voice.

"Well, Alright!" Louis says. 

I nod, and I smile sweetly. 

"I'm just... (Sigh) I don't want to take too much drama between us." I sign with my sad voice.

"So, I like you as a friend, but I can't take it anymore!" Harry signs with his voice. 

I was about to say that I'm Cinderella, but I couldn't.

That's too hard! 

"I know! You love me as you care about me! Really? I'm beautiful?!" I sign with my yell voice. 

"How-" He stammers.

I interrupt him.


Should I say? 

"I'm..!" I continue. 

I turn around, and I run away from him before Harry shakes his head quickly and he shouts something to me.

"No! Impossible! You're Cinderella?!" He shouts. 

"Hollie?!" Louis calls. 

I run, and I run from outside of the school. 

I don't know where to go, but I guess I know the way to school.

When I arrive home, I open the door, and I run to my room. 

I don't care who call my name, but I just run to my room, I open the door, and I slam the door hard.

With that, I move to my bed, and I jump on it until... 

Someone knock on the door. 

"Hollie, it's Liam..." The person says. 

I say nothing. 

"May I go inside?" Liam asks. 

Still, say nothing. 

"No? Okay! I'm coming in." He says. 

He opens the door. 

"Oh..." He says. 

He walks to where I sit up while I sit up.

"I wasn't crying. I'm just... in a bad mood." I sign with my voice. 

Liam sits next to me. 

"So, I heard. Now Harry was in a bad mood too, and you should go to a concert on 6 hours later. You have to be ready for Justin Bieber's concert at 5 pm." He signs with his voice.

"What should I do now?" I sign with my voice. 

"Nelly is free, and everyone is free." Liam signs with his voice. 

"Oh..." I say sadly. 

I want to know what if Harry wants to love me.


4 hour later,


"Louis?" I call. I knock on his door. 

"I'm coming..." Louis says. 

Finally, Louis came out of his room for a few minute later. 

"I'm ready," Louis says.

"Come on!" I say. 

I walk away, and Louis walks with me to get outside as I sigh sadly. 

Since when do I need to get some fresh air?

I chuckle a little, and I sigh happily. 

"Hollie?" Louis calls. 

I walk away to get in his car and Louis catch up with me. 

"Nothing!" I say.

He sits front seat, and I sit back seat. 

Louis drives to Nelly's house, and he picks her up as I sigh sadly. 

"I'm so excited." I talk to myself.

"Yeah, you should be," Nelly says. 

We arrive at Justin Bieber's concert, and it was... 

I look at a little clock on the car. 

It said, "6.45 pm."

We arrive that concert too early. I got out of the car, and I close the door, Nelly got out too, but not Louis. 

"You coming?" I sign with my voice.

"Louis is not coming with us, so it was you and me..." Nelly says. 

"Okay!" I say. 

We went to Front Row seat. 

"It is so excited." I sign with my voice.

"Yeah..." Nelly says. 

Everyone arrived at 6.57 pm. 

"I have to go because I need to buy water!" Nelly shouts to me because everyone talks too loud.

"Okay!" I shout back. 

"OKAY!" Nelly shouts. 

With that, she stands up, and she walks away to leave me alone. 

What's going on?

It was 7 pm, and the countdown is on. 

It was 15 seconds to start. 

Nelly arrive at where I sit, and she sits next to me. 

"Well!" I shout. 

"Whoo!" Nelly shouts back.

"Well, Nelly!" I shout as I roll my eyes. 

It was so exciting! 

"7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. JUSTIN BIEBER!!!" People count down. 


Justin pops up, and he stands there as we were screaming.

"Good evening, everyone!" He shouts. 

"Good evening, Justin!!!" We shouted in the union. 

The music was starting now. 

I know that song.

It was Beauty and a Beat.

After the song end, he just looks at me, he gives me a flirty smile, and he waves his hand at me. 

"Did you see it?!" I shout. 

"Yeah, I think he likes you!" Nelly shouts back.

2-hour later,

"The last song is for that girl..." He says. 

"Oh, my God! He was talking about the song, One Less Lonely Girl!" I shout. 

I scream so loud!

Then the two guards took me to went to the backstage. 

"Let her go. Are you Hollie Payne?" This was a woman. 

I was shocked when she calls my name.

"Yes, I am. But how?" I say. 

I was pushed by the manager to get on the stage. 

I wave my hand to everyone nervously, and I smile stupidly.

I look like an idiot! 

I sit down on the chair, and I look down on the floor when Justin walks to where I sit since he sings a song. 

Justin put his hand on my chin, and he pulls it up gentle.

I look up at his face and with that, he looks shocked, and he gives me a friendly smile. 

He touches my cheek, and he starts to sing a song.

I never believe it! 

It was like my dream will be coming true! 

Justin starts lean in as I pull away and he pulls away. 

With that, he runs into the backstage and everyone cheer for him too loud.

"What just happening?" I ask to myself. 

I walk away from everyone start to walking away to exit the concert. 

"How should I say to him?" I still wonder.

Someone stops me to exit the backstage, and it was a security guard

"Oh, um..." I say. 

"Mr Bieber want to see you." A security guard says.

Someone stand behind me. 

"Hollie Payne?" The person calls. 

I was frozen by the person know my name. 

How does he know my name?

"Yes, Justin..." I say. 

I turn around to see the person slowly and suddenly, boom, the person, hugs me. 

Yep, it was Justin Bieber! 

He just hugs me.

"Justin?!" I call awkward. 

He pulls away. 

"Yes, Hollie?" Justin says. 

I was so confused. 

"Do I know you somewhere?" I sign with my voice.

"Okay! You are my fan, right?" Justin asks. 

"Yes?" I say confusedly. 

"Well, I'm your fan! It's nice to meet you!" Justin continues.

I was shocked. 

Right, Justin was my first fan! 

"I know it's too soon, but I have to ask you to give me your number?" Justin asks as he makes me understand him. 

"Okay. I trust you, right?" I say confusedly.

He nods. 

With that, I give him my number, and he gives me his number at the same time. 

"Here it goes..." I say. 

He gives me a cheek kiss, and I was shocked!

He gives me a wink. 

"Good Night, Hollie..." Justin says.


At home,


We arrive at home, and I saw a girl who stands in front of the house. 

"Do I know you?" I sign with my voice. 

I walk to where the girl stands. 


It was Kendall Jenner! 

"What?!" I shout. 

What does she doing here?

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