I'm Adopted?? (Book 1 Complete)

A 16-year-old Hollie is Beautiful and Quietly girl, but she is deaf and half hearing for rest of her life. So she like the music, which is she love One Direction, and she can play piano and can sing a little. But she is lucky because she wear cochlear implant on left ear. 4 years ago, She got moved to the orphanage because her parent left her in her own house alone. Then, she thanks god because someone from a neighbor found her and moved her to an orphanage. She has a nice two best friend, which is girls, first girl name is Ellie and the second girl is Emily.. both like One Direction. Suddenly, she got adopted by who? (Read and find out!!!) :D


29. Birthday!

Today is my 17th Birthday. 


Last night was a fun evening! 

We had a fun time, do nothing but just watch a movie! 

I'm 100% sure that they will remember my birthday! 

I was so exciting! 

I woke up and turn side by side to see who was still on my bed. 

I was shocked because nobody was there on my bed.

I sit up. 

I wonder why they didn't plan to sleep with me and to have it because I have a nightmare?  

Oh, well! 

I sigh sadly. 

"Happy Birthday." I sign to myself

I got out of the bed, and I take a shower.

After the shower, I grab my clothes, which is Black Bright Floral Print Shirred Waist Dress, Black Leggings, and Black Broderie Anglaise Lace Up Trainers. (A/N: These clothes are from a shop called New Look.)

When I was done to wear my clothes, I put my Cochlear Implant on before I brush my curly hair. After that, I walk downstairs and I went into the kitchen.

I switch the light decided. "SURPRISE!!" They shout in the union. "Happy Birthday!" Harry signs with his voice, I say nothing because I was too busy to be surprised.

I blink my eyes for many times, and I shake my head. 

"I-I-I." I stammer. 

I'm so happy because they haven't forgotten my birthday. 

I look at the cake as iIt was so beautiful! 

"I-I-It's amazing!" I continue to stammer. 

The boys give me a group hug tight. 

"The boys and I decide to give you for our present later! Now, Nelly, you want to give her your present now? Do you?" Liam signs with his voice.

I was in frozen by Liam call 'Nelly', and I turn around to see Nelly as she stands against the kitchen door. 

"Yes, I have." She says. Nelly gives me a cheerful smile, and she gives me a box.

I open the box, and her present was the ticket for Justin Bieber's concert. 

"And there have more," Nelly says. 

I look down on the table and... 

I scream! 

I got it! 

Justin Bieber's Meet and Greet ticket! 

Do you know that? 

Well, I'm also a fan of Justin Bieber. 

I got a T-Shirt.


I was so happy! 

Emily and Ellie will be my present if they come! 

I look down on the ground, and I feel the tears build upon my eyes.

Niall must be noticed me, and he starts to walk where am I stand here. 

He takes me out of the kitchen, and we stop to be here.

We were at an outside of the kitchen, and Niall turns around to see me as we stay in the front door. 

"Why do you look sad?" He signs with his voice. 

I was shocked.

"I-I'm not! Not on my birthday!" I sign with my voice. 

Why am I sad? 

I look down on the ground, and I sigh sadly. 

"Was it about your best friends, wasn't it?" He signs with his voice.

I was shocked, and I look up at him quickly. 

"How-" He cut me out. 

"You told us... Too many times about them. They should be here, and we invite them to come here." He signs with his voice.

I was shocked. 

"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Yes!" I sign with my voice. 

I give him a tight hug, and I kiss him on his cheek.

I pull away to see his face. 

How long have they come here? 

I will ask him now. 

"Niall? How-" I was interrupted by the front door's doorbell.

I was in frozen. 

"That's your best friends, wasn't it?" He says. 

I slowly twist around, and I stroll to the front door. 

I open the front door and then someone hugs me tight, but not saying hello to me. 

I turn to see who is it hug me. 


I was shocked. 

"Ellie?!" I call excitedly. 

I turn around to see someone stand there by the door and I was shocked again to see her face.

"Emily!" I call excitedly. 

"Yep! That's us!" Emily signs with her voice. 

"Hollie!" That was Nelly calls my name. 

She was in the kitchen!

"Oh..." I say. 

"There are you!" Nelly shouts when she found me. 

Nelly walks to us. 

"Guys, This is my friend, Nelly." I introduce her to them. 

"Hello." They say to each other. 

"Nelly, That's my best friends from Orphanage's House, Emily and Ellie. So, come in!" I continue to introduce them. 

I can't believe One Direction invite them to come here!

Nelly and I lead them into the kitchen. 

"Oh, is it them who are you talking about recently?" Harry signs with his voice. 

I can see Emily's freak out when she saw Harry Styles.

Oh, boy! 

"HARRY!!" Emily nearly scream. 

I put my hand to cover my ears. 

"Emily! Sh!" I call softly.  

"Sorry!" Emily apologises.

I nod as yes, and I turn to see Ellie's freak out over Louis. 

I sigh annoyed, and I shake my head. 

"Oh. Happy Birthday! Here!" Emily signs with her voice.

I was shocked. 

Emily has a small present, and it was BFFs necklace. 

Do I take F? 

Where are B and F? 

I ask them that same question.

They smile at the same time. 


Emily takes it and its say B. 

Ellie takes it too and its say F. 

I was shocked, and I smile at them.

"Happy Birthday!" Ellie signs with her voice. 

She gives me a box, and I open the box. 

It was Fame of Us. 

I love it. 

I smile at them.

"Thank you!" I sign with my happy voice. 

"You're welcome!" They sign with their voice in the union. 

I look at the boys, and I give them a group hug.

I pull away from the hug.

"Thank you!" I sign with no voice. 

"You're welcome. But..." Someone interrupts Liam's talking.

"Forget about me?" The person says. 

I was in frozen. 

I know this familiar voice. 

"Of course not..." I pause. 

turn around to see this person was by the kitchen door.

"...Josh!" I continue. 

I run to him, and I give him a tight hug. 

I'm so glad he makes it. 

He chuckles a little and Josh hug me back.

"Happy Birthday!" He says. 

I pull away, and he gives me a large box. 

I open it, it was Purple Beat by Dr. dre, and I was very shocked.

"How do you know that I want it?" I sign with my voice. 

"You told me before... So, I get it for you!" Josh signs with his voice. 

I smile at him.

"But... How do I plug it on? I don't have IPod or IPhone." I sign with my voice. 

Liam clears his throat, and I turn around to see him.

"May I take her to my room?" Liam signs with my voice. 

"Oh, sure... I have to go." Josh says. 

I nod as yes and Liam takes my hand to walk into his room. 

"What is it?" I sign with my voice.

He gives me a box. 

"Happy birthday, my darling!" Liam says. 

I open it, and I was shocked because it was...

Purple iPhone 5c. 

I look up at him, and I give him a sweet smile. 

I give him a huge hug. 

"Thank you!" I say tear. 

Liam hugs me back, he gives me a forehead kiss on my head, and I pull away from the hug. 

"You're welcome. Go! I'm right back. Okay?" Liam says. 

"Okay..." I say. 

I was about to walk into the kitchen, but Zayn stops me.

He takes me to his room. 

"Zayn? Are you waiting for me?" I sign with my voice. 

"Yes. I am." He says. 

I was shocked, and I look down on the ground quickly.

Why am I feel so embarrassing? 

"Happy Birthday!" He says. 

He gives me a small box, and I take it.

I think it was a ring. 

I look at him with my wired face. 

"What? It wasn't a ring!" He signs with his voice. 

I sigh sadly as I open the small box, and I was shocked

It was an earring with diamonds heart. 

"Perrie helps me to find it for you, and she also says 'Happy Birthday!' So Liam brought your necklace. It was diamonds heart. Huh!" Zayn continues. 

"Huh!" I say. 

I put it in my ears, and I also put my necklace on my neck. 

Zayn looks shocked. 

"Wow! I bet Harry love it." He signs with his voice. 

I start to walk to the garden, and I went to my friends.

They look shocked. 

"Wow! Look at you!" They say with signs in the union. 

Someone called me with an Irish accent. 


First, Liam, then Zayn, now, Niall... 

Who's next? 

Was it Harry or Louis? 

"Hey, Hollie!" He calls when I turn around to see him by the door, and I stand up.

"Yes, Niall?" I say. 

"Come on!" He says. 

I walk to where Niall stand there, and he takes my hand into his room. 

He told me to close my eyes, so I did.

I wonder what did he gives me? 

I can feel it. 

Was it a guitar? 

"Now, open your eye." He orders. 

I open my eyes, and I look down quickly, I was shocked. 

It was a guitar! 

"Thanks, Bro!" I say. 

I smile at him, and I give him a hug. 

I pull away and then I saw Louis stand by Niall's door.

"Louis? What are you doing here?" I sign with my voice. 

"I'm waiting for you." Louis signs with his voice. 

I smile at him, and I walk into his room with Louis. 

"Happy Birthday!" He says. 

He gives me LARGE and a long box. 

"What is it inside?" I sign with my voice. 

Louis says nothing but only says "You'll see!"

I open it. 

It was Sweetheart Black Pink Dress, Heel Shoe, and Pink Mask. 

I love it! 


"Why?" I ask confusedly. 

"Because... Niall had planned on his birthday. The theme is Masked Ball." Louis signs with his voice.

"It was so beautiful on me!" I sign with my voice. 

I put it in the box, and I put it away from my bedroom when I enter my room. 

The last one is Harry! 

I wonder where he is? 

I was shocked. 

What up with that? 

It was so embarrassing! 

I have to smile.

I stand up, and I turn around to the door as I was shocked. 

And guess who was that by this door? 

It was Harry! 

"Harry?" I call softly.

"Yeah!" Harry says. 

He smiles at me, and I smile back. 

"So..." I sign with my voice. 

"Oh, yeah." He says. 

He gives me the smallest box, and I take it.

"Really?" I say. 

"You never open it. So, just open it! It's nothing personal." Harry signs with his voice.  

I open it. 

"What-" I stammer.

I was shocked. 

"Please don't tell me that you are spending it with me." I sign with my voice. 

It was a ring. (A/N: I can't explain what kind of ring. I'm sorry.) 

"Okay! Yes. I am!" Harry says. 

I sigh sadly. 

"Okay! Fine, I accept it. Thank you!" I sign with my voice. 

I give him a tight hug. 

Have I fallen in love with Harry? 

"Hollie." That was Liam calls my name. 

I pull away from the hug quickly. 

"Hm, yeah..." I say.

"Time to sing!" Liam signs with his voice. Harry take my hand, and he leads me to the garden. 


"Okay, What's going on?" I sign with my voice. 

They give me a microphone


I don't know what going on! 

"I want to give you... To my beautiful and talent daughter, Hollie Payne!" Liam says in the microphone.

The music was starting now.

I don't know what to do.

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